Future of world being negotiated in next two weeks as Super Blue Blood Moon approaches

The shutdown of the U.S. government over the weekend is likely to become permanent as top-level negotiations continue to discuss its replacement, multiple sources agree.  The Western old-world-order leadership is gathering this week in Davos, Switzerland to debate this very issue, the sources say.

Pentagon sources, meanwhile, say “the shutdown was orchestrated so Congress can be arrested, as they lose immunity while not in session.”  In addition, the sources say U.S. President Donald Trump “was summoned to meet top brass at the Pentagon on January 18th, as the Navy hunted for rogue submarines and the military uses the shutdown to arrest cabal, terminate the corporate government, and launch the Republic to usher in the global currency reset (GCR).”

Furthermore, the sources continued, “The House may release the FISA memo, which will take down criminals in Department of Justice, the FBI, the Democratic National Council, the CIA, plus the Obama and Hillary Clinton organizations.”

“Trump may even read the memo at the State of the Union address on January 30th,” the sources added.

The sources also say, “Zimbabwe opposition leader Roy Bennett was killed in New Mexico to solidify the Zimbabwe dollar and pave the way for the GCR.”  A gold-backed Zimbabwe dollar is being pushed by many as a new African currency to replace the current mishmash of Rothschild-controlled currencies.

However, it is still far from certain that the GCR will take place as envisioned by the people in the Pentagon and agencies, since worldwide, the situation is extremely volatile and slipping out of U.S. control.

The most important factor to bear in mind is that the U.S. government is the most indebted government in the history of the planet and much of that debt is owed to China.  If the U.S. unilaterally reneged on the debt, it would no longer be able to control the U.S. dollar system that allows the Pentagon to operate around the planet.  The result would be that U.S. soldiers, who are already not receiving pay thanks to the government shutdown, being forced to beg on the streets or else rob people at gunpoint around the world.  As if to underline this situation, the Chinese rating agency Dagong downgraded the U.S. sovereign and local government debt to BBB+ with a negative outlook, putting it below Peru or Morocco.

Here is what they had to say about the U.S. debt:

“The perennial negative impact of the superstructure on the economic base has continued to deteriorate the debt repayment sources of the federal government, and this trend will be further exacerbated by the government’s massive tax cuts.  The increasing reliance on the debt-driven mode of economic development will continue to erode the solvency of the federal government.”

Dagong probably does not realize just how deep the problem runs.  The Pentagon, in its first-ever audit using outside auditors, has already found that $21 trillion went missing between 1998 and 2015.  That is more than 35 times the entire official U.S. military budget for 2016, multiple sources report.

CIA, MI6, and Pentagon sources say the missing money was spent on…

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HighImpactFlix 1-21-18… “Are You a Church Member in the Cult of Personality???”

I absolutely resonated with this 4 minute message. Great short video. And it must be right on because he’s doing it while he’s driving!! (Yes!! So I’m not the only one who does that!). I agree that in order to Ascend to a higher vidbration we need to release the “labeling”, “name calling”, etc., etc.

By the way, I linked below in his text to his next most recent video, which I presume is what he’s referring to as “that last video“.


Published on Jan 21, 2018
I lost sleep over the comments on that last video. Why? Because I was disheartened to find that MANY people are STILL entrenched in this idea of defending a personality (even one who routinely acts immorally) rather than defending rock-solid, timeless principles…while condemning people on the OTHER side for doing the same dang thing!

Positioning oneself in a position supporting ANY personality, paints one into a corner of hypocrisy, inconsistency and immorality…EVERY time. Staying in the cult of personality GUARANTEES widespread division, which is EXACTLY what your masters want. Because they CAN’T rule you when you stand on principle. They can ONLY rule you when you take the side of THEIR puppets. Doesn’t matter the flavor, doesn’t matter the gender, statism (or authoritarianism…or the RIGHT to rule) is and will always be an IMMORAL fiction.

