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If you believe ‘my body, my choice,’ you should be against abortion AND forced vaccines

by Claire Chretien,

The baby inside a pregnant woman’s body is not part of her body.

Anyone who believes in the right to bodily autonomy — anyone who believes the slogan “my body, my choice” — ought to be against abortion and against forcible vaccination.

The simple reason that “my body, my choice” does not work as an argument for abortion is because the unborn child being aborted is not part of his mother’s body. A child in the womb is a whole, distinct, living human being, with his own DNA, heartbeat, organs, and unique blood type. Your right to “reproductive freedom” does not include a right to violently dismember and destroy the body of your offspring.

The tiny child in the womb has a right to bodily autonomy, to not have his body violated and his arms and legs twisted off and his skull crushed.

His mother’s right to bodily autonomy ends when another person’s life is at stake.

Bodily autonomy never includes the right to kill an innocent person.

What about vaccines? Don’t we have an obligation to protect each other? Isn’t refusing to be vaccinated putting other people at risk?

“Take your medicine so I don’t get sick” is simply not how vaccines are supposed to work. Vaccines are supposed to protect the people who receive them, not the people around them. A person who has been vaccinated for a disease is supposed to have immunity from that disease. If vaccines work the way they are supposed to, a person who has received a vaccine for a disease can enter a room of people who have that disease and not contract it.

An injection that is billed as a vaccine but does not immunize a recipient from the disease and only lessens his symptoms is not a vaccine; it’s a prophylactic therapeutic. And, as evidenced by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warnings and reports submitted to the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), not a risk-free one.

Our Pfizer juice-pushing world leaders even admit this. They constantly bleat about how the best way to protect oneself from COVID-19 is to be vaccinated with as many doses as available (right now in the U.S., for everyone over 18 that number is three, but many believe it’s likely to go up) because vaccination supposedly reduces the chances of severe disease or hospitalization.

But if we follow their premise that COVID shots don’t stop the spread of the disease, and only reduce symptoms, at best, shouldn’t people be allowed to decide how “severe” of an infection they’re willing to personally risk?

What about the argument that people should take vaccines so that those who can’t have the vaccines are protected?

The same people making that argument are usually the ones who argue that everyone should be COVID-jabbed and that there isn’t ever really a medical reason why someone couldn’t be vaccinated — even the immunocompromised, pregnant women, or those with contraindications to vaccines. In the U.S., health officials recommend a fourth vaccine dose for the immunocompromised. Medical exemptions written by doctors are regularly rejected by vaccine-mandating employers and universities.

There is also no precept in medical ethics that obliges someone to undergo a risky procedure or intervention to provide a possible health benefit to another person. Is someone who can’t swim obligated to try to save someone drowning in the middle of the lake, or send his children who can’t swim into the lake to try to make a rescue?

Even in pregnancy, which is a normal physiological process, a mother is not obligated to forfeit her own life to save her baby. The principle of double-effect says a surgery intended to save her life but resulting in the foreseen unintended death of her unborn child is morally okay. St. Gianna is recognized as a saint precisely because of her heroic rejection of cancer treatment that might have harmed her unborn child.

And the relationship between a mother and her unborn child is very different from the relationship a “vaccine-hesitant” person has to a hypothetical stranger who the CDC says can’t be vaccinated (and again, I would love for the pro-forced vaccine crowd to actually admit there are some people who have medical contraindications to the coronavirus vaccines).

Forced vaccines are medical rape

No one should be forced to insert something into his body — particularly something that doesn’t even stop the spread of disease and that could injure or kill him. Forced vaccines are medical rape, and if they are normalized under the false pretense of “protecting other people” they will open the door to a host of forced procedures and disgusting injustices.

Writing for Caldron Pool, Bill Muehlenberg argued:

People need to wake up to what is at stake here. This is a war against freedom and choice, and it is about how far the all-powerful State can flex its muscles and keep people under its iron fist. This IS a new fight for freedom…

And the mandatory medical measures, not least of which, forcing folks to get the jab whether they want to or not, are something we all must resist. As I have said often before, if the State can force you to take a vaccine against your will, they can make you do anything: to be sterilised; to be forced to give up an organ on demand; to be rounded up in internment camps; to be euthanised; and so on. There will be no end to the coercion and enforced subservience to Big Brother.

