Pandemic profiteering: Pfizer to earn a whooping $54 billion by year's end, thanks to COVID-19

Image: Pandemic profiteering: Pfizer to earn a whooping $54 billion by year’s end, thanks to COVID-19

(Natural News) Global health authorities collaboratively approved Big Pharma vaccines and other treatments – despite adverse events and insufficient trials – to “cure” the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). Nearly two years after the initial vaccine rollout, the number of cases are still big and the balance of Big Pharma’s bank accounts are even bigger.

Pfizer alone is predicted to reap an astonishing $54 billion in revenue by year-end.

The pharmaceutical company is to gain $32 billion in profits from the COVID-19 injections and another $22 billion from Paxlovid, the pill used to treat COVID-19 but can cause the virus to “rebound.”

“Ironically, part of what makes the treatments so profitable is the fact that they don’t do what they’re supposed to, which is to prevent and effectively treat COVID-19,” American alternative medicine proponent Dr. Joseph Mercola said.

Vaccinated people still get infected despite being injected and boosted, and could still transmit the disease to others.

“While it is hoped this will be the case, the scientific community does not yet know if the Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine will reduce such transmission,” said the Food and Drug Administration when asked whether Pfizer’s COVID-19 jabs would protect against transmission of the virus.

Mercola further pointed out that Pfizer profits from the vaccine and then when the shots won’t work, the pharma gains more by selling the Paxlovid to further “treat” the infection. President Joe Biden was reported to have a “rebound” infection due to the said pill and he’s not the only one.


Some patients who took the pill after testing positive for coronavirus have reported the same phenomenon: Days after they finished a five-day course of the oral drug and felt better, their COVID symptoms or a positive test result returned.

“This means multiple courses of the drug are often necessary – which is bad news for the public, but great news for Pfizer and its shareholders,” Mercola stated.

Meanwhile, Pfizer is not going to stop basking in the glory of the lucrative industry. It has expressed plans to aggressively expand the COVID vaccine’s use of mRNA technology to treat rare genetic diseases of the liver, muscle and central nervous system through collaboration with Beam Therapeutics, a biotechnology company conducting research in gene therapies and genome editing.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said they hope to reduce the time to produce new vaccines from three months to two months as it explores automated solutions to produce mRNA in collaboration with Codex DNA. Pfizer is also developing a shingles vaccine with BioNTech.

HHS purchases 105 million more doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

According to Mercola, Pfizer vaccines dominate 70 percent of the U.S. and European markets, while Paxlovid has become a standard treatment choice in hospitals.

The U.S. government has disposed of 82.2 million expired COVID-19 doses as of mid-May. But it didn’t deter the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to purchase another 105 million doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot for $3.2 billion, thanks to the taxpayers’ money.

Mercola emphasized that contracts are almost exclusively slanted in Pfizer’s favor and they do not have any financial liability for injuries and deaths, and it appears this indemnification applies even if they were to be found guilty of fraud. (Related: How Pfizer profited from the pandemic.)

“It is the public that stands to lose in this deal, as they’re inundated with a new push to get injected with yet another COVID-19 shot, despite their continued failures,” Mercola stated.

Pfizer claims that its new booster jabs will work better than its past versions, with one option being considered to target only the omicron variant, while the other option targets the strain in the original shot along with the omicron variant.

Analysts are saying that the prospect of repeated boosters is exactly what Big Pharma investors are looking forward to.

“Hopefully, we could be giving it annually and maybe for some groups that are high-risk more often,” Bourla told investors this year. “Then you have the treatment [Paxlovid] that will, let’s say, resolve the issues of those that are getting the disease.”

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Watch this video about the corrupt medical alliance that profited from this orchestrated COVID-19 catastrophe.

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Biden's debt forgiveness plan is an open invitation for educational institutions to commit FRAUD

Image: Biden’s debt forgiveness plan is an open invitation for educational institutions to commit FRAUD

(Natural News) Most federal student loans are now eligible for income-based repayment plans under President Joe Biden’s student loan program. Under these plans, students will pay a small percentage of their discretionary income over a certain number of years.

