Entire German economy being plunged into Dark Ages due to insane electricity prices; manufacturers HALT production

Image: Entire German economy being plunged into Dark Ages due to insane electricity prices; manufacturers HALT production

(Natural News) Energy has become so expensive in Germany that the (soon-to-be former) economic powerhouse of Europe is now seeing a manufacturing shutdown that threatens to collapse the nation – and eventually the entire continent.

Calling the situation “alarming,” economic minister Robert Habeck announced that while industry has been working over the past several months to reduce gas consumption, including by switching to alternative fuels like oil, many companies have just “stopped production altogether.”

“It’s not good news,” he said, “because it can mean that the industries in question aren’t just being restructured but are experiencing a rupture – a structural rupture, one that is happening under enormous pressure.” (Related: Germany is about to lose at least half of its crop harvest as well due to drought.)

Year-ahead electricity prices in Europe soared to record highs this past week, only to drop by half not long after. Still, the price is obscenely high – see the graph at this link – and manufacturers are responding by closing up shop.

“Europe is facing economic devastation and depression at a scale that will make 2008 seems [sic] like a walk in the park,” reports Zero Hedge about the situation.

Germany’s excessive operation leverage is “much more than Lehman Brothers,” warns financial expert

Everything from large industrial companies to small trading firms and medium-sized businesses – all of these make up Germany’s “Mittelstand” – is feeling the crunch. And firms within each of these sectors are shutting their doors because it costs too much to keep operating.


“Wherever energy is an important part of the business model, companies are experiencing sheer angst,” Habeck added.

Keep in mind that every business relies on energy – cheap energy, to be more specific. Without it, conducting business, especially in a globally competitive economy, quickly becomes impossible.

It turns out that large swaths of the German economy rely not on not just cheap energy but Russian energy, which Europe is refusing to buy due to United States-led sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine.

Other regions supply gas as well, but not as inexpensively as Russia, which holds some of the world’s largest reserves of oil and gas. Unless Germany starts buying from Russia once again, which does not appear likely, then Germany’s economy will go bye-bye in the coming months.

Habeck basically confirmed this, stating that the Russian energy competitive advantage that Germany has long maintained “won’t come back any time soon, if it ever comes back at all.”

Over the weekend, financial expert Zoltan Pozsar said much the same, explaining that Europe faces a “Minsky moment” triggered by excessive financial leverage – meaning the highly corrupt markets and financial system that feed them are once again to blame for this calamity.

“And in the context of supply chains,” Pozsar added, “leverage means excessive operation leverage: in Germany, $2 trillion of value added depends on $20 billion (worth) of gas from Russia … that’s 100 times leverage – much more than Lehman’s (Lehman Brothers).”

Meanwhile, the Nord Stream 1 (NS1) pipeline is once again closed for “planned maintenance.” This means that no Russian gas is flowing to Germany right now.

“The outage comes with European countries already laboring under sharp price rises as a result of dwindling Russian supplies,” reports the Hedge. “Prices have more than doubled since Russian exporter Gazprom first restricted deliveries through Nord Stream 1 three months ago.”

Siegfried Russwurm, the head of Germany’s main business lobby, BDI, says that recent interest rate hikes in the U.S. coupled with slowing growth in China is hitting Germany with a second punch because China is one of the country’s largest export markets.

The collapse of the global economy is well underway. To keep up with the latest, visit Collapse.news.

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CLOT PROFITS: Medicare spent over $15 billion on blood thinners last year, after covid jabs grew CLOTS

Image: CLOT PROFITS: Medicare spent over $15 billion on blood thinners last year, after covid jabs grew CLOTS

(Natural News) How many millions of Americans will be prescribed blood thinners for the damage the COVID-19 clot shots are doing to their vascular system right now? Yet, those blood thinners won’t even work for the bizarre, rubbery, nano-tech clots formed in the bodies of the injected, because they are not the same as normal blood clots. Do the doctors at all the hospitals already know this? Will the “blood” thinners work at all for those crystalline structures and nano-wires that are accumulating heavy metals in the blood of the jabbed?

Big pharma cashing in on vaccine-induced clots causing huge boom for the sale of blood thinners

Yes, Big Pharma is cashing in on the COVID-19 “clot shots” by prescribing (and jacking up the price) of blood thinners for Americans who have no clue what’s happening to their bodies or why. Pharma is “treating” the clots, even though these kinds of clots can’t be thinned out or dissolved by rat poison (prescription Eliquis and Xarelto).

Since the fake election of Resident Biden, ZERO has been accomplished to address the skyrocketing prices of block buster drugs, including blood thinners. Every year, about 30 million prescriptions for blood thinners are filled by pharmacists in America, with about half of those written for the ultra-expensive brand-name ones.

