The Lost Cures

Where have all the cures gone?  We used to think that insulin was the cure for diabetes, but now we know better.  We used to cure infections with antibiotics, but now we’re not so sure it’s a good idea to medicate every infection. We used to cure warts with the strangest things, but now warts appear to be incurable.  Are we losing the fight against disease?

We can’t even cure a common cold, how can we hope to cure cancer.

Actually, there are lots of cures occurring.  We just can’t find them. We seem to think that all true cures are miracles, and all other cures are not real.

How can this happen? There are many ways for cures to disappear. Have you ever been cured?  Can you prove it? Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with a disease, and now you don’t have the disease anymore.  Are you cured? How can you tell? Let’s look at a typical scenario:

  1. You get sick.  You go do a doctor – or maybe you don’t.  We don’t need to go to a doctor for every little sickness.
  2. Your doctor makes a diagnosis – or maybe not. Not every illness can be diagnosed.
  3. Your doctor recommends a treatment (doctors rarely prescribe cures) – or maybe suggests “wait and see”. Some illnesses need time to diagnose, others disappear if you wait.
  4. Your illness is treated, or maybe not. Most of today’s treatments are not ones for the illness, they are treatments for the signs and symptoms of illness, with no attempt to cure.
  5. Your illness disappears. Was it cured? Was it really there?

If your illness was cured, can you prove it?  Can you prove it really existed? Can you prove the diagnosis was correct?  Can you prove that the cure is complete and final?

No you cannot.

No.  You can’t.   Most cures disappear. You might believe you were cured.  Your doctor might say you are cured.  But your cure doesn’t count. Cures don’t count, because cures are not counted. If you die, a doctor fills out a death certificate and documents a cause of death.

But if you are cured – there is no form to complete. There is no tracking for cures. There are no statistics for cured. Every cure is an individual case, every true cure is an anecdote, and anecdotes are not just lost, they are simply ignored.

Cures are lost. Most, perhaps all cures are lost.

Let’s look at some examples:

Common Cold Cures

If you get a cold, and check medical theory, you will learn that there is no cure for the common cold. It’s nonsensical medical chauvinism.  In truth, there is no medicine to cure the common cold – so in medical theory, the common cold cannot be cured. If your cold is cured by health, if your illness is cured by health, it doesn’t count.

But, but, but… If you are healthier, you get fewer colds, and your health cures them faster. Health not only cures colds, healthier health cures colds faster, and better. Conventional medicine suggests that the common cold is “self resolving”. Self resolving is medical speak for “cured by health”, so we don’t care about it.

But what if it’s not really a cure?  What if you get another cold?  Maybe your cold was just in remission for a few months, and it re-emerged.  How can you tell?  Cured is not defined for the common cold. Cures are lost because conventional medicine believes there are no cures.  What if you take an alternative medicine, a herb tea, some chicken soup, and it cures your cold faster.  Was it a cure?  There’s no difference. Cures don’t count. Cure is not defined for the common cold.

Plantar Fasciitis Cures

Maybe you’re thinking “well, the common cold is different”, but is it? Let’s look at another common illness – well, not so common if you are young.  But if you are over 40 or 50, maybe you’ve heard of plantar fasciitis, or plantar fasciosis – the latest naming fashion.

The common cold can be cured with health, in 7 days or less.  If you leave it alone, it takes a week. Plantar fasciosis does not go away in a week, it takes months. Officially, there is no cure for plantar fasciosis. But many people get plantar fasciosis – and normally it goes away in about 6 months.

There are also many people who cure their plantar fasciosis in much shorter timespan. I cured my plantar fasciosis, but nobody gives a damn. What happens if you cure your plantar fasciosis? Nobody cares. If you cure your plantar fasciosis, is it really cured? You can go do a doctor and get a diagnosis for plantar fasciosis – but there is no diagnosis for cured. Cured is not defined for plantar fasciosis.

Wart Cures

Is there a cure for warts? As Dr. Andrew Weil points out – everything seems to cure warts, but nothing cures warts.  Every doctor – according to Dr Weil, has seen warts cured by the strangest things, and Weil often asks doctors for their cure stories. But officially, there is no cure for warts.  Warts cured is not defined.  Was it always like that? It’s an interesting question.

In 1996 a clinical study “Homoeopathic versus placebo therapy of children with warts on the hands: a randomized, double-blind clinical trial.” treated 60 children with warts. According to the published research, 6 patients were cured in the study. There was no follow-up, but it is likely that all 60 patients were eventually cured. Warts tend to be cured by health – but health cures don’t count.

Only two years later, in 1998, an almost identical study, by some of the same researchers, “A double-blind, controlled clinical trial of homeopathy and an analysis of lunar phases and postoperative outcome.” was completed with 30 patients.  How many were cured? The study did not report a single cure. What happened to the cures?  Were they lost?  How many of the patients still have warts?  There was no follow-up, but it is also likely that every patient was eventually cured by health. But nobody cares.  Cures don’t count.  Cures are lost.