While these plans seem reasonable at first glance, lawyer and political analyst Matt Bruenig pointed out that they create perverse incentives.

An example is a law graduate who goes on to work in the public sector.

Under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program, law graduates working in the public sector only have to pay 10 percent of their discretionary income for 10 years in order to have their debt forgiven. This is regardless of how much the law school charges them, or how much debt they had to take on.

These law schools also started setting up loan repayment programs (LRAPs) that give graduates money to cover the modest repayments that are required by the PSLF.

The LRAP scheme works like this:

  • The school increases their tuition.
  • The student takes out federal loans to cover the tuition increase.
  • The school squirrels away the debt-financed tuition increase into an LRAP fund.
  • The school disburses money from the LRAP fund to cover PSLF repayments.

This means that the student pays for nothing, while the law school gets more revenue immediately. It is a win for both the school and the student.

Chalk up the loss to taxpayers.

Tips to rig the system circulating on Twitter

There are tips going around Twitter showing many examples of how to rig the system, such as to borrow the maximum loan eligibility and “illegally” invest the money. (Related: Massive student loan fraud scam: 99.8% of repayment data fraudulently altered by schools.)


The new Biden plan makes the income-driven repayment schemes even more generous, with changes that could allow every school to have the possibility of using a law school-like program to shift the costs onto the taxpayers.

According to CNBC, the average burden per U.S. taxpayer for the new federal debt cancellation will be $2,503.22, as per estimates from the National Taxpayers Union.

Computations show that low-income taxpayers, or those earning between $1 to $50,000, would have an average additional cost of $190. Those whose gross incomes fall between $50,000 and $75,000 would shoulder $1,040, while those earning between $75,000 and $100,000 would shoulder $1,774. For those with incomes of $100,000 to $200,000, their share would be $3,791.

High-income taxpayers earning between $200,000 to $500,000, would have an additional cost of $11,940.

This is based on the assumption that policymakers would need to make up for the total tally of the forgiveness through tax increases, spending cuts, borrowing or a combination of these strategies.

Bruenig said the new rules could quite radically alter the incentives of schools and students when it comes to college prices, institutional financial aid, how much debt should be taken on and how to approach repayment.

The programs are likely to be very expensive that could result in an increase in the price of tuition, which could later lead to calls to either end the program or have price controls on education.

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Watch the video below for a rundown of Biden’s student loan forgiveness.

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HIGHER EDUCATION ROBBERY: American taxpayers will be forced to pay an average of $2500 each if student loans are cancelled.

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New British Prime Minister proposes 200 billion pound spending program to subsidize UK's soaring energy bills for two years

Image: New British Prime Minister proposes 200 billion pound spending program to subsidize UK’s soaring energy bills for two years

(Natural News) Newly elected British Prime Minister Liz Truss announced on Thursday, Sept. 8, that her government would place a price cap on soaring consumer energy bills for two years as a way to deal with the worsening cost of living crisis. Economists warn that such a scheme could cost British taxpayers 200 billion pounds ($231.66 billion).

This massive government intervention into the British economy is surprising for Truss, who has described herself as a free market, low tax and small-state conservative. Truss claimed she has been forced to act due to the scale of the crisis. She went on to blame Russia’s war on Ukraine on the quadrupling of energy prices. (Related: 1 in 4 Brits won’t use their heaters this winter amid skyrocketing energy prices.)

“This is the moment to be bold. We are facing a global energy crisis, and there are no cost-free options,” said Truss in a speech before the House of Commons. “We are supporting this country through this winter and next, and tackling the root causes of high prices so we are never in the same position again.”

The new prime minister said the two-year “energy price guarantee” means average household bills for electricity and heating will be no more than 2,500 pounds sterling ($2,899) per year.

Before this announcement, the country’s cap on energy bills was set to increase to 3,500 pounds ($4,059) per year beginning in October. This would have represented an 80 percent increase from the current average annual bill of 1,971 pounds ($2,286).

Truss’ government claims the price cap will cut the United Kingdom’s soaring inflation rate by four to five percentage points. With inflation expected to rise to 13 percent by year’s end, such a decrease could help prevent a recession, according to the Bank of England.


