Legal analysis tears apart court that dismissed election lawsuit in Arizona despite obvious corruption

Image: Legal analysis tears apart court that dismissed election lawsuit in Arizona despite obvious corruption

(Natural News) A legal expert has slammed an Arizona court’s decision to toss out a lawsuit challenging the manner in which the November election was conducted in the state, while going on to praise a challenge filed by GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

Tom Renz, an Ohio-based attorney and civic commentator, blasted the Arizona court’s decision to toss out a suit filed by Mark Finchem, a Republican who ran for Arizona secretary of state, describing the reasons for the dismissal as absurd, especially in the face of what he believes is obvious corruption.

“What I did not expect to find was corruption on a level that seemed to verify the outrage many people expressed after 2020. If the corruption of 2020 was as bad as the 2022 Arizona election people should have been outraged. Further, if the courts did anything similar to what was done with the Finchem dismissal it is not a surprise that people were claiming that there are issues with the courts,” Renz noted in his assessment of the court’s decision.

“As for the case, the dismissal was, or should have been, an absolute embarrassment for this judge to publish and frankly ought to be appealed to prevent a miscarriage of justice. I would need to write a book to cover all the mistakes in this ruling,” he noted further.

Renz said that in his interpretation of the judge’s ruling, the court appears to suggest that “Finchem’s team must prove fraud in their pleadings to move past a motion to dismiss,” which he called “absolutely absurd,” citing Arizona’s own Rules of Civil Procedure. What’s more, he notes that the court’s dismissal relied on old Arizona statutes that were rendered moot in 2020 when the state legislature passed several election reform measures.


“The cases the Judge cited were published in 1986 and 1929. When a law is passed subsequent to a case ruling like those, it overturns those rulings if they are in dispute,” he noted.

Furthermore, Renz noted that all evidence presented in a complaint must be considered true “if well-pled,” and it appeared as though the Arizona court did not see the complaint in that way.

“The Court apparently also has no issues with possible violation of campaign finance laws as well as what could constitute a RICO and conspiracy charge by an elected official using their office to push or collude with a private company to block advertising by a political opponent in a race she was running in,” he wrote, adding:

I will not pain you with the absolute garbage the Court attempts to use to explain away what I simply cannot fathom being anything but misconduct. Throughout there is continued reference to the standards laid out in the previously mentioned cases that were overruled by statute but why let the law get in the way of the desired outcome. In each of these absurd decisions about the application of the facts alleged to the law regarding misconduct (which should not have occurred until trial – AFTER discovery) the Court applies the wrong legal standard. The proper standard according to the statute is “misconduct” not “gross misconduct.” 

“What happened in Arizona and particularly in Maricopa County during the 2022 election was indisputably unacceptable. The real question is, was it intentional and/or did it rise to the level of misconduct or violate some other aspect of the law,” Renz noted as he began to wrap up his assessment.

“The legislature has spoken and did not require fraud be proven in a complaint for a case to move forward. The rules of civil procedure, applicable case law, and common sense all dictate that this case should have moved ahead,” he added.

“Frankly, if the people alleged to have done wrong in this case truly did not do anything nefarious then I would think they would want a full and transparent investigation of what occurred by in independent court so they could demonstrate once and for all that the “election deniers” are crazy… unless they do have something to hide,” he said.

It should also be noted that a separate Arizona court has accepted GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s lawsuit, and it will now move to trial, so there is an excellent chance the corrupt election practices in that state will be exposed.

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Speech police at woke Stanford cancel words like 'American' and 'man,' claim they constitute 'harmful language'

Image: Speech police at woke Stanford cancel words like ‘American’ and ‘man,’ claim they constitute ‘harmful language’

(Natural News) The far-left world of academia, long taken over by Communists and Marxists hell-bent on destroying the freest society in the world, is continuing its attack on every aspect of our country, especially our language.

The latest example of the left’s cultural destruction is occurring at woke Stanford University, where a new ‘speech guide’ has removed words like “American” and “man” over the ridiculous claim that they constitute “harmful language.”

