Natural News hires four science writers to cover the latest discoveries on nutritional science, medicine and technology

(Natural News) As the fake news “establishment” media continues its collapse, with layoffs, downsizing and rapid declines in readership, the popularity of the independent media is exploding. Here at Natural News, even though we’ve been subjected to the most oppressive censorship imaginable (by Google, YouTube, Facebook and all the other internet gatekeepers), public hunger for…

Broccoli’s cancer prevention mechanism found to work on “non-coding RNA” to prevent formation of tumors

(Natural News) Cruciferous greens have long been heralded as potent disease fighters. Sulforaphane, a dietary compound found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli goes further into the DNA to halt cancer cells from proliferation, giving us more reasons to eat our vegetables. Researchers at the Oregon State University found that the anti-cancer compound helped regulate a certain type of long,…

Parsley and vanilla beans are being used as cellular scaffolding to grow stem cell tissues for human implants

(Natural News) Researchers at the University of Washington-Madison were able to grow skin, brain, bone marrow and blood vessels on plants using a highly-specialized, natural scaffolding from plants like parsley. The team observed that certain plant species possess strength, rigidity and porosity as well as low mass and surface area. These characteristics make for a…

Kp Radio Hawaii 3-26-17… “Kaulana Na Pua” (“Famous are the Children”)

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Talked about (among other things):

  • Kaulana Na Pua video (Makaha Sons), lyrics (written by Ellen Keho?ohiwaokalani Wright Prendergast, Jan. 1893. “…this himeni opposed the annexation of Hawai?i to the United States”).
  • Kaulana n? pua a?o Hawai?i, K?pa?a ma hope o ka ??ina (Famous are the children of Hawai`i, Ever loyal to the land)
  • Videos about the “Protect the Children Event” in DC, 3-25-17… Vid1 (David Seaman), Vid2 (Jordan Sather)
  • We are all the “Children of Light”. BE the “Children of Light”.
  • Kaulana Na Pua… my experiences.
  • Trump’s purpose.
  • Energies… coming in big time… Illuminating.
  • Benjamin Fulford situation. What’s been done to help. Things are improving.
  • Follow Guidance, trust and honor the “Inner Child”.
  • Love the “Inner Child”.

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[Pre-show notes: “Famous are the Children of the Light… What we are here for… now.”]

[You may also listen to a video version of these shows at 2 Neotech-GV YouTube page.]

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World rapidly running out of rare minerals needed to manufacture cell phones and mobile devices

(Natural News) Scientists warn that the minerals needed for technologies such as cell phones and mobile devices may run out in the next few decades. A new study gathered experts from various government, industrial, and academic groups across five continents who suggested that unless there exists a universal sharing of geoscience data, we will soon face challenges in…