In addition to the price cap, Truss said the country will look to increase its supply of energy. She announced an end to a moratorium on fracking and the issuing of new oil and gas exploration licenses for the North Sea.

“Energy policy over the past decade has not focused enough on securing supply,” she said.

Borrowing-financed price cap to increase UK’s national debt by 10 percent

Conservative estimates of how much the price cap will cost put the final price tag at around 100 billion pounds ($115.97 billion). Other estimates put the actual cost to British taxpayers as high as 200 billion pounds.

Truss’ price cap plan means that energy suppliers will “receive funding from HM [His Majesty’s] Government” to cover the difference between what they are legally allowed to charge consumers and what the wholesale market rates for energy are.

The government is set to finance this massive expense largely by borrowing tens of billions of pounds to fund the first few months of the price cap program.

As currently drawn up, the price cap package includes 130 billion pounds ($150.83 billion) of spending on household bills until April 2024 and a 67 billion pounds ($77.73 billion) discount scheme for the energy bills of businesses for 12 months.

Borrowing 200 billion pounds would drive the British government’s budget deficit to levels not seen since the Great Recession. The added expense is also expected to increase the U.K.’s national debt of 2.3 trillion pounds ($2.67 trillion) by about 10 percent.

Learn more about the global energy crisis at

Watch this clip from Fox Business discussing the late Queen Elizabeth II’s impact on the financial community.

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Human sewage runoff causes mass fish kill in San Francisco Bay, costs government billions to clean up

Image: Human sewage runoff causes mass fish kill in San Francisco Bay, costs government billions to clean up

(Natural News) It will cost the San Francisco government around $14 billion to upgrade their aging wastewater facilities that are dumping nutrients from treated human sewage into the Bay Area. Currently, wastewater is feeding a giant algae bloom, which has lingered for two months and has killed tens of thousands of fish.

The algae bloom started appearing in late July but have since grown due to the number of nutrients from the urine and feces of the eight million Bay Area residents that are released into the water daily. One plant alone dumps 85 million gallons a day containing around 5.5 tons of nitrogen.

Scientists say the bloom was triggered by climate change, but its size, amount of organisms and how long it has lasted so far are due to human waste. It has resulted in the death of up to 10,000 fish that were suffocated by the algae covering the bay.

No sewage leaks had been found from the 37 plants in the area.

The bloom, which first appeared in Alameda, is now along Sausalito, Vallejo and Fremont, which is about 40 miles from where it first appeared.

Most facilities follow regulatory requirements, but the East Bay Municipal Utility District, (EBMUD) recently paid $816,000 for dumping 16.5 million gallons of partially treated wastewater in the Bay in October 2021.

The discharge is said to have found its way into the bay during a major rainstorm and was not purposely dumped. This is one of the issues with aging infrastructure. (Related: Toxic algae problem becoming a risk to human health and the economy, experts warn.)

The $14 billion needed to update wastewater plant systems will be used to cap the amount of nutrients dumped into the Bay, and this could be required in 2024 when regional permits are up for renewal.


However, the steep price tag could also cost ratepayers triple the amount on their water bills.

Algal bloom occurrence comes from gallons of untreated sewage flow

A similar algal bloom event occurred in 2010 as millions of gallons of untreated sewage flowed into the Bay.

Algae blooms happen when colonies of algae grow out of control. They only need sunlight, nitrogen and phosphorous to expand.

The red algal bloom in the Bay Area is said to be caused by a microorganism called Heterosigma akashiwo, which is always present in the Bay. The many years of dumping nitrogen into the Bay have poised this bloom to be one of the biggest in over a decade.

Algal bloom kills fish by suffocating them under a thick layer of microorganisms. As the algae grow, other plants die and become food for bacteria.

Jon Rosenfield, a senior scientist with the environmental group San Francisco Baykeeper, said algal blooms are like wildfire in the water. Harmful blooms can harm people, animals or the local ecology, and this particular one caused the mass deaths of fish by producing toxins or depleting the water’s oxygen levels, or both.