The Epoch Times noted in a report:

The university created an index of forbidden words that it plans on eliminating from its websites and computer code, with a list of alternative terms to replace them with.

Stanford published in May what it calls its “Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative,” (EHLI) a “multi-phase, multi-year project to address harmful language in IT at Stanford,” according to the guide revealed by The Wall Street Journal

The attempted changes to the English language are part of a decades-long campaign by far-left groups to impose Marxist “critical theory” on the whole of society, resulting in the “woke” movement.

By any measure, the culture warriors are winning — and what’s more, they have no plans to take their feet off the gas pedal.

“EHLI is one of the actions prioritized in the Statement of Solidarity and Commitment to Action, which was published by the Stanford CIO Council (CIOC) and People of Color in Technology (POC-IT) affinity group in December 2020,” the guide says without a shred of irony, noting that any group designed by skin color is, in and of itself, patently racist.


The overarching stated objective of the EHLI project is to deep six “many forms of harmful language,” such as “racist, violent, and biased (e.g., disability bias, ethnic bias, ethnic slurs, gender bias, implicit bias, sexual bias) language in Stanford websites and code” (again, not a single hint of irony here).

The university website explained that the purpose of the guide was, ostensibly, to ‘educate’ people on the alleged impact of words and that the “suggested alternatives” aligned with those implemented by “peer institutions within the technology community.”

See, it’s not important to train and educate people in the field of technology if they have no idea how to use the ‘proper pronouns’ or shun ‘words that hurt.’

“According to the university, EHLI is part of a ‘multi-phase’ project compiled by Stanford’s IT leaders, which took ’18 months of collaboration with stakeholder groups’ to complete,” The Epoch Times reported.

Translation: Collaboration with anti-white, left-wing groups.

Unbelievably, the index’s preface contains this ‘warning’ for users: “This website contains language that is offensive or harmful. Please engage with this website at your own pace.”

The guide goes on to invent terms as well as a reason for people to be ‘offended’.

“Ableist language is language that is offensive to people who live with disabilities and/or devalues people who live with disabilities. The unintentional use of such terms furthers the belief that people who live with disabilities are abnormal,” the guide says.

In addition, and of course, students and Stanford U staffers are strongly advised to downplay their own nationality by shunning the word “American,” instead being advised to use the term “U.S. citizen,” lest it be ‘insulting’ to people at the school who are not Americans. The guide says there are 42 countries in the Americas and that ‘American’ only applies to citizens of the United States, thereby suggesting that citizens of those other countries are somehow less valuable.

The guide says not to use the word “abort” because it may ‘trigger’ concerns about “abortion.” The guide advises people to use “cancel” or “end” instead (how about ‘baby murder’?).

Naturally the guide also addresses allegedly racially offensive terminology, advising people to shun old common phrases like “black hat,” “black mark,” and “black sheep” because of “negative connotations to the color black.”

Mind you, these people are not crazy in the normal sense; this is all about destroying our culture because they hate America for some reason.

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Fan of Tom Brady who lost life savings following football star into FTX scam sues him for recompense

Image: Fan of Tom Brady who lost life savings following football star into FTX scam sues him for recompense

(Natural News) A New England Patriots fan who used to love Tom Brady is suing the self-proclaimed Christian football star for scamming him into investing his life savings into FTX.

Michael Livieratos says he decided to go the FTX route after seeing Brady in commercials endorsing the cryptocurrency. In one of them – watch below – Brady was seen stating that “FTX is the safest and easiest way to buy and sell crypto.”

Updated Tom Brady / FTX commercial

— Freezing Cold Finance Takes (@FreezingFinTake) November 24, 2022

Brady also appeared alongside Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the disgraced ringleader of the FTX Ponzi scheme, in a video Brady posted to his social media accounts. Brady and SBF were at an FTX “Crypto Bahamas Conference” at the time:

Here’s that video of Tom Brady and the FTX guy Sam whatever his name is ..?