Diabetes Cures

There are many people who claim to “reverse” diabetes.  There are, apparently, tens of thousands of people claiming to have reversed their Type 2 Diabetes. What’s the difference between diabetes reversed and diabetes cured?  Diabetes cured is not defined.

Because diabetes cured is not defined, there are no cures for diabetes, and there are no statistics for diabetes cured, even though it seems that diabetes might be the easiest “incurable” disease to cure – if cures were not consistently lost by conventional medicine.

Cancer Cures

Maybe you’re thinking, well, the common cold, plantar fasciosis, warts, these aren’t very important. Nobody dies from these diseases.  And they usually disappear.  These cures aren’t very important.  What about cancer?

Have you ever met anyone who was cured of cancer?  I have. I met someone who cured her cancer, without medicine – and then her cure disappeared. It was lost.  I’m not alone. Dr. Kelly Turner has documented over 1000 cases of cancer cured in her Radical Remission project and written about the cures in the book Radical Remission, published in 2014. However, Dr. Turner didn’t call the book “Cancer Cures”, because, even 8 years later, cured is not defined for cancer. Were any of the patients documented in Dr. Turner’s book actually cured? Conventional medicine has nothing to say.  There is no test for cancer cured. Cancer cures, all of them, get lost. None can be proven.

But… but.. but.. Aren’t there thousands of clinical studies searching for a cure for cancer?  Actually, no.  Clinical, documents over 63,000 cancer trials. But if you search clinical trials for “cancer” and “cure”, there are only 1890 studies.  And if you look closely, there are – as near as I can determine – no studies, not one single clinical study that has a test for cured.  If a patient in a clinical study is cured, they will be documented as a “survivor”.  But cured?  Cured is not defined for cancer. We can’t test for cured.  Cures are lost.

Mental Disorder Cures

Do you know anyone who has been cured of a mental illness? Is it possible to cure a mental illness? Is depression every cured?  What about dementia, or bipolar, or anxiety disorders, eating disorders, addictions.  Are they all incurable?

The DSM-5, the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders contains a single instance of the word cure, “the treatment and eventual cures for these conditions“.  It seems that, according to the DSM-5, all mental disorders have the potential to be cured, but today – there are no cures to be found.

There are no cures.  There are no cured.  There is no technique to document a cure for any mental disorder. If your depression is cured, it can’t be proven.  If your alcoholism is cured, maybe it’s not really cured. Maybe it’s just in remission.

Of course, remission is not defined either.  It’s easy to claim remission because no proof is required.  But it’s impossible to prove remission (but not cure), and it’s impossible to prove cured. The DSM-5 authors might pretend to be looking for cures, but without a definition of cured, they can’t possibly find any.

The DSM-5 authors have a secondary cure problem. Let’s suppose we actually cure a mental illness.  How might that happen? We cure infections by addressing the cause, by killing the infecting bacteria. We cure scurvy by addressing the cause, with a diet containing sufficient Vitamin C.  We cure starvation with food, and dehydration with water.

But what if we cure a mental disorder by addressing the cause?  Surprise!  If we can find the cause, and successfully address the cause, and cure the disorder – then it wasn’t a mental disorder. It was caused by the cause.

If someone has depression because of a faulty diet – we can create depression with an unhealthy diet, and cure it with a healthy diet. But if we cure it with a healthy diet, then it wasn’t a mental disorder, it was a dietary illness. The diagnosis of depression was incorrect – so it wasn’t cured.

If someone has depression caused by gaslighting – we can create depression with gaslighting – and cured by addressing the cause – then it wasn’t a mental disorder, it was a social disorder.  The diagnosis of depression was incorrect, so it couldn’t be cured.

If someone has depression caused by torture or by loneliness – we can create depression by torturing them, or by putting them in solitary confinement – and we can cure it by stopping the abuse, or by returning them to the community. But if we cure it by addressing the cause, it wasn’t depression, it was abuse. If it wasn’t depression, then it can’t be depression cured.

If a mental disorder is cured, it wasn’t a mental disorder. If a mental disorder is cured, the diagnosis was incorrect.  If a mental disorder is cured, the cure is lost.

Chronic Disease Cures

In current medical theory or perhaps ‘lack of theory’, chronic diseases are incurable. It’s just medical chauvinism. Chronic diseases cannot be cured by medicines. Chronic diseases have chronic causes. Obesity is not caused by eating, not caused by overeating, not caused by unhealthy eating — it is caused by chronic unhealthy eating. The only cure for a chronic illness is to address the chronic nature of the cause. So no chronic disease can be cured with a medicine. Treatments — the common prescription for chronic diseases — cannot possibly cure. The cure for a chronic disease is health, healthicine, not medicine.