People are urged to keep animals and children out of the water after Oakland officials found “low levels of contaminants associated with harmful algal bloom.”

Rotting fish carcasses have already piled up in the waters, and the stench of rotting fish is also said to be so intense that some of them are resorting to wearing face masks outside to cover their noses.

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Watch the video below for more reports of fish die-offs.

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Biden LIED about saving Jackson Mississippi from their failing sewer infrastructure, and now after recent flooding, residents must boil SEWER WATER for drinking

Image: Biden LIED about saving Jackson Mississippi from their failing sewer infrastructure, and now after recent flooding, residents must boil SEWER WATER for drinking

(Natural News) Welcome to third world Jackson, Mississippi, where 180,000 hunter-gatherers can’t find drinkable water, while human feces flow down the street after floods ravished the city. What happened to the trillion-dollar Infrastructure Bill money that Biden promised would save Flint, Michigan and Jackson, Mississippi from having to flush their toilets with bottled water? Did Nancy Pelosi spend all the money on ice cream? Where’s the $400 million that Jackson City Council recently unanimously approved for 2021-2022 for their “operating budget?” Doesn’t “operating” mean having running water to take showers, flush toilets and drink to survive? Are all these governments, at every level, 100 percent corrupt to the core, that they embezzle all the funds and never spend a dime on the allotted and severely dilapidated infrastructure?

Jackson, Mississippi looks like San ‘Fran-shitzsco’ now, and residents are very confused, while politicians delay money for fixing busted wastewater system

How many more Democrat-run cities in America can the governments turn into third world hell-holes? What are all the taxes being used for? Is anyone held accountable? In a city of 180,000 people, they have no functioning water system, so they must be urinating and defecating somewhere other than their toilets, but where? How are restaurants washing dishes? Or do they even bother anymore, since it’s all breaking down into a third world existence? Will raw human feces soon be running down the gutters of the streets of Jackson? People might confuse it with San Fran-shitzsco!


In August of 2021, Resident Joe Biden pretended to sympathize with the city’s struggles when promoting the tax-payer-funded, fake infrastructure bill worth $1 trillion US dollars, which is completely disappearing (into the pockets of the politicians and to support Hunter Biden’s porn-and-crack addictions). Biden said, “Never again can we allow what happened in Flint, Michigan, and Jackson, Mississippi.” Jackson’s crippled wastewater system has been ignored for years, and remains under a state of emergency right now. It’s literally a life-or-death crisis.

The two state agencies responsible for allocating millions of dollars in federal infrastructure funds say it could be AT LEAST mid-to-late 2023 before any money at all shows up. Wait, what? The Democrat Mayor of Jackson, Chokwe Antar Lumumba, says he needs billions of dollars to fix the decayed system.

One resident is on the record saying, “Lives have been compromised daily due to the water crisis and pushing this another year to 2023 is simply not going to work for the citizens of Jackson, especially when we talk about humanity and preserving life.”

Mississippi Legislature created $450 million water infrastructure program that is just another scam, as plan requires poor counties to match it

Yes, the state Legislature already received $450 million from the Congressional Covid relief package passed in 2021, but says they can’t release any of it until every city and county matches it dollar-for-dollar. Jackson only has $25 million, which would hardly even scratch the surface of the multi-billion-dollar polluted water CATASTROPHE they’re experiencing right now.

There are residents in hospitals right now in Jackson, Mississippi who need clean water for dialysis, and it’s simply not available and can’t be accounted for by any politicians. What happened to all the money? There are problems everywhere there, including water main breaks, sewage spills onto residential streets, perennial service disruptions, a history of deferred maintenance, and the city’s entire budget spent and wasted.

Boil-water notices are plastered all over the city. The water there often suffers from elevated lead levels, and now it’s got urine and feces in it. State health officials are warning pregnant women and young children not to drink the city’s water, but somehow, it’s fine for everyone else?

It’s all part of the population reduction agenda, as many Black citizens have been neglected by the broke city and seen decades of population loss. It’s all about abortions at Planned Parenthood, gene therapy clot shots that cause miscarriages, and polluted water that breeds disease. Yes, Jackson is a majority-Black city with Democrats running the smoke-and-mirrors infrastructure “show.”

