British Man Who Fought ISIS Charged with Terror Offenses

By Milena Veselinovic and Judith Vonberg | 14 February 2018

CNN — A British man has been indicted on terror charges for fighting against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

It is the first time someone who fought against the jihadist group has been charged under UK terror legislation, according to Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service.

James Matthews, a former British soldier according to the UK Press Association, appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court in central London on Wednesday.

The 43-year-old is charged with having attended a place or places in Iraq and Syria where training was provided “for purposes connected with the commission or preparation of acts of terrorism.” […]

Jordan Sather and Isaac Green 2-22-18… “Anti-School x Destroying the Illusion – Social Media Censorship Can’t Stop The Great Awakening” VIDEO

One reason this video hit was that it presents several examples of how the old paradigm corporations, like Google, Yahoo, etc., must be pretty desperate right now as they continue to “ban” people and delete their accounts, for no stated reason. This somehow goes along with this earlier Kp message, where I mentioned several items related to social media (and other) censorship being attempted.

This discussion between Jordan and Isaac Green, who just had his YouTube account deleted, I found very helpful to my understanding of what is going on right now. The hornets nest has been surrounded and poked, and now many of the hornets appear to be trying to “strike back”.

This also is connected with the purpose of today’s K?lauea Portal Mission

Btw I could not connect with the documents he has linked below. The GoFundMe account appears to work, though.

Published on Feb 22, 2018
Isaac Green at ANTI SCHOOL was banned for questioning the mainstream media narrative of ‘CRISIS ACTORS’

He reached an audience of 68,000 subscribers in 3-4 months.

He was banned from The Google platform Youtube for 2 weeks, and received a copyright strike for ‘HARRASSMENT’. He was then BANNED permanently without explanation.

He started a GoFundme for Free Speech, raised $1000, and was banned in 2 hours.
He is now filing a federal lawsuit with others against Google, Youtube, GoFundMe, Twitter

Anti School Lawsuit

Anti School Affadavit
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New South African ‘Leader’ Moves Forward with Land Confiscation Directed Against White Farmers

South Africa’s (RSA) nutwing President Jacob Zuma is gone; however, in a nightmarish turn of events,  Zuma has been replaced with one Cyril Ramaphosa, who threatens to be even worse.

Ramaphosa recently addressed the nation’s parliament in Cape Town and spoke about the original European colonists in the 1600s taking land from the indigenous tribes. Ramaphosa called this “original sin” and stated that he wants to see “the return of the land to the people from whom it was taken … to heal the divisions of the past.”

Curious indeed given that the land 400 years ago was scarcely used range land, not the efficient farms of today. And by my watch, the people affected are long dead. Does Ramaphosa plan on compensating the white farmers for 400 years of investment and improvements?  No. It will be confiscation without compensation.

The expropriation of land without compensation is envisaged as one of the measures that we will use to accelerate redistribution of land to black South Africans.” Even with the abject lesson of Zimbabwe, the new president followed on that statement by adding, “We will handle it in a way that is not going to damage our economy.”

Just last December, RSA credit was downgraded to junk. It’s in trouble even before destroying its agricultural base. Starvation and total chaos are the likely outcomes. The New Nationalist (TNN) predicts that waves of destitute RSA blacks will be showing up, as if on cue, on the doorstep of European countries.

After the wealthier white farmers are driven out, there will be no safety for RSA’s large population of impoverished whites. Better-off whites contribute to charities, feeding 800,000 low-income and squatter whites around the country.

There is a clear pattern of scapegoating. Most in the West mistakenly think all whites in RSA are privileged and well off. The dirty little secret shows this is far from true. [See “South Africa Part I: The Plight of Poor Whites in South Africa”]

This should be an international issue. I am certain that once the RSA collapses, it will be hell for the starving blacks living there as well. But in the earlier phases of this collapse, it will be white South Africans most vulnerable to genocide. These people are not armed and are largely outnumbered and defenseless. They have no place to go. Who knows how many are — or will end up — in shallow graves at the end of some rural road. And who would ever know?

With abuses against whites increasing in South Africa, the concept of “right of return” to Europe has been put forth. An alternative term is “right of abode.” Ghana has one for folks of African origin and, of course, Israel has the most well-known policy. As it currently stands, many white South Africans who have applied for citizenship to European countries, such as the Netherlands and U.K., have been rejected outright. Many of these white South Africans seeking citizenship are direct descendants of the very same European nations that now reject them. In the ultimate gesture of extreme political correctness (and hypocrisy), these same countries promote open borders for individuals (aka migrants) of non-European descent.