One in every 10 Americans older than 75 years is taking some daily. Expect that number to skyrocket now that the clot shots are taking effect, and the nano-clots are accumulating heavy metals inside the blood and growing. Expect the booster shots for COVID-19 to add millions of toxic spike “protein” prions to the vascular system of 270 million Americans of all ages, adding to the chaos of blood clots and the prescribing of rat poison (blood thinners) that won’t even help. In other words, look for many more people below age 75 to be prescribed blood thinners now, since three-fourths of all Americans have been injected with Fauci Flu nano-tech jabs.


Blood thinners Eliquis and Xarelto have already bankrolled nearly $50 billion since 2015, now they cost over $500 per month

The price of brand name blood thinners has somehow outpaced Biden-flation, and there’s no stopping it now. Every year the cost goes up significantly. These cost TEN TIMES the amount of Warfarin, a now-generic version of the same. They all cause horrific side effects, risking death by internal bleeding should the victim (prescribed patient) slip, or trip, or fall down and bang their head or hip on a hard floor or bath tub, for example.

America pays FIVE TIMES MORE for these costly drugs than other countries, and blood thinners won’t even work to prevent or dissolve COVID-19 vaccine-induced clots. What a shame and a huge, illegal scam. Eloquis is the 4th top-selling drug in the world, since 2020. Imagine that. Plus, it’s the costliest drug for ALL of Medicare. Coincidence? We think not. Every year, about 35,000 adverse event reports are filed for anticoagulants taken orally, including 3,000 deaths, plus thousands of cases of internal bleeding and hemorrhaging, usually in the head.

Xarelto is the world’s 10th top-selling drug and the 3rd most costly for Medicare, prescribed to over a million patients. Got atrial fibrillation, irregular heart beats or rhythm disorder, or maybe myocarditis or pericarditis? That’s most likely from the Fauci Flu clot shots. Expect doctors across America to prescribe these pharma-lucrative pills that won’t help at all.

One congresswoman is on the record, stating, “The prices for these two competing products have risen every year since they entered the market at a rate far outpacing inflation, without any meaningful improvements to the medications or any apparent increase in production costs.”

Bookmark Vaccines.news to your favorite independent websites for updates on experimental “vaccines” that cause blood clots, myocarditis and severe, chronic inflammation.

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The 9 MOST SHILLING vaccine-pushing freaks and propagandists of the Wuhan flu scamdemic

Image: The 9 MOST SHILLING vaccine-pushing freaks and propagandists of the Wuhan flu scamdemic

(Natural News) Besides taking over Washington DC, there was no greater goal for the pharma-backed shills than to coerce 270 million or more Americans into getting “flu shots” that cause more health detriment than every other existing disease and disorder combined. In fact, Spike Protein Syndrome is sweeping the nation. These toxic, so-called “vaccines” for Fauci Flu have already killed a million people, and this is just the beginning. Make no mistake, Big Pharma owns and runs this country, and if you don’t believe it, just take a look at 70 percent of all advertising.

Once two-thirds of all Americans were convinced they needed gene therapy clot shots to survive the scamdemic, the “fix” was in

For eugenicists and genocidal maniacs to accomplish their goals of significantly reducing the population while gaining much more control over those remaining, they must design methods where the populace either agree to killing off millions of people, or have no clue because they are all part of the extermination plan.

In the case of COVID-19 “vaccinations,” the willing “participants” in the grand experiment believe just the opposite – that they are saving themselves by being injected with millions of deadly prions that cause blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, spontaneous abortions and SADS (sudden adult death syndrome).

Also, for this massive population reduction experiment to work, there must be at least a handful of high-level shills, hucksters, hacks and charlatans that convince the masses that everything being pushed is “safe and effective,” and that means pushing fake science, fake clinical trials and fake FDA approvals. The following 9 psychopathic pharma freaks were “all in” for this, and future prosecutions for conspiring to mass murder should be forthcoming.


#1. Anthony “Fraudulent” Fauci

#2. Dr. Leana Wen (no freedom for you!)

#3. Dr. Rochelle Walensky (CDC talking head)

#4. Bill “Hell’s” Gates

#5. Sean Hannity, the Fox News vaccine propagandist

#6. Resident Biden (Dementia-Joe / Dark Brandon / PedoHitler)

#7. California Governor Gavin Newsom

#8. California Senator Dr. Richard Pan

#9. Jimmy Kimmel

Money, power and salesmanship all required to “sell” deadly COVID jabs to 270 million gullible Americans under the guise of medicine

In order to “toe the line” for Big Pharma and the VIC (vaccine industrial complex), any politician, CDC or FDA regulatory head, doctor, scientist, news anchor, tech guru, crisis actor or comedian must be “all in” to sell deadly vaccines and other scamdemic mandates, or else they are cast out of the arena of propaganda. That means 100 percent compliance with all pharma and CDC lies, propaganda and forced mandates, as far as claiming they are all science-backed, safe, effective and anything else that convinces as many people as possible to be injected with these poisonous prions.