It’s literally a sh#t-show, with brown water flowing down the streets while the politicians bathe in money. Meanwhile citizens can’t take a bath, they can’t wash their dishes, and they can’t drink the water. Don’t forget, the “progressive” Mayor of Jackson once promised to turn Jackson into the “most radical city on the planet.” Congratulations.

By the way, where is the mass media’s apology to all the preppers who urged Americans to buy WATER FILTERS for the last decade? Keep your truth news in check by adding to your favorites list and tuning in daily for updates on real news about surviving and thriving in the current economy, and news that’s being scrubbed from MSM and social media as you read this.

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The Resistance Chicks: Biden's attempt to smear MAGA movement backfires, “feeds the MAGA beast” – Brighteon.TV

Image: The Resistance Chicks: Biden’s attempt to smear MAGA movement backfires, “feeds the MAGA beast” – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) The Resistance Chicks Leah and Michelle Svensson told their viewers that President Joe Biden’s unpleasant comments about Make America Great Again (MAGA) Republicans did not elicit a positive response.

“Biden’s speech, in which he characterized MAGA Republicans as a dark threat, has not exactly generated a positive response,” said the elder Leah on the Sept. 2 episode of “Headline News: The Resistance Chicks” on Brighteon.TV. She added that a few people even tried to spin it around with the hopes of dispersing the bigger MAGA movement.

However, the move to smear the MAGA movement backfired as it woke up many people to what is actually happening in the United States. Leah remarked that the attempts to discredit the movement only “fed the MAGA beast.”

The elder Svensson sister then played the reaction of Fox News host Tucker Carlson to Biden’s speech, which the president delivered on the evening of Sept. 1 at Philadelphia’s Independence National Historic Park.

The host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” said Biden has crossed over into a very dangerous place. He added that Biden’s threats against former President Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans are totally immoral and a complete outrage. (Related: Tucker Carlson rips Biden over divisive speech, calls it a ‘turning point in American history’.)

Michelle, the younger Svensson sister, remarked that Biden’s speech reminded her of the movies “V for Vendetta” and “Star Wars” due to the dark red background. She also pointed out that most Americans are MAGA Republicans – and that they enabled Trump to ascend to the White House in 2016.


Leah said many are unaware that the Left is trying to make Biden look like the good guy – which is not true. She also noted that the president’s surreal speech and the Marines behind him were reminiscent of Adolf Hitler and the SS soldiers that flanked the dictator.

MAGA Republicans are violent threat to the Dems in a spiritual way

In his speech, Biden said Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent “an extremism that threatens the foundations of the American republic.” The former vice president added that the bigger GOP is “dominated, driven and intimidated” by Trump and the GOP members that back him.

Biden added that MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution, do not believe in the rule of law and do not recognize the will of the people. He also mentioned how MAGA Republicans have refused to accept the results of a free election – pertaining to the rigged November 2020 polls.

Ultimately, Biden warned that the MAGA movement is determined to “take America backwards, promote authoritarian leaders and fan the flames of political violence that are a threat to personal rights, pursuit of justice, rule of law and the very soul of the country.”

But Leah pointed out that the Democrats are the real threat to democracy as evidenced by their refusal to accept the results of the 2016 election. She also said that their violent actions during Trump’s inauguration only attest to them being more of a threat than the MAGA Republicans will ever be.

Meanwhile, Michelle remarked that protests by the MAGA movement are usually peaceful compared to the violent protests from the Left. She also noted that the Jan. 6 protest, which ended in the Capitol riot, had been infiltrated by Democratic-leaning agents.

Michelle ultimately remarked that the Democrats see MAGA Republicans as a violent threat, but in a spiritual way. The Democrats’ fears will only ramp up, she said, as the November midterm election nears and Biden divides the American nation even further.

Watch the Sept. 2 episode of “Headline News: The Resistance Chicks” below. You can catch “Headline News: The Resistance Chicks” every Friday at 6-7 p.m. and every Sunday at 5-6 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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