Cures are Lost

How many more cures have been lost?  Almost all of them. We don’t know. Even as we find more cures, as we cure more diseases, we lose those cures, because they can’t be recognized. Today, most cancer doctors refuse to use the word cure, and many doctors advise their staff to never use the word cure.  Cure is a forbidden, four letter word.  There are few incentives to cure, and to be honest, there are more incentives to “not cure”.

More Lost Cures

How many more incurable diseases are being cured? I’d like to know. If you had an incurable disease – that has been cured, put a note in the comments.  Let us know.

Cured is not defined for most diseases. Cured cannot be tested, cannot be proven for most diseases. Cured is not medically defined for any non communicable diseases – and only some communicable diseases can be cured and proven to be cured. We might believe that we can cure scurvy – and maybe we can, but cured is not defined for scurvy.  We might believe that fundraisers are collecting dollars to search for a cure, and researching cures for cancer, but cured is not defined for cancer, so if a cancer cure occurs, it cannot be found.

Cures are lost. Modern conventional medicine has lost the concept of “cure”.

to your health, Tracy Kolenchuk


The military-industrial-humanitarian complex: Spreading Western hegemony under the guise of virtue

By Tomasz Pierscionek

Shakespeare once wrote that the devil can cite Scripture for his purpose. Nowadays, we see the terms ‘humanitarian’ and ‘democracy’ abused to justify death and destruction.

Traditionally honorable words such as ‘humanitarian’ and ‘democracy’ have come to acquire a darker and more cynical meaning following their misappropriation to justify the invasion of sovereign nations and to promote the spread of Western military and cultural dominance across the globe. The mainstream media, alongside some human rights activists, assist these ventures by helping disseminate mistruths and by tapping into the emotions of fear, anger and revulsion to soften public opinion and make aggression against a sovereign state appear justified.

Running parallel to politicians’ lies that Saddam Hussein possessed WMD deployable within 45 minutes, a strategy was deployed to shock-and-awe the public into accepting the invasion through attention-grabbing headlines crafted to abhor readers with ‘evidence’ of Saddam’s butchery and to generate strong emotional reactions which would cause people to think with their hearts rather than their heads. One such story written by Labour MP Ann Clwyd and published in The Times just two days before the US-led Coalition of the Willing began destroying Iraq, asserted that Saddam possessed a ‘human-shredding machine’ into which adversaries were fed feet-first and turned into fish food. The article, titled “See men shredded, then say you don’t back war,” had the double effect of causing the reader to feel revulsion and of making the anti-war lobby appear callous and indifferent to the plight of the Iraqi people. The existence of a human shredder was laterchallenged and such a machine has yet to be found.

Saddam’s real crimes were known to US intelligence services, who informed him about the locations of Iranian troops during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, in the knowledge that he would use mustard gas and sarin against them. The US also provided Saddam with cluster bombs and helped him acquire chemical precursor agents. US-based Human Rights Watch estimated that Saddam killed at least 290,000of his own people while in power.  However, this figure is dwarfed by the number of Iraqis believed to have died in the aftermath of the 2003 invasion, due to occupation forces, sectarian violence or ISIS – this figure is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands, if not in excess of a million.

The psychological shock-and-awe strategy was again employed in the lead up to NATO’s bombing of Libya, as the US and UK’s on-offrelationship with Gaddafi took a turn for the worse after he planned to start selling oil in dinars (a new gold-backed pan-African currency) instead of US dollars or euros, and encouraged his African neighbors to follow suit. The release of Hillary Clinton’s emails in late 2015 revealed that such a move would have strengthened African economies and led to competition between the dinar and the dollar or euro.

On this occasion, we were treated to the excuse that bombing Libya and supporting the anti-Gaddafi rebels, including Al-Qaeda-affiliated elements, was necessary as Gaddafi was about to commit a massacre against the people of the rebel-controlled city of Benghazi. Another emotive claim designed to mould public opinion into accepting the war affirmed that Gaddafi was giving his soldiers Viagra so they could commit mass rape. An investigation by Amnesty International found no evidence to support this allegation and revealed that on several occasions anti-Gaddafi forces in Benghazi had made false allegations or manufactured evidence of human rights violations.

Gaddafi was overthrown and one of the richest and most-stable countries in Africa became a failed and lawless state controlled by a mishmash of rebel groups, some affiliated or sympathetic to Al-Qaeda. These groups began to persecute, imprison and murder Sub-Saharan Africans on a mass scale, many of whom had come to Libya as economic migrants, accusing them of loyalty to Gaddafi. Furthermore, Libya’s destruction triggered a war in neighboring Mali and helped strengthen Al-Qaeda and ISIS in North Africa. Some of the anti-Gaddafi rebels would later find their way to Syria.