— SCOTTE (@ScotteSwz) December 13, 2022

Brady has yet to at least apologize for his involvement in the FTX scam, let alone provide any kind of explanation or even an excuse as to why he was buddy-buddy with SBF at the FTX conference in the Bahamas. (Related: At the height of covid, Brady was also approached by the federal government here in the United States to participate in its aggressive covid “vaccine” propaganda campaigns.)

“As a New England Patriots fan my entire life, you can imagine the influence that Tom Brady would have,” Livieratos said.

The lawsuit alleges that Brady and FTX front man Kevin O’Leary, who co-hosts Shark Tank, “promoted, assisted in, and actively participated in” FTX’s “offer and sale of unregistered securities.”

“Literally overnight,” Livieratos lost $30,000 as “FTX imploded” and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. He says Brady and O’Leary are to blame because they perpetuated “misrepresentations and omissions” while “aggressively marketing” the scam using “deceptive” tactics.


Gisele Bündchen, Brady’s wife who is currently divorcing him, was also seen in FTX advertising. We are told that she and Brady purchased equity stakes in the now-defunct company.

Are you going to put your faith in action by doing the right thing, Brady? Or are you just another grifting phony?

As someone who claims to be a Christian, Brady has a whole lot of explaining to do. Chances are, though, he will just slither away and never address the elephant in the room, regardless of his alleged culpability – and this is certainly not going unnoticed by his former fans.

Other celebrities have a lot of explaining to do, too, including Shaquille O’Neal who back in June appeared in an FTX commercial saying: “I’m all in. Are you?”

Larry David, David Ortiz, and Steph Curry are among the many other celebrity endorsers of FTX who have all eyes pointed on them. These guys are all filthy rich as it is, and their participation in the FTX scam further enriched themselves while bilking folks like Livieratos, allegedly, out of their life savings.

“This is what you get for worshipping false idols and idiots who play with balls,” wrote a commenter about the situation.

“The end game for crypto is, POOF!!” wrote another about how we are likely to see a whole lot more of this as the crypto scam unravels.

“What do you expect from virtual money?” wrote another. “Virtual means it does not really exist.”

Many others tried their best to coldly condemn Livieratos while defending Brady, presumably because Brady’s political and religious leanings match theirs. This prominent “moral” figure’s corrupt bedfellows and allegedly illicit profit schemes are apparently not a concern to these folks because he happens to be on their team.

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Massive migrant INVASION of the United States just days away as Dems collude to overrun the USA with millions of illegals

Image: Massive migrant INVASION of the United States just days away as Dems collude to overrun the USA with millions of illegals

(Natural News) In their latest racist effort to destroy America and displace the American people, Democrats are set to welcome a massive wave of illegal immigration as soon as Title 42 is revoked. Chief Justice Roberts granted a temporary injunction against the measure being taken down, but that’s unlikely to hold for long. As soon as Title 42 is brought down — it was the Trump-era ruling that allowed the USA to turn away illegals by the millions — an invasion wave of illegals will pour across the border and flood America’s cities and towns like never before.

By some estimates, over 14,000 illegals will surge across the border each day, with over five million over the next year. This has been the Democrat plan all along. Dems are racist anti-Americans who despise American citizens while favoring illegals.

“Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on Sunday predicted there would be “total chaos” at the border if the controversial immigration policy Title 42 is lifted on Wednesday as planned,” reports

“If the courts do not intervene and put a halt to the removal of Title 42, it’s going to be total chaos,” he told ABC’s “This Week” co-anchor Martha Raddatz.

Meanwhile, the mayor of El Paso, Texas, has declared a state of emergency over the anticipated flood of illegals. As The New American reports:

Mayor Oscar Leeser, a Democrat, declared a state of emergency on Saturday, citing the hundreds of illegal immigrants sleeping on the streets in cold temperatures and the thousands being apprehended every day.


Leeser’s announcement comes days from the December 21 expiration of the Title 42 immigration rules, which is expected to increase the flow of illegal crossings that amount to nothing less than an unprecedented invasion of the U.S. southern border.