If I don’t have the MORAL RIGHT to RULE you and YOU don’t have the MORAL RIGHT to RULE me, then how can we delegate to another group (congress, the president, whoever) a “right” that we DON’T have. And if we CAN’T do that very simple thing, why are we acting like they have the right to rule us and we have the MORAL OBLIGATION to OBEY THEM??? (I say “moral” because if you DON’T obey them, the state views that as a “sin” punishable by fine, imprisonment or BOTH…or sometimes DEATH!

Once we get this out of our minds (this idea that ANYONE has the right to rule us and that we MUST OBEY) we will no longer send our sons and daughters to fight immoral wars of initiated aggression; we will no longer allow ourselves to be stolen from through the extortion practice called “taxation;” there will no longer be an incarceration-intending “drug war” (which is REALLY a war on peaceful people)…and on and on I could write.

And I believe reason, logic, truth and LOVE will seep into the hearts of those who are still RIGHT-flavored statists and LEFT-flavored statists.

I love all you guys…that is why I spend hours and hours every single day doing what I’m doing. Peace to all of you and your families.

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A few recent “MegaAnons” (from 1-13-18) that correlate with other recent Kp blog posts (well, at least one of them!)

Found these on at the ToddWhiskey MegaAnon collection, which I was guided to check out today (1-21-18). I’m only posting the parts that resonated and connected. The rest may be viewed at the relevant ToddWhiskey MegaAnon collection pages, in the bold links. I found some interesting correlations, particularly one about Pence, which was in this YouAreFreeTV post.


THIS IS THE REASON EVERY TECH CEO IS QUITTING, including when Microsoft’s CEO quit after Sony hack and Alphabet/Google’s quit… Good news is, Flynn, Rogers, Trump, Bannon, Assange, Dana Rohrabacher and a few other good guys, knew the full extent of what “wiretapping” meant. So they used it to f— “them” and all their leakers.

Wikileaks. It’s gonna get real good.


Smells like we [j]ust might get some [a]mazing info out if it.


This is why all the tech CEO’s, including Microsoft’s and Alphabet/Google’s are leaving. This is also why the Chan’s malware problem recently, is very, very, very f—ed up, y’all…


Yeah. 4D chess. Obama’s got no where to hide. Can’t have a library without books… or birth records. See how that works?! ;o)

Don’t forget this… https://www.forbes.com/sites/gregsatell/2014/07/01/putin-plays-chess-obama-does-not-and-thats-why-hes-winning/#2796aec93ca1


I tried to tell y’all… whole thread below.

https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/uid/T2dPofuW/order/asc/ [refers to Susan Rice]

She [Susan Rice] knows what REALLY Happened with Magnitsky, Heritage Capital abd Fusion GPS’s FIRST dossier attempt with them. So did Rinat, and EVERYONE EKSE THEY KNEW WERE LISTENING OVER THE WIRETAPS JR. DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT when he took the meeting. So the Russians used that time to remind everyone listening that Hillary is a crook and the US has a “rampant pedophilia problem”. That’s why you’ll never hear about any of the actual audio/video from all that spying “they” did on that meeting. The Russians told the truth.

Rice will answer for Benghazi because Power didn’t submit a request. Strzok is a spook, he is Palpatine’s “S”. The Trump admin was flipping their own wiretaps and emails swipes around on “them” the whole time.

“They” used this abd this is why Bannon doesn’t have one fuck to give about what Trump says about him. THEY’RE IN IT TOGETHER. These were Bannon’s tricks. They smoked the moles out. Pence will be finished. No more 25 amendment threats. [recall this YouAreFreeTV post, says Pence will be out]

…not every single house/senate resignation was related to crime. I told y’all there were good people. Have faith. THESE PEOPLE HAVE TO RESIGN TO TESTIFY AS PRIVATE CITIZENS. They’re not all indicted. They will be called to testify… but they can’t testify in front of their own committees, agencies or departments. That’s conflict of interest.