The same script was used in relation to Syria as Western politicians, along with their media and activist allies, worked hard to drum up public support for removing the country’s president from power. In 2013, the emotions of Western audiences were targeted with claims that Assad had used sarin against civilians, meaning his removal from power needed to be acted-on without delay. The allegation remains unproven and a UN-led inquiry later indicated that anti-government rebels themselves may have been responsible for the attack.  The claims that Assad has used chemical weapons against his own people seem to surface whenever the Syrian government regains large amounts of territory from rebel or jihadist forces.

President Assad has been blamed for causing hundreds of thousands of deaths in a conflict forced upon Syria where Saudi Arabia and Qatar (among other states) have funded and armed rebels that Western intelligence agencies consider ‘moderate.’ WikiLeaks has published diplomatic cables in which US politicians expressed concern that Saudi Arabian donors were sending money and weapons to groups such as Al-Nusra Front (also known as the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda) and ISIS. Syrian opposition activists claim that as of September 2018 an estimated 164,336 to 522,000 people (depending which anti-Assad group you ask) have been killed since the conflict began in 2011. Although the Syrian opposition and their Western and Gulf-state supporters are quick to blame President Assad for these deaths, those killed include Syrian soldiers and pro-government militias who died defending their country from ‘moderate’ (and not-so-moderate) rebels backed by Syria’s enemies, as well as civilians killed by these rebel groups.

When Russia came to Syria’s aid in September 2015, at the request of the country’s government, to assist in the fight against ISIS, Al-Nusra and other rebel groups, it faced criticism from the Western media and Syrian opposition groups who accused Russia of propping up a dictator – something of which the UK and US have much experience. Presumably the US and its allies’ desire to overthrow Assad was worth the risk of ISIS continuing its march of terror and destruction across Syria until its flags flew over Damascus. The barrage of attacks against Russia intensified in 2016 when the nation provided Syrian troops with air support in their campaign to retake Aleppo, formerly the country’s largest city and financial and industrial hub, from a range of rebel group including Al-Nusra Front and a number of non-Syrian jihadist fighters. Newspapers across the political spectrum shed crocodile tears about the number of civilians and babies killed in the Russian bombing, presumably forgetting that the children of Gaza and Yemen are no less immortal when it comes to aerial bombardment.

The Western media chooses where to direct its audiences’ emotions. The discredited organization known as the White Helmets, which receives funding from the US and several European governments, injected an additional dose of pathos into the mix, showing what they claimed were pictures and videos of their members pulling children and civilians from the rubble in Aleppo. The controversies surrounding this group have been well documented.

Then we saw another media darling, seven-year-old Syrian girl Bana al-Abed, allegedly tweeting pleas for Western intervention, including“Dear world, it’s better to start 3rd world war instead of letting Russia & assad commit #HolocaustAleppo,” though it’s questionable whether she produced such tweets without adult assistance.

The US-based Human Rights Watch, which has received millions of dollars from billionaire George Soros, cited a report from a Syrian opposition group stating that 446 civilians were killed by Russian and Syrian planes during the battle for Aleppo in the month of September to October 2016. Elsewhere, Human Rights Watch cites the UK-based pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which claims that airstrikes by the US-led coalition killed 1,064 civilians, including 248 children, during the battle of Raqqa between early June – September 20, 2017. Although it is difficult to accurately estimate the populations of Aleppo and Raqqa in 2016 and 2017 respectively, as of 2018 Aleppo’s population numbers 1.6 million; while Raqqa’s is 61,000.

Each civilian death is a tragedy in its own right, regardless of whether it is caused by American, Russian, Syrian or any other nation’s aircraft. However, it must be acknowledged that only Russia and Iran intervened in the Syrian conflict at the request of the nation’s legitimate government. All other nations involving themselves in the Syrian conflict are in breach of international law and warrant expulsion from Syrian territory. Due to Russia’s intervention, Syria will now not go the way of Iraq or Libya and is on the path to again becoming a united and stable nation with a secular and diverse identity. This is one intervention which prevented the destruction of a nation and saved millions from the unimaginable nightmare of life under ISIS or similar groups. This is the opposite of the Western approach, by which a unified nation is plunged into anarchy and the terrorists appear only after the ‘humanitarian’ intervention has transpired.


Reader Email: Is Trump Legitimately Working To Take Down The Deep State?

The following email came from a reader who brought up some very important concerns about Donald Trump and his role in fighting for justice on behalf of women (combating sex trafficking, for example) and taking down the Deep State. I thought that it would be worthwhile to publish my response to this email since I thought that many readers may have similar concerns and questions, and Sharine graciously consented. Below, I have broken up her email into several sections so I can respond one section at a time, but please note that her words were all sent in a single email:

Hi Richard!

My name is Sharine and I am fairly new (summer 2018) to the Collective Evolution site. I became a member last month.

Today, I read your article “Many Insiders Believe Military Tribunals For Deep State Will Happen Any Time Now,” and I have some questions and concerns that you may or may not have time to address, but I feel compelled to share anyway!