As to the issue of mandatory jabs, the vital importance of informed voluntary consent is absolutely essential here. But few seem to get it. Way too many brainless wonders will drone on and on about how there is no compulsion here – it is all your own choice. Yeah right.

When the State – and most businesses – can make you lose your job, your livelihood, your ability to feed your family, and strip you of your basic human rights to travel, to shop, to go to school, to leave your own state or country unless you get the two, three or who knows how many jabs, then you are NOT free to choose – you are being coerced, pure and simple.

If an employer or the government can mandate a person take certain drugs, who is to say the employer or government can’t mandate that person have an abortion, or be sterilized, or give up his extra kidney?

Ironically, many on the left today argue that “my body, my choice” means the right to dismember someone else’s body and stop his or her little heart from beating, but not the right of an individual to decline a prophylactic medical intervention.

You have the right to your body. As Christians, we ultimately believe our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, and belong to God. But something everyone of good will can reasonably agree on is that our bodies do not belong to the state.

“My body, my choice” should mean no human’s autonomy is violated — no matter how small that human is or what “variant” of the coronavirus society is facing.


Source: https://www.lifesitenews.com


By David-William,


How does one know when a Lawyer is lying?  His lips are moving!  They don’t need to tell the truth, especially since they’re taught to believe commoners are beneath them.  They have a Title of Nobility.  To add severe insult to injury, they are taught to refer to people as the DECEDENT/PERSON.  PERSONS are DEAD entities, so they have no status/standing in law.  Please comprehend, anyone who claims U.S. citizen status, is known as the INCOMPETENT IMBECILE/WARD OF THE STATE, and when a U.S. citizen is “re-presented by a B.A.R. Attorner/Broker, said IMBECILE is considered to be too INCOMPETENT to speak.  Worse yet, the Ordinary in the Black Robe can completely disregard whatever the IMBECILE says, or even misrepresent it by twisting it around to something that suits the “Court.” 

Whenever one tells a B.A.R. Attorney what B-A-R really means, either they change the subject, claim it isn’t true, or they call BAR short for BARrister, or to bring their credibility to absurdity, they claim it’s a piece of furniture, meaning the “bar” or the swinging gate (flood gate) one passes as they board the VESSEL.  Who could insult anyone’s intelligence as sophomorically as a bottom-feeding, nickel chaser?  They hate hearing that they’re under FARA-Foreign Agents Registration Act.  

During the early years during the colonial period, the colonists were often accused of committing crimes against the King, which were usually about as ridiculous as today’s unlawful prosecutions as the Crown Agents enforce COMMERCIAL CODE upon living people in Admiralty Maritime “Courts” which are Corporate Laws of the Sea, or COMMERCE.  

Back in the old days, the Colonists would form Common Law Juries, and never convict a man for ridiculous reasons, so it got to the point when the falsely accused would be transported (transportation, the movement of prisoners or cargo) back to England to stand trial.  Obviously, that would be an enormous undertaking, so something had to change.  

Similarly to how Lawyers from foreign lands were required to be accredited by the I.B.A. if they expected to conduct international commerce with the Crown Pirates, they were coaxed into the British Accreditation Registry, the Lawyers here on America who were involved with the prosecution of the falsely accused were required to be members of the B.A.R.  Immediately after the War, there were still problems with the Crown Temple B.A.R. asserting their piracy upon people, so the very first Article to be added after the Constitution was created, was Article XI, which stripped any type of control of Judges from enforcing their power over living people.  Read Article XI so you can see the Judicial power of the Attorners shall NOT be construed to any “suit in law,” much less COMMERCIAL STATUTES and/or CODES.  


“The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of a Foreign State.” (A foreign entity, agency, or state cannot bring any suit against a United States citizen without abiding the following procedure.)

