Rise of the ‘Digisexual’ as Virtual Reality Bypasses Need for Human Intimacy

By Sarah Knapton | 26 November 2017

THE TELEGRAPH — The lexicon of sexual orientations has already given us ‘demisexuality’, ‘pansexuality’ and ‘bicurious.’

But according to experts, we will soon see the rise of ‘digisexuals’ – people whose sexual appetites are predominantly satisfied by the virtual world.

Already, robotic sex dolls which move and talk and are ‘warm to the touch’ are being sold for in excess of £15,000, with companies vying to create the most realistic companion.

Pornography channels also now offer 3D content which can be accessed using headsets, while online role-playing games such as 3dx Chat allow people to interact sexually with each other using only avatars.

Sexbots are also increasingly on our screens, most recently appearing in Westworld, Humans and Ex Machina. […]

Santa Rosa, California and Waldo Canyon, Colorado

Dear Benjamin,
Above is a picture of the devastation of Waldo Canyon in Colorado in an incredible wild firestorm in 2012. The reason I bring it up is because it’s the first time we see multitudes of houses burned and cars melted without touching the trees and grasses around the houses. Very close to the Santa Rosa fires of California recently. At the time everyone was remarking about melted cars but untouched trees. First time ever. I suggest it was the first time DEW weapons were turned onto the US and her people. More investigation into the two fires has to be done, I realize, but now that many are coming up with picture of the lazer beams hitting in the S.Rosa area, maybe there were folks who got the same types of pictures for the Waldo Canyon fires without realizing what they were looking at as it was the first time. I just wanted to point out the similarities and my suspicions, even in 2012 when I saw these pictures. Thanks for your time.

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Astronomers To Check Mysterious Giant Interstellar Object For Signs of Alien Life/Technology

Decades ago, the topic of UFOs and intelligent extraterrestrials visiting Earth was quite popular. A flyby of several unidentified objects over the White House in the fifties forced Truman to acknowledge the UFO reality on live television. A few years later, the Brookings Institution issued a report outlining the protocol for what now seems to be an inevitable certainty in the history of humanity: extraterrestrial contact.

Coinciding with these developments and publications, an “official campaign of secrecy and ridicule” was implemented, and the topic of UFOs and all things related went into the Black Budget world, where everything remains classified and hidden from the public eye. This world of secrecy, since then, has taken off, and only now are we starting to see real efforts to let the public know about what’s been developed, discovered, and found, the latest being the fact that multiple governments, including, most recently, representatives of the U.S. government, have admitted and confirmed the existence of objects utilizing physics we have yet to understand.

This is nothing new. Previously classified documents and witness testimony from hundreds of credible people who’ve held major positions inside the military industrial complex have also come forward.

What is happening right now is a slow disclosure of information. This has been the biggest cover-up in human history, and it’s not a nice thought to know that it’s been hidden from the public for decades, perhaps even longer. Are there just reasons for the secrecy? Perhaps, but what we’ve seen from Western governments is a great deal of manipulation, and perception manipulation via mainstream media. These authoritarian figures, or those for whom they work, never seem to have the best interests of the public in mind and tend to use information as a weapon to push forth their agendas. We’ve seen it with the War on Terrorism and the War on Drugs.

This slow disclosure process is exactly why we see a lot of groups contemplating extraterrestrial life and potential extraterrestrial objects in space, although it’s been happening for quite a while. Nikola Tesla was one who was certain he had acquired signals from extraterrestrials, and had located a potential extraterrestrial object orbiting Earth. You can read more about that here.

The latest example currently making headlines is a giant, mysterious object detected by the PANSTARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii back in October. Scientists have already determined that it did not originate in our solar system.

So far, they think it’s an asteroid, and it’s huge, an unprecedented size for an asteroid with an elongated 10 to 1 ratio.

According to IFLScience, its orbit showed no signs of manoeuvring the way a spacecraft would. Harvard Professor Avi Loeb told The Guardian that it’s most likely “of natural origin, but because it is so peculiar, we would like to check if it has any sign of artificial origin, such as radio emissions.” “If we do detect a signal that appears artificial in origin,” he says, “we’ll know immediately.”

This could present a problem though. According to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, if there are extraterrestrial objects, we probably wouldn’t even be capable of detecting these signals.

This is great and all, but governments have been covering up unknown objects that didn’t originate from our atmosphere for decades. They are even tracked on radar and jets have been sent to check them out and take a closer look.

We haven’t been told much about these objects, and have only recently “officially” been told they are real. If this particular space object is indeed extraterrestrial in origin, do you think they would actually tell us and make that announcement?

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Professor Loeb says, “While many astronomers believe the object is an interstellar asteroid, its elongated shape is unlike anything seen in the asteroid belt in our own solar system. Early observations of ‘Oumuamua show that it is about 400m long but only one tenth as wide. “It’s curious that the first object we see from outside the solar system looks like that.”

Perhaps findings like this will be used as an excuse to weaponize space? You can read more about that discussion here.

Right now, the object is approximately twice as far from Earth as the sun, and scientists are still trying to figure out what it is. As of now, it remains a complete mystery.

That being said, I’ll leave you with this video and a link to all of our UFO/extraterrestrial related articles below it.

The clip comes from the Thrive documentary, which has amassed almost 100 million views. There is no question what our collective consciousness is interested in: contact, disclosure, and discovery. The next step for the human race.

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