First, I feel that I grasp a basic understanding of the Deep State, mostly from reading on CE and watching both David Wilcock’s “Disclosure” interview and Joe Martino’s video about the illusion and the cycle of the cabal in politics.

Second, I want to disclose that I am a cis-gender female survivor of sexual assault at the age of 52, sexual harassment throughout my whole life, and an attempted rape at the age of 15. This is important to my concerns.

That said, here goes:

Why would enlightened beings set up our world so that men as hideous as Donald J. Trump and possibly Brett Kavanaugh would be the people I am to trust to take down the Deep State and begin to cripple the cabal?

R: First off, the contention that Donald J. Trump is ‘hideous’ is a matter of opinion, and when you say ‘possibly’ Brett Kavanaugh, I take you to mean he is ‘possibly’ hideous (rather than ‘possibly’ someone you should trust). Nonetheless, let’s focus on Trump for this question: is it likely that Donald Trump has had sex with prostitutes, been unfaithful with partners, acted and spoke in a ‘macho’ way at times, lied in business and in relationships, cheated on his taxes and otherwise did many unethical and illegal things in business? Yes. Some people may feel this makes him hideous, fair enough. But we have to look at the context.

In the article you read, we were discussing a Deep State that indulges in sex and slave trafficking, human mind-control and experimentation, the sexual abuse, torture and murder of children, as well as war, genocide and mass disease creation in the world. Assuming, as I do, that Donald Trump does not do any of these things, and his greatest crimes are those mentioned above, then if we call him hideous then have we left ourselves with any proportionate adjective to describe perpetrators within the Deep State?

To your main question about enlightened beings, who I take to refer to higher-dimensional positive beings that are fostering human evolution from a higher density, I would say: Why not Donald Trump? If it were some kind of perfect Jesus-type character, would we not feel somewhat disconnected from any positive actions that would be brought, and simply have a new idol to follow? True, some people do idolize Trump, but that is the unhelpful extreme in the other direction, because we have to move past idolatry and see ourselves as all being in this struggle together, each having to acknowledge our own darkness and inadequacies while not giving up our push towards enlightenment. In having a fallible, flawed person leading the charge to take down the Deep State, we may not have an ‘inspiring’ leader at the helm, but it becomes much easier to look past him and see the takedown of the Deep State as the fruits of the collective efforts of thousands, if not tens of thousands of patriotic men and women of integrity, an effort ultimately grounded in the collective consciousness of humanity as a whole.

I want the demise as much as any loving human, but that’s a big, nasty, jagged, bright “red pill” to swallow. It’s like saying it’s okay that Trump is an admitted sexual assaulter and racist, misogynistic homophobe but it’s not okay that Clinton turned a blind eye to sex trafficking (or whatever it is CE claims about her) because he’s going to save the day.

R: I would challenge your assertion as ‘fact’ that Trump is an ‘admitted sexual assaulter.’ I don’t think Trump has ever admitted to being a sexual assaulter. As far as being a racist, misogynistic homophobe: I haven’t seen any evidence that Trump is either a racist or a homophobe. Is he misogynistic? A misogynist is defined as “a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.” I don’t get the impression that Trump is this way at all. Certainly, he may have long been an egocentric, macho, privileged white male who puts himself above woman, but I believe this stems from personal insecurity rather than an actual hatred.

Whether or not you have to be ‘okay’ with who Donald Trump actually is, is your own personal matter. You don’t have to be ‘okay’ with Donald Trump in order to want the Deep State taken down, even if you do believe as we do that Trump is serving a role (certainly not leading) this takedown. In the bigger picture, though, our destiny as human beings is to be ‘okay’ with whatever IS, with the TRUTH, and seek not to resist the truth, but fight against those whose agenda is to hide the truth.

Which brings us to Hillary Clinton. I have to say that personally I am ‘okay’ with Hillary Clinton, because as a matter of spiritual practice I believe that everything is as it should be in our world for the evolution of humanity to be served. That said, I strongly believe that revealing the truth about who Hillary Clinton is will serve that evolution, and if this truth is revealed then it will be plain as day that she needs to be removed from our society. It is only because of the immense power of the Deep State that Hillary Clinton is not in jail right now.

If the Deep State was not protecting her, you or I could have her indicted on several crimes simply based on the information that’s in the public domain, let alone the hordes of more sensitive information that is hidden. Just off the top of my head, evidence is out there demonstrating that she allowed diplomats to be killed at the Benghazi embassy because they were beginning to resist the gun trafficking operation there, leaked confidential information on an illegal private server to China which led to the death or incarceration of at least a dozen CIA officers embedded there, illegally took over the Democratic National Committee in order to defeat Bernie Sanders who otherwise would have won the nomination, was involved in (not necessarily ‘running’) a pedophilia operation in Washington, and is highly implicated in the staggering number of murders of people who were investigating the Clinton Foundation, which itself is well known to be linked to illegal activities.