Today, the foreign B.A.R. Agents are enforcing COMMERCIAL CODES upon living people, unlawfully, and they’re violating their own CODES as they do it.  They’re pretending that people are PERSONS, which is Land Piracy, Barratry, and Press-ganging.  These are hangable crimes of Treason.  The problem is they have the guns, and people forgot their status, as well as their Common Law Juries.  For shame!  



“No B.A.R. Association existed on American soils in the early 1800s, which had it’s original residence here, however the notorious International B.A.R. Association-I.B.A. had, as a matter of fact, it’s Legal tentacles here, with it’s main body being back in London, England, being there under the sovereign authority of King George III.  This was, after all, the very reason for the Amendment to begin with, because Barristers, or Attorneys at B.A.R., were ripping the security of our country apart.”  

“Being admitted to practice was the act of a B.A.R. Association, and in 1790, John Quincy Adams was admitted to practice.  Since there were no other B.A.R. Associations in the country at the time, except for the International B.A.R. Association-I.B.A., under King George III of England, it could only be to that B.A.R. that he was admitted, and to have been admitted, he would have had to have taken upon himself the Title of Esquire, the Title that a Barrister or Attorney was given by the Royalty of England, a position of Nobility just below Knight and just above that of a Gentleman.  Furthermore, it has now been learned that the word BAR stands for, and means, BRITISH ACCREDITATION REGISTRY.  This further establishes the EVIL conspiracy of the acts by England and the World Banksters thereof, the Rothschilds, the Swiss, and of course, the Vatican Jesuits, to entrench B.A.R. Associations, even if supposedly only as American B.A.R. Associations-A.B.A. in this country in an effort to continue the corrupt practices of world control by the Money Masters, or World Banksters, who’ve used Attorners/Brokers or Lawyers or Barristers ever since such occupations were first recognized in the world historically.  To be admitted to any B.A.R. is automatically an establishment of a Title of Nobility under the concepts of Nobility as was held up before the English people from the times of ancient English days and years gone by.”

“John Quincy Adams was a Nobleman, as a member of England’s, not America’s BRITISH ACCREDITATION REGISTRY, by having granted Title thereto as an Esquire, a Nobleman, under King George III of England, and this is the very thing that the true Article XIII-Title of Nobility Act was proposed to stop.  John Quincy Adams wasn’t content to just maintain himself in law; he had a thirst for higher positions of power and grandeur; he had his eye on the Presidency of the United States, as his Father before him, a Traitor, a subject to the Crown of England, in sheep’s clothing.  This man should never have been allowed to become a President.”  

Within the Article immediately below, there is the account for how and why the true Article XIII, the third and final Article added to the Bill of Rights, was actually Ratified.  This is the cause for the greatest lie ever told to the world with regard to America, by the Crown Temple B.A.R. and all their Jesuit Bankster conspirators.  This Article to prevent Titles of Nobility from holding Offices of Trust, and the fact that Congress refused to renew the Charter for Alexander Levine’s ( He changed his name to Hamilton ) Central Bank, were the real reasons for the War of 1812.  

Article XIII simply put teeth into what was already in the Constitution, after it was breached repeatedly, by forbidding these foreign Agents from holding Office, and another seemingly hidden meaning, Christians were not to hold Office, either.  There are valid and good reasons for that.  America was created for the people, but the United States was a foreign Corporation, as formed for the bankruptcy.  The Constitution was a bankruptcy contract.  A “constitutor” is one who is a debtor, or who assumes a debt for another.  It’s unlawful for a Christian to be a debtor, as in Biblical law.  A Christian must refuse debt, as he would be forced into bondage to another Master.  One cannot serve two Masters.  A Christian must serve his Saviour.  The Vatican and their Banksters deal in DEBT, as their Master is Satan.