They’ll get their jobs back! Just like Flynn. You’ll see…

NOW PLEASE, can y’all FINALLY start celebrating with me?! I feel like I’m watching the storm all by myself. You knew how this would go. ;o)

Abe calls for closer ties with China

Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have meet several times in recent years, often on the sideline of global summits, but their territorial disputes over the East China Sea have strained ties [Xinhua]

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe used his opening speech at the start of Parliament’s regular session on Monday to call for closer ties with China.

He said he wants to work with China to boost infrastructure development in Asia, and refereed to Beijing’s One Belt, One Road initiative.

China’s One Belt, One Road initiative aims to create a modern Silk Road Economic Belt and a 21st Century Maritime Silk Road to boost trade and extend its global influence.

The ancient Silk Road connected China and Europe from around 100 B.C.

The 6,000-km road linked ancient Chinese, Indian, Babylonian, Arabic, Greek and Roman civilizations.

The two countries have sparred politically and mended fences in recent years.

The greatest contentious issue between the two countries has been China’s territorial claims to the South China Sea region.

China claims about 90 per cent of the South China Sea.

Abe’s policies, including increasing the defense budget, lifting a ban on arms exports, visiting a shrine that memorialises Japan’s war dead, along with convicted World War II criminals and reinterpreting the pacifist constitution to allow Japan to defend other countries, have sparked concern in China.

At the end of China’s war against Japanese aggression and World War II, China had recovered islands in the South China Sea that had been occupied by Japan during the war.

Each side has accused the other of flying military aircraft too close to its own jets in a long-running territorial dispute over a cluster of islets in the East China Sea.

But trade has prospered. China is Japan’s largest trading partner.

Japan’s exports to China rose 28.2 per cent year-on-year in February 2017, accelerating from a 3.1 percent gain in the previous month.

On Monday, Abe called the two countries “inseparable”.

He said he will continue to work toward developing ties with China.

The BRICS Post with inputs from Agencies

Benjamin Fulford 1-19-18… Three Short Posts about “Possible Super Bowl False Flag”, “What are they Preparing us for?”, and “Dr. Salla’s 1-17-18 Article”…

I’m only posting linked titles and a highlight or two from each, particularly Ben’s comment(s). (btw, it appears that in the last one, I am the “contributor”… (yay, Ben reads my emails!!))

False-flag event may be planned for Super Bowl and Haitian cholera epidemic

“G4S, a security firm that has a history of being accomplices in false flags such as the Pulse night club shooting in 2016, has been hired as the security firm for the stadium where the Minnesota Vikings play.

“There’s been chatter about cabal plots to incite violence between the Sunnis and Shiites within the coming months. If my theory is correct, then it is possible that a false flag is being plotted for 2/4 during the Super Bowl. The likely motive is to blame it on Muslims to get the U.S. involved in this planned conflict.”

What are they preparing us for?

[contributor note] ” The efforts to numb the minds of the people have increased dramatically. I can feel it happening to me so I know it must be happening to others.

[BF] “My understanding is that they have controlled us through fear since time immemorial, and they are losing that ability to control us so they keep trying, with limited success, to turn up the fear volume. It was because they feared losing control that they planned to kill 90% of the population. Fortunately for us, the military and agencies of the world refused to carry out this task and instead are now turning on the controllers.

There will be turbulence as they are removed from power, but rest assured, even if they pull off a few more Las Vegas-style incidents, they have lost the war.”

Exopolitics article may be of interest, plus the video “Missile attack was via a “renegade” China military sub”

[BF (in ref. to this Exopolitics post]

“There seems to be a great effort to kill the Israeli submarine version of this story, but if it was rogue Chinese, the Chinese know how to contact me and tell me this. My sources say Israeli submarine, so I’ll stick with that. Also, the only people on this planet who have been consistently trying to start World War 3 are the Armageddon-obsessed Zionist fanatics.”

YouAreFreeTV 1-20-18… “Q Announces #TENDARKDAYS: Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark!”

This is someone I have never watched before, but I found her information and “take” on things to be very refreshing. This #TENDARKDAYS thing is something I’ve heard of before, and apparently it started on the 1-20 and goes through the 1-29, followed by the 1-30-18 Trump State of the Union, which she is hash tagging as #JudgementDay. Hmmm. A lot going on in the background, she says. All things being done “in the dark” are leading up to the 30th.