Didn’t Clinton inspire women and men all across the USA to stand for things like universal healthcare and other good stuff, while Trump inspires hatred and anger?

R: Clinton may have inspired some women and men in her rise to power as a woman in American politics, but I don’t believe she cared about inspiring people except to the point that it got her elected and gave her power. There are many women in politics who fight for the truth and are positive role models, such as Cynthia McKinney and Tulsi Gabbard, whom I have written about. To equate supporters of Clinton as supporters of women and non-supporters of Clinton (or supporters of Trump) as non-supporters of women is one of the most egregious and sinister points of perception that has been carefully crafted by mainstream media, and easy to fall prey to. Plain and simple, I believe Hillary Clinton is a modern-day Lady Macbeth. I believe her whole public face is an act and a deception, that she is part of the Deep State and guilty of some of the most horrific crimes imaginable to humanity, including the sexual abuse, torture, and murder of children.

As for Trump inspiring hatred and anger, it is important to observe that since Trump came into office intent on helping a huge alliance of patriots take down the Deep State, all the Deep State flunkies in politics, Hollywood, and mainstream media have done is everything they can to invoke anger and hatred upon him. Earlier in his presidency, there were over half a dozen celebrities who all suddenly tried to seed the idea of Trump getting killed into the minds of people (you’ll recall the Kathy Griffin photo below among others). Who is truly inspiring anger and hatred here? If you can separate Donald Trump from the campaign to demonize him that has been relentless and ongoing through mainstream media, you may find that Donald Trump himself is not inspiring as much hatred and anger as it seems.

Isn’t the cabal in existence to restrict and eventually deny freedom and well-being for women, vulnerable populations, the poor, the Earth itself and its inhabitants?

R: They are not in existence to restrict and deny freedom as such, but only to the extent that it serves our evolution. That is why their ultimate plans of world domination will fail. From the point of view of the higher realms, when it gets to the point that the cabal no longer serves our evolution, then it is time for them to disband. But their disbanding is not going to happen if we stay asleep as a collective. Humanity must act, and take back its power through an awakening of consciousness.

I guess what I’m saying is, the physical world matters, too, so why would the forces of light and love in the Universe demand that I overlook abuse and corruption by one person, but not another? I’m confused.

R: I agree that the physical world matters too. The forces of light and love are not asking you to overlook one thing and not another; there is no need to overlook the ‘truth’ about either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but rather to separate the ‘truth’ from the propaganda and deception. In a way, it is a good practice of consciousness to embrace some ambiguity, because human life is filled with ambiguity and we need to embrace it rather than gravitating towards one polarity or the other. The idea that Donald Trump is a deeply flawed man who has done things in his past that would not endear him to women, and the idea that in his current position of considerable power he would like to do what he can for the freedom, safety, and standing of women in society are not mutually exclusive statements. There’s ambiguity, but not contradiction.

It seems to me that this premise is asking me to dismiss the very real-world fact that my teenage brother’s best friend tried to rape me in my own home, when what he did was wrong. His negative energy caused darkness in the Universe, just as it is wrong for Trump to openly mock a disabled person, and a woman who claims to have been sexually assaulted, and a female reporter who was simply asking him a question, and on and on.

R: It’s important to notice where you may be building a chain of assumptions on a flawed premise. You use the word ‘dismiss’ here, and nobody is asking you to dismiss something real that happened to you. You have the freedom to hold its ‘wrongness’ for the rest of your life. That being said, your only hope of healing from this event will be through forgiveness, and rising above the power you may still be giving to this event. I recently interviewed Anneke Lucas, a survivor of the horrors of Satanic ritual and sexual abuse within an elite Belgian pedophile network between the ages of 6 and 11. In the interview she is beautifully able to express and exemplify the need for forgiveness and acceptance in a healing process that is anything but a ‘dismissal’ of the experiences she went through. CE will be broadcasting this 4-hour interview in November and it may be one of the best and most elegant explorations into the healing process available for women who have been sexually abused.

In terms of the wrongness of things that Trump does, like openly mock a disabled person (which seems to have been presented out of context by mainstream media, but no matter) it is important to make a distinction between condoning and accepting. By standing firm in your principles you do not condone those acts which go against those principles, and when it is something that is directed at you personally it is important to take actions that appropriately show that you do not condone such behavior. However, to not accept that it happened, (whether it involves Trump openly mocking a woman who has been sexually assaulted, or your brother’s best friend’s attempted rape) by continuing to be angry and upset about it, or feeling that punishment needs to be meted out in order for you to let go of the power it has over you, is self-defeating. When you hold Trump’s words and actions to have emotional power over you, that is what you are doing.

Are you saying that disabled people ought to be made fun of? That Dr. Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh’s other accusers — and women like me — are lying? That women should be “negged”? That taking away a woman’s right to care for her own body is a good thing? Because I don’t know how this is light and love on any plane of existence. And if it is, can’t we also say that the cabal is okay, too? War is peace? Hatred is love? Rape is consent?