These sellout shills love power, money and their “salesmanship” skills so much that they are willing to coerce and brainwash millions of people into taking “medicine” and clot shots that cause severe inflammation and exacerbation of existing health issues, including cancer, blood clots, irregular heartbeat, diabetes and dementia. These pharma shills are just as guilty of mass murder as the people who funded and designed the COVID clot shots. When will they all be held accountable for their crimes? That is the question.

Stay tuned for updates on the top pharma shills being held accountable for pushing disease and disorder on the masses via toxic gene therapy shots. When the injected masses realize what has happened to them, maybe then the “chickens will come home to roost.”

Tune your scamdemic frequency to Censored.news for truth news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

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BRICS member nations are creating new reserve currency to challenge the dollar, Andy Schectman tells Mike Adams

Image: BRICS member nations are creating new reserve currency to challenge the dollar, Andy Schectman tells Mike Adams

(Natural News) The BRICS group made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are creating a new world reserve currency to challenge the dollar’s dominance.

“The biggest development of all [is that] they came out and that they are brewing up a challenge to dollar dominance by creating a new world reserve currency,” precious metals and financial expert Andy Schectman told the Health Ranger Mike Adams. “Now, they’ve come out and publicly said that.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin himself confirmed this development during the June 2022 BRICS virtual summit. “The issue of creating an international reserve currency based on a basket of currencies [from BRICS member countries] is being worked out,” he said at the time. (Related: HOW AMERICA ENDS: Putin announces new BRICS global reserve currency project to REPLACE the petrodollar.)

Schectman explained that this is a massive drive away from the U.S. dollar’s supremacy. He also expressed belief that a lot of countries will realize that they need to get on the side where commodities are traded in the world market.

According to the financial expert, the weaponization of the dollar and other decisions made by Washington, D.C. these days appear to be intentionally done to bring about a controlled demolition of the market – if not being the product of wrong choices.

He added that three BRICS member countries – India, China and Russia – are primarily engaged in trading with other nations. Meanwhile, Western nations appear to be focused on money printing, consumption and financialization – all instruments that constitute a fake gross domestic product.


Schectman explained that the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency was granted largely because of oil giant Saudi Arabia. The Operation of Petroleum Exporting Countries reinforced the dollar’s hegemony by selling oil around the world in the currency.

However, this infrastructure that props up the dollar’s dominance appears to be crumbling – with Riyadh itself dropping the petrodollar for the rublegas.

Real commodities are coming out of the BRICS nations

Adams, the founder of Natural News and Brighteon.com, pointed out that the real commodities are coming out of the BRICS nations. These commodities include oil, minerals, food products and fertilizer.

His guest agreed, adding that the nations comprising BRICS are all very rich in commodities. These nations are also responsible for accumulating and producing world commodities such as oil, natural gas and precious metals.

Aside from the massive drawdown of precious metals, infrastructure deals and a new world reserve currency, Russia is also proposing a new international standard for precious metal trading.

Schectman said that if Moscow gets what it wants, the new standard could break the current system and lead to a new alternative exchange system – one that does not systematically manipulate the precious metals market.

Whoever holds all the gold and silver will make the rules, he said, adding that any new rules will affect both market behavior and the dollar’s hegemony. Russia and its fellow nations in the BRICS group – the largest importers, producers and accumulators of gold and silver – are the ones that will benefit.

Head over to CurrencyReset.news for more news about the emergence of a new world reserve currency that could challenge the dollar’s dominance.

Watch the full conversation between Mike Adams and Andy Schectman about the acceleration of global de-dollarization below.

This video is from the Health Ranger Report channel on Brighteon.com.

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Green tyranny: Trudeau's fed agents raiding private lands to test nitrate levels on soil and water sources

Image: Green tyranny: Trudeau’s fed agents raiding private lands to test nitrate levels on soil and water sources

(Natural News) Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) employees had been trespassing private lands in Saskatchewan to ensure the nitrate level compliance of farms in the Canadian province.

Member of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan Jeremy Cockrill called on Federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault to comment on these allegations.

“We’re still unsure which federal department they are a part of, but they actually were taking samples out of a private dugout and when approached and queried as to why they were there, they said that they were checking for pesticide residues and nitrates,” Cockrill said.

According to the Post Millennial, Cockrill learned that the provincial government has received several reports of government agents entering farms without owners’ permission to test soil and water sources.

“When approached by producers, these employees indicated that they were testing water sources for pesticide/nitrate levels,” Cockrill said in a letter. “The lands and water body, a producer’s dugout, are both privately owned.”

He said this amounts to a violation of the province’s Trespass Act. The act includes a maximum penalty of $25,000 for repeat offenders, up to six months imprisonment following a conviction for a first or subsequent trespass offense and a $200,000 maximum penalty for any corporation that counsels and/or aids in the commission of that offense.