At the core of this issue is “waving the bloody flag of apartheid” and generalized anti-white demonization. The contorted logic is that if one supports the human rights of South African whites, then you support apartheid and are “racist.” Secondly, it is perceived as embarrassing to the incompetent, corrupt majority government of South Africa. But try to explain the bloody flag of apartheid sophistry to the kids in this photo.

Concerned people can see how the issue is framed in the conversation on the video below on South African media. This is in response to a petition to the EU promoting the right of return (RoR). [You can sign the petition here.] The diminishers in the video seem to react and object to the term “ethnic cleansing.”

TNN Takeaways

There are four main takeaways.

First, South Africa, in general, is an extremely dangerous country for all races. Whites as a minority are subject to majority rule, which includes reliance on black policing and open displays of racial hatred. Adding fuel to the fire is the seizing of property owned by whites.

In a literal sense, the threat of Julius Malema, the leader of South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (communist and very anti-white) is not “ethnic cleansing” precisely — at least not yet. The diminishers can quibble over terminology, but TNN hardly sees that as worthy of air time.

The land must be expropriated without compensation. We are not calling for the slaughter of white people, at least for now.

So for the purposes of dealing with politically correct shadow-language propagandists, I propose using the term “under ethnic threat.” Indeed, Genocide Watch rates the threat assessment as 6 on a scale of 8. The following graphic rates the issues of safety and personal security in South Africa. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or much empathy to see that being in a disliked minority race in this shit-storm environment would be gut wrenching and is not to be taken lightly.

The gentleman in the interview suggested that South African whites are being legislated against and, in general, suffer from bad governance.

Second, the talking-head propagandists in the video are using a “come half-clean” technique. The other hack grudgingly agrees but chimes in, saying these RoR issues will set South Africa back — as if progress had been made. The gentleman effectively agrees and calls RoR an “extreme” position. Illustrating the typical “legislated-against” point was the incredible step that the South African government took to ban international tennis, rugby, soccer and cricket events within the country because the clubs were too white. This was all “evaluated” under the Orwellian term “transformation barometer.”

Another talking head suggested that promoting RoR isn’t necessary as hundreds of thousands of whites have already left South Africa.

Third, TNN’s concern is more for the large numbers of impoverished white South Africans than the well to do and connected. Those trapped people will need aid and assistance in relocating. Once the better-off white farmers are removed, RSA will starve and descend into hyper-inflation.

There is an awful, dull and absurd inference by these talking heads (at minute 4:00) that the people signing the petition “aren’t even South African” and, therefore, we should just ignore injustices. These nasty stooges go so far as blast the organizer of the petition because he is Brazilian. This is complete and utter nonsense.

Fourth and finally, sign the petition whether you are American, European, Latin American, whatever origin or race. Black leaders in South Africa have openly spoken of “encouraging” the whites to leave. Very well then, sign the petition. We cannot be swayed by such cheap-shot shaming and gaslighting tactics and, in fact, need to push back aggressively.

UPDATE: TNN conducted an extensive open-source search on how this RoR and other white South Africa challenges are faring. Unfortunately, it appears the major RSA NGOs are still involved with waving the bloody flag.

If there is a single important NGO or well-funded foundation concerned with white South African civil or human rights, please contact us or comment below. TNN would like to support you. Are there any NGOs supporting white South African immigration to Europe? Let us know. TNN would like to support you.

The Afrikaner organizations are organizing for self-defense but seem hard pressed and on their heels. These folks have 300-year roots in RSA, and it looks like they wish to stay and, if necessary, fight to remain. Again, TNN is concerned with the impoverished group, the forgotten people, who have less of a voice and fewer means to defend themselves. Not everybody wants to fight and die in a race war.

Fascinating video from You Are Free TV 2-22-18… “#MK_LTRA: USA Undermined By FBI Divsion 5”

I’m posting this for one reason… there is a lot of possibly interesting data in here, none of which I can possibly have any chance of “validating”. But it was rather fascinating, that’s for sure. See how this connects with your own Higher Discernment Innards.

Published on Feb 22, 2018
Timothy Holmseth has been proclaimed a Witness to the on-going proceedings of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. This was reported to me personally by Robert David Steele, Commissioner.

This is the link to the blog:

I appreciate your ongoing support for my channel. My hope is that we can build bridges of communication and transcend the obstacles of hatred and delusion they place before us. We, The People, have a Universal Right to Freedom, beyond all of the propaganda! Stand together!

Please support and spread the news on Timothy Holmseth. He has been fighting Pedogate for almost a decade and needs our assistance.

The Broward County school shooting false flag murderous event has all of the tells necessary to bring down a major portion of the Deep State based in Florida, but connected to multiple pedo-trafficking states and also international trafficking involving the vatican. We need to jump on this #PERFECTSTORM.

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