R: Of course I am not saying that disabled people ought to be made fun of. Having said that, I truly believe our course of action as evolving individuals is to work towards a greater sense of self so that we become immune to insults and slights. In my article ‘Let’s Discard The ‘Right’ To Be Insulted By Free Speech,’ I make the point that being insulted or made fun of does not say anything substantial about us, it only says something about the person saying the insult. Each of us having this clear perception is what will virtually put an end to ‘disrespectful’ speech.

Putting yourself in the same group as Dr. Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh’s other accusers is a dangerous leap, as it shows how you may be projecting your story onto other people and then suffering when they are not being believed. Do I think Dr. Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh’s other accusers are lying? On the strength of the evidence I’ve seen, yes. Either lying or having had their minds tampered with. Do I think you are lying? No. There is ample evidence and reasons to believe that Kavanaugh’s accusers were brought forward by Deep State forces to created a narrative out of either sketchy or even non-existent memories. There is no reason for you to lie and no reason for me to doubt you.

I assume I don’t need to answer whether I think women should be “negged” or whether taking away a woman’s right to care for her own body is a good thing. As far as us saying the cabal is okay? Yes, at the highest level we must accept that they are here to play a role in our evolution. And having said that, our evolution is now hinging on our capacity to defeat them and remove them from power. And that includes rejecting their Orwellian Doublespeak perception-benders like ‘War is peace,’ ‘Hatred is love,’ ‘Rape is consent’ and use our discernment of the falseness of these slogans to lead us to the truth.

And in the end, then, what are we working toward, if not for true peace and love on our shared home, Earth?

R: True peace and love on Earth is certainly our goal, but in a deeper sense our goal is evolving towards that by choice, rather than having it given to us. Otherwise, we would have stayed in the Garden of Eden and not eaten from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. I wrote a 7-part series on Lucifer that goes into this matter in much greater depth. In our journey back to love and peace, then, the darkness is our ally, and helps us return to unity with greater freedom, and a greater ability to create a future world in our highest shared image.

Thanks for your consideration. I won’t bother you again!



Dear Sharine, thank you for your honest and heart-felt questions and the opportunity to respond to them. The time and space I have had to answer your questions is limited, and it’s difficult to say things in writing that are better served in a one-on-one conversation. I sincerely hope that I have not missed the nuance of some of your points, nor that I appear to be marginalizing the suffering that you have gone through in your life. I believe the healing of women who have suffered abuse at the hands of men will be one of the pre-eminent beacons for our collective evolution.

I wish you all the best of healing, light, and learning in this journey we are sharing together.


The Takeaway

It is important for each one of us to recognize when we are making assumptions that deviate from the truth, and thus lead to incorrect conclusions. Our battle is not truly a political one, though it is manifesting in the political arena. Our battle is one of consciousness. There is no need to hoist any particular person in the public eye into the role of ‘savior,’ or dismiss their human flaws in order to get behind their efforts to bring about the revelation of truth.

Our own awakening to the truth that lies beyond false perceptions is how we must participate. And part of this awakening involves acknowledging our pain, both our individual pain and our collective trauma, and recognizing our part of the responsibility in how we create and maintain this pain within ourselves. The brave act of healing, founded on forgiveness and a simple acceptance of that which is, inevitably will help us see the truth more easily and naturally, and will ground us in the creation of  a life of ‘true peace and love on our shared home, Earth.’

Ron Head – The Council "This Current Energy"

Terran note: Lisa Shannon brought this to attention.  Those of you following the blog will probably remember Heather’s references to “Source Current”, of which the monetary word “currency” is an allusion. All banking is ultimately about deriving energy from inbodyments of Source.  This post is not about banking per se, but the personal changes resulting from Source Current.    I haven’t re-posted a Ron Head post in a while but this one is well worth a read.

This current energy – the Council
October 19, 2018

This current energy
Ron Head

This current energy is threatening to throw many of you for a loop, so let’s look at it from this higher perspective and put it into a context that we intend will give you an understanding that you can live with short term. We are not talking long term here. This will be like everything else in your current consciousness stream. It will seem interminable and then it will seem as if it flew by. It’s almost as if you are being as easy on yourselves as you can. And that is because you are being as easy on yourselves as you can, given the situation. So, what is the situation?

First, a little scene setting. You have been told by many of your communicators that this next several months are going to bring great change. This council has told you that the most important change is what is happening in you and for you. And you have been experiencing a steady – well, mostly steady – increase in the intensity of the energy that is in many ways forcing the change.

Now this has begun to give you a feeling of urgency. The energy itself contains a feeling of urgency. Well, think back to the times you have been faced with a deadline. Is it not the same feeling? This is not exactly a deadline, but it is a definite marker and turning point. And here’s the point, you are determined to be ready.