Another hashtag floating around is #ReleasetheMemo. She points out that it can also be viewed as containing the name “Seth”, referring to Seth Rich (#releaSETHememo).

She also mentions “C60” which is apparently Buckminster Fullerene in olive or coconut oil. Someone else mentioned it to me. Here is an Amazon search link.


Published on Jan 20, 2018
With the government shutdown maneuver in play, Q team assures is Judgement Day is coming. Next week may be dark but it will be busy! Keep the Prayer Wave Strong 6pm worldwide! Q: Who is P? Will we have a new VP by Jan 30?

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Weekly Health Quiz: Tea, Cows and Sleep

1 All teas come from the same plant, an evergreen called Camellia sinensis, except for:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Herbal

    Black and green tea (as well as oolong, dark and white teas) come from the same plant, an evergreen called Camellia sinensis. Learn more.

  • Oolong

2 Grain feeding cows encourages the growth of E. coli in the animals’ gut because it:

  • Impairs their ability to get optimal deep sleep
  • Detrimentally changes their gut microbiome

    Grain feeding cows also encourages the growth of E. coli in the animals’ gut, as it leads to a more acidic environment. Learn more.

  • Decreases their heart rate variability
  • Causes insulin and leptin resistance

3 Athletes and those who exercise regularly should limit their intake of antioxidant supplements and time their consumption of them as far away from their exercise session as possible because:

  • Antioxidants can upset the digestive system when taken right before exercise
  • Antioxidants have been shown to impair the beneficial effects of free radical signaling generated by exercise

    While dietary supplements are generally safe, when and how you take them can make a difference both in terms of safety and effectiveness. Studies suggest taking antioxidants immediately prior to exercise impair the beneficial effects of free radical signaling generated by exercise. Learn more.

  • Antioxidants have been shown to inhibit your body’s ability to burn fat
  • For anti-inflammatory effects, antioxidants should be taken on an empty stomach, post-workout

4 How much sleep does the typical adult person need for optimal health and disease prevention?

  • 6 to 7 hours per night
  • 7 to 9 hours per night

    Research suggests most adults need about eight hours of sleep per night to maintain good health. Lack of sleep can increase your risk for accidents, weight gain and chronic diseases, and impair your memory. Learn more.

  • 9 to 10 hours per night
  • No ideal amount of sleep has ever been identified scientifically

5 How long should you do strict ketosis before adding healthy carbohydrates back into your diet a few days a week?

  • Once your blood sugar is below 80 mg/dl
  • Three months
  • When you feel better
  • After your body starts producing ketones

    Cyclical nutritional ketosis is recommended, as long-term uninterrupted nutritional ketosis can trigger a paradoxical rise in blood sugar by driving your insulin level too low. Learn more.

6 Which of the following materials or substrates will prevent you from grounding to the Earth and taking advantage of the health benefits associated with earthing?

  • Sealed concrete and/or shoes with synthetic soles

    Grounding or earthing is defined as placing one’s bare feet on the ground, whether it be dirt, grass, sand or unsealed, unpainted concrete. When grounding is restored, many people report significant improvement in a wide range of ailments. Learn more.

  • Dewy grass and/or leather-soled shoes
  • Tiles and concrete
  • Bare soil and/or sandy beach

7 Which of the following colors of light is most indicated for the treatment of sunburn, an accidental burn or post-surgical wound?

  • Indigo

    You can use colored light therapy either by shining light through a colored filter or by wearing colored glasses. Indigo and blue are used for “hot” conditions such as burns, inflammation and wounds; lemon, yellow and red are staples for chronic conditions. Learn more.