Back in July, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pushed to accelerate the fight against climate change by cutting down nitrogen emissions from fertilizer by 30 percent at the end of this decade. This is Canada’s part in getting to net zero in the next three decades.


Guilbeault’s office said they are addressing the matter “internally,” and that they will be reviewing sampling protocols before doing any more testing.

Trudeau is enforcing his tyrannical “green agenda”

The trespassing acts of federal employees may be an initial part of Trudeau’s mind-conditioning tactics as the ECCC begins to set up facilities to carry on Canada’s “green agenda.”

The agency is currently planning on building a new building in Winnipeg that will be home to a firearms armory, interrogation rooms, biological labs, media relations offices, “controlled quiet rooms” and intelligence facilities. (Related: Fascist Trudeau implementing weapons armories and interrogation rooms for Canada’s Ministry of Climate Change.)

According to a recent Indeed.com job posting, the agency is actively recruiting a battalion of climate “pollution” officers, a unit within the coldly named “Environmental Enforcement Directorate.”

People are worried that if they emit too much carbon or use too much fertilizer, they may just be on the climate communists’ hit list and be “checked into” the facility. Leaked architectural plans show that the entire facility is over 50,000 square feet and can house hundreds of ECCC staff.

“Trudeau’s climate police may enter any project location that affects the environment to take photographs, access computer systems and communication devices and direct any person to put any machinery, vehicle or equipment in the place into operation or to cease operating it. They may also prohibit access to the location entirely,” alternative media journalist Keean Bexte said.

According to some observers, these actions are the first steps in replicating the attacks on farmers that have prompted widespread unrest in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe.

Visit GreenTyranny.news for more news related to Canada’s authoritarian measures to carry on with its “green agenda.”

Watch the below video that talks about the Saskatchewan government’s threats to arrest “nitrogen agents” that trespass on private properties.

This video is from the What is happening channel on Brighteon.com.

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Germany redefines heatwave to scare people into believing fraudulent climate change narrative

Image: Germany redefines heatwave to scare people into believing fraudulent climate change narrative

(Natural News) Germany’s DWD Weather Service has apparently redefined the term “heatwave” to scare people into believing the climate change narrative.

The DWD seems to have changed the definition of a heatwave so that any brief period of warm temperatures qualifies as one. What used to be defined as a period of five consecutive days with highs over 30 degrees Celsius has been changed to a period of three consecutive days with a high of 28 degrees.

It’s not clear when the DWD changed its definition, but the World Meteorological Organization defines a heatwave as five or more consecutive days of prolonged heat with a daily maximum temperature higher than the average maximum temperature by five degrees or more. (Related: What are the odds? The US, Europe, Africa and China are all simultaneously experiencing droughts of epic proportions.)

This does not align with the DWD’s definition, which is a regular warm summer weekend for most people and barely hot enough to swim in the daytime.

Germany to install more water fountains to fight “heatwaves”

Meanwhile, the German cabinet approved a draft bill to install more water fountains in cities and municipalities. And if the law passes, local authorities will be obliged to provide access to free drinking water in public spaces as part of their so-called “Daseinsvorsorge,” which is a guaranteed basic public services framework.

Environment Minister Steffi Lemke said if municipalities take action, they will be making an important contribution to the health and heat protection of citizens, adding that the recent dry and hot summers in Germany have shown that persistent heatwaves are no longer a rare event.


The draft law states that water fountains must be installed where it is technically feasible and appropriate.

There are around 1,300 water fountains across Germany, as per the Federal Ministry for the Environment. The government plans to install 1,000 more, although there are no specific mandates on their exact number or location.

“We have excellent quality tap water in Germany and it’s a pity that people buy so much bottled water and then throw the bottles away, so there’s a lot of waste,” said Julian Fischer of the nongovernmental environmental group, A Tip: Tap.

“It would be great for everybody to have better access to clean tap water, but particularly for people with less money or, for example, for situations like families going to a playground needing to refill their water bottles. It should be part of civic infrastructure to have water fountains always nearby,” Fischer added.

Berlin alone currently has 201 public drinking fountains, with two new ones set to open in Mauerpark, which is a heavily frequented park by the public, and at Schlachtensee, a popular bathing spot.

Jochen Rabe, managing director of the nonprofit Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin, said: “When it’s really, really hot in a heatwave, you should have a fountain or at least access to free water within 10 minutes max, particularly with the elderly and vulnerable, who can become dehydrated quite quickly.” (Related: 5 Ways to stay cool when SHTF during a heatwave.)

Visit ClimateScienceNews.com for more news about the persistent “heatwaves” in Germany.

Watch the video below to know more about the heatwaves in Europe.

This video is from the Salomo channel on Brighteon.com.

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