Now often when we refer to ‘you’, we are speaking of, or including the entire you. Keep sight of the fact that by far the largest portion of you can be said to be still on our plane, still in our dimension. So in your efforts to be ready, you are discovering all of the things that will not be in synch with the coming energy and you are tossing them overboard.

You have been told this before. But there is, as you are discovering, a big difference between hearing it and living it. Now let’s give you something that might make it a little easier to get through.

Try thinking less along the lines of ‘What now?’ and more like ‘Thank goodness. Let’s get this over with at last.’ Now, we are not saying that everything after the first of ‘Nocember’ will be all hunky-dory. We are saying that life is about to become quite a bit less personally difficult. You know the shape your world is in. And so you know that there will be quite a bit of work to do to turn it back into the garden spot she was meant to be. But it is also true that if your personal life is a daily trial, there is not much time left for you to be effective in the larger sphere. True?

So we applaud you for clearing the decks as you are doing.

You have asked for this. You have prayed for this. And often you have doubted that it would come to pass. Well, bar the door Katie, ‘cause here she comes.

Enjoy your new selves

Flavored Vape Juice Creates Irritating Chemicals in E-Cigarettes

If you vape, then you may have heard that e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco cigarettes. There might be some truth to that, but as a study shows, most e-cigarette users don’t really know what they’re inhaling, even if they take the time to look at the ingredients on the label. [1]

Study author Sven Jordt, an associate professor of anesthesiology, pharmacology and cancer biology at the Duke University School of Medicine, said:

“Flavor chemicals and the solvents, the liquids, that are in electronic cigarettes, they are forming new chemical compounds.”

These chemicals can become irritants that agitate your airways, the study shows.

“The new chemicals we identified in e-cigarettes activate these nerve endings more strongly. Especially when activated over a longer period, as in smokers, and potentially e-cigarette users, these mechanisms have been shown to cause inflammation and asthma and contribute to emphysema.”

Read: Daily E-Cig Users Have Double the Risk of Heart Attack as Non-Users

E-cigarettes work by heating liquid called “e-juice” or “e-liquid,” which contains flavorings, propylene glycol, glycerine, and often nicotine until it vaporizes.

Analyzing the Juice

Researchers analyzed the chemical composition of 10 e-liquids, with 2 flavors and 5 different propylene glycol ratios for each flavor. A propylene glycol ratio refers to the amount of solvent found in e-liquid. The vape juices were purchased from an online store.

Specifically, Jordt and his colleagues analyzed vanilla (vanillin and ethylvanillin), cherry (benzaldehyde), and cinnamon (cinnamaldehyde).

The team also created and analyzed their own e-juice that included the flavors (aldehydes) and solvents commonly used in the e-cigarette industry.

The research shows that 40% of the flavored aldehydes became new compounds called aldehyde PG (propylene glycol) acetals when heated.

When the scientists vaporized the liquids they had created, 50%-80% of the acetals were carried over, which means that a significant amount of aldehyde PG acetal reaches the airways when the liquids are vaped.

These substances can stick around in the body for quite some time as they are stable in both water and other physiological solutions. It’s not clear what long-term effects they might have on health, according to Jordt.

And since these compounds are only created through heating, they are not listed on e-liquid ingredient labels. E-cigarette users think they know what they’re being exposed to because e-cigarette companies claim to use well-known chemicals, nicotine, and solvents, and that they remain stable when they are mixed together. The study shows that is not the case.

Read: Even Without Nicotine, E-Cigarette Flavorings may Damage Blood Vessels

Ilona Jaspers, professor in pediatrics, microbiology, immunology, and environmental science and engineering at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said that many scientists suspected that the e-cigarette manufacturers’ claims were not true.

“These are very reactive chemicals, and it would be naive to think that they would stay in isolation and not react and cause secondary and tertiary products once they are put in the mixture.

One of the big items to take away from this here is that we have to look at this e-liquids as a dynamic mixture potentially, a chemical mixture that is not necessarily stagnant and may change over time.”

Read: FDA Takes “Historic Action” Against E-Cigarette Makers and Sellers

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently considering regulating flavored e-liquids, citing 2 main concerns: [2]

  • There is evidence that e-cigarettes serve as a gateway to smoking among teens and young adults. Vaping is popular among young people, in no small part because of the more than 7,000 e-liquid flavors on the market.
  • The FDA says that many of the flavors used in e-liquids are safe to eat, but not enough is known about them to say whether they are safe for inhaling. Some research suggests that cinnamon-flavored e-liquid may harm lung cells.

Jordt pointed out that if the chemicals created by vaporized e-liquid were severely irritating, you would see people giving up vaping en masse. The real concern is that chronic, low-level stimulation of the airways’ irritation receptors could lead to some sort of more serious lung damage in e-cigarette users.

“If they are more continuously activated they can lead to inflammation, chronic cough, they also promote asthma. That’s why we are concerned.”

The study is published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research.


[1] CNN

[2] The Verge