  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow

Use Coconut Oil Daily

30 Tips in 30 Days Designed to Help You Take Control of Your

This article is part of the 30 Day Resolution Guide series. Each day a new tip will be added designed to help you take control of your health. For a complete list of the tips click HERE

By Dr. Mercola

Despite the fact that more than 2,000 studies1 have been performed on coconut oil, demonstrating a wide range of benefits, it continues to be wrongfully vilified to this day, mainly because 90 percent of its fat content is saturated fat. However, saturated fats, and most particularly coconut oil, are an important part of the human diet. If you have bought into the media hype that saturated fats are unhealthy and will raise your risk of heart disease, it may be time to reconsider your position.

Coconut products, particularly coconut oil, have been used by certain populations around the world for millennia, and in places where coconut oil is consumed as part of the standard diet, people seem to thrive. Take the Polynesian populations of Pukapuka and Tokelau, for example, whose diets tend to be high in coconut and other saturated fats and low in cholesterol and sugar.

Here, researchers found that “vascular disease is uncommon in both populations and there is no evidence of the high saturated-fat intake having a harmful effect.”2

Another study3 focused on the Kitava in Papua New Guinea. Besides eating a lot of fish, fruit and tubers, coconut is also a prominent staple. None of the indigenous people in this study reported stroke, sudden death, chest pain or discomfort due to coronary heart disease (CHD).

In fact, the researchers concluded that stroke and CHD appeared to be absent in this population. Aside from its internal health benefits, coconut oil also has countless other uses. You can rely on it for topical beauty applications, for example, thereby avoiding any number of hazardous chemicals.

How Coconut Oil Can Benefit Your Health and Well-Being

Nutritionally speaking, the healthy fats found in coconut oil lend can have significant effects on your well-being. Research has shown it can: 

Support healthy thyroid function. Unlike soy oil and other vegetable oils, coconut oil does not interfere with thyroid function. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation that may lead to hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.4

Promote heart health. Animal and human studies have found that heart disease risk factors such as total, LDL and HDL cholesterol levels are improved by taking coconut oil. In particular, coconut oil’s saturated fats may increase “good” HDL cholesterol, while also helping convert “bad” LDL cholesterol into a less harmful form.5

Promote healthy brain function. Researchers found that ketones may work as an alternative energy source for malfunctioning brain cells, which has been found to reduce symptoms in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.6

Boost immune function. The lauric acid, antimicrobial lipids, capric acid and caprylic acid that coconut oil contains are known for their antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.7 Regularly using it may help prevent colds/flu, and alleviate illnesses like hepatitis C, herpes and the Epstein-Barr virus.8

Boost energy. The medium-chain fatty acids (MCTs) in coconut oil are immediately digested and converted into energy by your liver.

Support healthy metabolism.

Aid weight loss. Coconut oil provides an excellent fuel for your body and stimulates your metabolism to help you shed excess body fat.

Aid digestion. Coconut oil is easy on your digestive system and will not produce an insulin spike in your bloodstream. The MCTs can also be absorbed easily in your digestive tract, compared to longer chain fatty acids found in polyunsaturated vegetable oils.

Control Crohn’s disease. Recent research shows healthy plant-derived fats such as coconut oil can bring about positive changes in your gut bacteria, decreasing the symptoms of Crohn’s disease, an often debilitating condition.

Maintain healthy, youthful looking skin. Applying coconut oil topically benefits your skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as the oil keeps your connective tissues strong and supple. Limited evidence also suggests it may boost collagen production,9 although the mechanism of action is unknown.

Control candida. A study published in mSphere found that mice given coconut oil had a tenfold drop in the colonization of Candida albicans yeast in their gut, compared to mice given soybean oil or beef tallow.10

Promote oral health. One study found that massaging coconut oil on your gums for 10 minutes a day for three weeks significantly reduces plaque and decay-causing Streptococcus mutans.11

Use Coconut Oil for Cooking

Coconut oil is an excellent choice for cooking, as it can resist heat-induced damage. This way, you’re not consuming damaged, oxidized oils. Processed vegetable oils, on the other hand, such as soybean, corn, cottonseed and canola oil, produce oxidized cholesterol when heated, which increases thromboxane formation — a factor that clots your blood, as well as two toxins: cyclic aldehydes and acrylamide.