Today, as of 1868, all the people who were coerced into the OFFICE OF THE PERSON, via the unlawful and never ratified, therefore a fictional enticement to slavery, were converted to “14th Amendment U.S. citizens.”  The crafty Jesuits weaseled the freed slaves back into slavery by denying them their birthright via the Emancipation Proclamation, as they were emancipated right into U.S. citizen-ship, only to lose the rights to freedom that had as they were freed.  They were considered chattel property “BLACK” and they became property yet again.  The rest of the people, became “WHITE” as they were also enslaved for the DEBT.  Abraham Lincoln, Esquire, was an agent of the Crown, of course.  He was a Crown Temple B.A.R. Arrorner/Broker for Jesuit Rothschild.  Andrew Johnson, Lincoln’s Vice-President hated the Coop D’etat called the “14th Amendment.”  He went down in history with a bogus reason for his impeachment.

“President Johnson believed that the Fourteenth Amendment law was unconstitutional, stating in his veto address,

“I submit to Congress whether this measure is not in its whole character, scope and object without precedent and without authority, in palpable conflict with the plainest provisions of the Constitution, and utterly destructive of those great principles of liberty and humanity for which our ancestors on both sides of the Atlantic have shed so much blood and expended so much treasure.” (Lawrence, “There is no Fourteenth Amendment!”, U.S. News and World Report, September, 1957).

Eventually Lincoln realized that he tried to save America by destroying it.  He created the “Greenbacks,” an interest and debt free currency, and attempted to restore the constitutional form of United States.  The Jesuits killed him.  John Wilkes Booth was an operative for the Satanic Jesuits.” 


“At this time, we introduce you to John Booth, a popular theatre actor, who was not born a Roman Catholic but by 1860 had began to convert to that religion. In 1860, he was initiated into the Knights of the Golden Circle, a catholic lay organization. The Knights of the Golden Circle “were committed to the preservation of slavery in the lands bordering the Caribbean Sea–the so-called ‘Golden Circle.’ The seal of the Knights featured a cross similar to the maltese cross used by the old Knights of Malta.” A book, published in 1866, called The Great Conspiracy tells us of this and quotes the following excerpts of a letter from the hand of J.W. Booth to an unknown person, quite possibly a Jesuit ally (whose return letters were only signed “Veritas” which is “Truth” in Latin … the language of the Jesuit priests.).”

“Dear Sir: The K.G.C. had a meeting; I was initiated…. They tell me that Lincoln, the damn chicken-hearted nigger lover, will perhaps be inaugerated, but I most heartily wish, ‘That never shall sun that morrow see.’ …. One thing is very clear to my mind, the South must take some decisive step. She must throw a bomb-shell into the enemy’s hand that shall spread terror and consternation wherever it goes. You know what I mean, so don’t be surprised. Sincerily yours, John Wilkes Booth.”

“Because modern Protestants have not only forgotten what Rome was, what she is, and what she will for ever be; the most irreconcilable and powerful enemy of the Gospel of Christ; but they consider her almost as a branch of the church whose corner stone is Christ.”~ Chas. Chiniquy- Fifty Years in the Church of Rome.

M. Fylop-Miller, former President of the John Adams Union, wrote to Jefferson in 1816: “I am not happy about the rebirth of the Jesuits. Swarms of them will present themselves under more disguises ever taken by even a chief of the Bohemians, as printers, writers, publishers, school teachers, etc. If ever an association of people deserved eternal damnation, on this earth and in hell it is this Society of Loyola. ”
Jefferson’s reply: “Like you, I object to the Jesuit’s reestablishment which makes light give way to darkness.”

“On our quest for the truth we must begin at the Treaty of Verona. The death of President Lincoln was the culmination of but one step in the attempt to carry out the Secret Treaty of Verona, of October, 1822, a pact entered into by the “high contracting parties” [Kings of Prussia, Russia, Austria, and behind the scenes, Pope Pius VII, the king of the Papal States] of the former Congress of Vienna, Austria, which had held its sessions secret, covering the whole year of 1814-15.~ The Suppressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln”

Throughout our entire history on the land called America, we have been plagued, as we are now, by these Satanic, foreign Crown-Vatican Banksters, and their Crown Temple B.A.R. Attorners.  They’re all under the Jesuits.  Why do you think the B.A.R. whores in the black robes of Saturn wear black?  They work for the Vatican.  Did you think they were do-gooder philanthropists?  






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Source: https://www.thelibertybeacon.com

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