It’s beyond unfortunate that the American Heart Association (AHA) decided to slow down much-needed progress by sending out its international presidential advisory12 warning against the use of coconut oil and butter, reiterating its old recommendation to use polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) such as margarine and vegetable oil instead. Overall, the AHA still recommends limiting your daily saturated fat intake to 6 percent of daily calories or less, which is far below what your body needs for optimal health.13

This advisory, sent out in June last year, was sharply criticized by many health experts, and for good reason. For starters, the studies on which the advisory was based all date from the 1960s and early 1970s — the eras when the low-fat myth was born and grew to take hold. Many studies since then have demolished and refuted the science the AHA still clings to, but none of them were included.

According to Dr. Cate Shanahan,14 a family physician and author of “Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food,” the AHA’s message “is not only false, it is dangerous,” noting that the AHA is actually making false claims since none of the studies included in their analysis involved coconut oil specifically.

It’s also worth noting that most of the early studies on coconut oil that found less than favorable results used partially hydrogenated coconut oil, not unrefined virgin coconut oil.15 Hydrogenated oil is not the same as unrefined oil, even when you’re talking about something as healthy as coconut. This little detail is what led to the undeserved vilification of coconut oil in the first place.

>>>>> Click Here <<<<<

Why Vegetable Oils Are a Hazardous Choice

Modern research is just now starting to reveal what actually happens at the molecular level when you consume vegetable oil and margarine, and it’s clear that these fats are not doing your heart any favors. For example, Sanjoy Ghosh,16 a biologist at the University of British Columbia, has shown your mitochondria cannot easily use PUFAs for fuel due to the fats’ unique molecular structure. Other researchers have shown the PUFA linoleic acid can cause cell death in addition to hindering mitochondrial function.17

PUFAs are also not readily stored in subcutaneous fat. Instead, they tend to get deposited in your liver, where they contribute to fatty liver disease, and in your arteries, where they contribute to atherosclerosis. According to Frances Sladek,18 Ph.D., a toxicologist and professor of cell biology at UC Riverside, PUFAs behave like a toxin that builds up in tissues because your body cannot easily rid itself of them. When vegetable oils like sunflower oil and corn oil are heated, cancer-causing chemicals like aldehydes are also produced.19

So, in summary, if your aim is better heart health, ignore the AHA’s ignorant and prejudiced advice on dietary fats and cooking oils. It’ll lead you in the complete opposite direction. While the AHA claims replacing saturated fats with PUFAs will cut your risk of heart disease, CHD rates have not improved in the decades that people have followed its recommendations on fat intake. Common sense tells us if the AHA’s advice hasn’t worked in the last 65 years, it’s not likely to start working now.

Medium-Chain Triglycerides and Their Health Benefits

Ninety percent of the fat in coconut oil is saturated and about two-thirds of the fats are medium-chain fats, also referred to as MCTs. MCTs get their name from their chemical structure, and can be divided into four groups based on their carbon length:

  • 6 carbons (C6), caproic acid
  • 8 carbons (C8), caprylic acid
  • 10 carbons (C10), capric acid
  • 12 carbons (C12), lauric acid

Clinical uses of MCT oil (typically a combination of C8 and C10, which increase ketone levels far more effectively than the others) include:20

  • Appetite reduction and weight loss21,22
  • Improved cognitive and neurological function with possible implications in neurodegenerative diseases
  • Increased energy levels and improved athletic performance
  • Improved mitochondrial function and subsequent reduced risk for diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and autoimmune diseases
  • As part of a specialized dietary therapy for the treatment of epilepsy23
  • Prevention of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease24

As a general rule, the shorter the carbon chain, the more efficiently the MCT is converted into ketones, which are an excellent mitochondrial fuel. Ketones can even pass the blood-brain barrier to supply your brain with energy. They’re a far preferable fuel than glucose, as they produce fewer reactive oxygen species and secondary free radicals when burned. Ketones also help suppress the hunger hormone ghrelin, and as your ketone level rises, CCK, a satiety hormone, is activated. As a result, food cravings and hunger pangs vanish, which will go a long way toward avoiding unnecessary snacking. MCTs also:

  • Have a thermogenic effect, which has a positive effect on your metabolism
  • Are helpful for ridding your gut of harmful microorganisms like pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites
  • Have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

MCT Oil — Another Healthy Alternative

Coconut oil provides a mix of all of these MCTs, but the longer chained C12 (lauric acid) makes up over 40 percent of it. (The exception is fractionated coconut oil, which contains primarily C8 and C10.25) Lauric acid is most well-known for its antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Since it’s a longer chained molecule, it does not increase ketone levels to any significant degree.

While coconut oil provides a range of MCTs, for clinical uses such as those listed above, a more concentrated and potent MCT oil is recommended. Most commercial brands of MCT oil contain a 50/50 combination of C8 and C10. My personal preference is straight C8 (caprylic acid), as it converts to ketones the fastest. It also tends to be easier on your digestion.

Concentrated MCT oil and/or coconut oil can both be consumed daily, but start with a small amount. Taking high doses of MCT oil before you develop tolerance can cause loose stools and gastrointestinal side effects. I recommend taking no more than 1 teaspoon of MCT oil to start. Have it at the same time as another fat, such as a handful of nuts, with ghee in your coffee, or as one of the oils in your salad dressing. Once your tolerance increases, you can slowly increase to as much as 4 tablespoons of MCT oil or coconut oil per day.

If you stop taking it for a while and then restart, begin with a small amount again to allow your digestive system to readjust. That said, MCT oil is often more easily digested by those struggling to digest other types of fat, such as those with malabsorption, leaky gut, Crohn’s disease or gallbladder impairment (such as an infection or if you had your gallbladder removed).

Upgrade Your Coffee Creamer

Many people who drink coffee do so with all kinds of additives, often referred to just as “cream and sugar”. Non-dairy creamer can scarcely be called “cream” at all and is more aptly described as a synthetic combination of chemicals, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors. Give your coffee an upgrade by adding some grass fed butter, MCT oil or C8 to it. You can also make this brain-boosting high-performance beverage found on the Bulletproof blog:26


  1. Brew 1 cup (8 to 12 ounces) of coffee using filtered water with 2 1/2 heaping tablespoons of freshly ground organic coffee beans. A French press will help preserve beneficial oils in the coffee that would otherwise be filtered out.
  2. Add anywhere from 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons of C8 MCT oil. Alternatively, you could use organic coconut oil.
  3. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of grass fed, unsalted butter or grass fed ghee.
  4. Mix the ingredients in a blender for 20 to 30 seconds until it looks like a foamy latte.

Explore the Many Uses for Coconut Oil

Keeping a jar of organic coconut oil on hand could save you a lot of money since it replaces a wide variety of other products, both in the kitchen and elsewhere. As mentioned, coconut oil is not only a beneficial food. It can also replace a number of pricy and potentially hazardous personal care products, including moisturizers, hair masks, shaving lotion, cleansers and makeup removers, body scrub, toothpaste and much more. For inspiration, see “Countless Uses for Coconut Oil — The Simple, the Strange and the Downright Odd.”

If you’ve been fooled into going on a low-fat diet, or follow advice that recommends vegetable oils over coconut oil or butter, please look at the evidence and reconsider your options. Saturated fats will not make you pack on pounds; nor will it raise your risk for heart disease. On the contrary, saturated fat, such as that found in coconut oil, offers many health benefits, including improved heart health. If you don’t believe it, try it out for yourself.

Swap all of those margarine spreads and processed vegetable oils you’re using for coconut oil. After about three months or so, recheck your blood levels and compare your results. Chances are, you’ll find yourself in a lower risk category for heart disease than you were before, even if your total cholesterol (which says nothing about your heart disease risk) happens to go up. A simple way to get more coconut oil into your diet is to add it to your coffee or smoothie in the morning.