The mayor’s declaration only highlights the severity of the invasion of illegal immigrants as El Paso, a Democratic stronghold, has had a long history of welcoming illegal immigrants, until now. The city was forced to act with tens of thousands of illegals crossing the border in recent months, and the expected surge of crossings when the Covid-era border restrictions of Title 42 end this week.

New York City and Denver call for urgent assistance in anticipation of human wave of illegals

New York City is also sounding the alarm over the anticipated flood of illegals, even as New York isn’t a border state. Via

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, said Sunday that the looming expiration of Title 42 could force the city to slash public services to deal with a surge in illegal aliens.

“Our shelter system is full, and we are nearly out of money, staff, and space. Truth be told, if corrective measures are not taken soon, we may very well be forced to cut or curtail programs New Yorkers rely on, and the pathway to house thousands more is uncertain,” Adams said in a statement.

Denver, meanwhile, declared an emergency last week. Via TET:

Denver mayor Michael Hancock, a Democrat, announced the emergency as several hundred illegal aliens, mostly from Central and South America, arrived in the state over the course of just several days preceding his declaration.

“Let me be frank: This influx of migrants, the unanticipated nature of their arrival, and our current space and staffing challenges have put an immense strain on city resources to the level where they’re on the verge of reaching a breaking point at this time,” Hancock said at a news conference on Thursday.

Note that Hancock is panicking over just a few hundred illegals arriving at his city. States like Texas are dealing with millions, even as Democrats continue to demand wide open borders by opposing border walls and any commonsense restrictions on illegal immigration.

Americans being booted out of homeless shelters to make way for precious illegals

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that American citizens are being displaced from homeless shelters by the wave of illegals that’s already under way… even before Title 42 is brought down:

As federal immigration authorities continue to release migrants by the thousands, El Paso officials and local charities are near a breaking point in the sprawling border city.

Large groups of migrants, including a large contingent of Nicaraguans who crossed the border on Sunday, have been streaming across the Rio Grande in recent days. U.S. Border Patrol facilities housed more than 5,000 people on Wednesday and roughly 1,700 migrants were released, according to data from the City of El Paso.

Mr. Martin said the Opportunity Center’s five shelters traditionally focus on the city’s local homeless population but since August have routinely housed migrants released in the city. On Wednesday, the group’s Welcome Center housed about 129 people, nearly all of whom were migrants.

Americans are also losing out on living space due to the fact that landlords can charge a lot more to “pack and stack” multiple illegals into the same apartment, charging them each for rent. As reports:

Most of the migrants are single men, who are eager to take low-wage jobs, share crowded apartments, and compliantly accept abuse from employers. They migrate because U.S. jobs — many of which arebpaid in tax-free cash — pay far more money than they could earn at home and allow them to quickly pay smuggling debts and send money back to their families.

Landlords have responded to the Biden inflow by evicting many single-income American families to make room for larger groups of bunk-sharing migrants that can pay higher rents from multiple jobs. This resulting rise in rents provides an easy guide to the growing cost of migration that is being imposed on Americans, just as rising gas prices tend to display the impact of inflation on Americans.

Americans are about to be hit with an invasion wave, food inflation, power grid blackouts and freezing weather all at once

The migrant invasion wave isn’t the only thing impacting Americans right now. There’s also food inflation, the risk of power grid blackouts and the coming freeze wave that will plunge more than half the country into sub-freezing temperatures through Christmas.


Just as food inflation and scarcity hits the American people, in other words, there will be no spare capacity at homeless shelters and food banks, due largely to the invasion wave of illegals.

Importantly, most of these illegals are fleeing failed socialist nations run by the same sort of leftists who are destroying America. Democrats hope they can eventually grant them all amnesty to turn them into Democrat voters and reliable welfare state recipients who will demand government assistance generation after generation. Put another way, Democrats are using illegal immigration as a political recruitment tool at the expense of the American people (who are being thrown under the bus, as usual).

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– Kari Lake wins right to have voter fraud case heard in court
– Title 42 about to end, Justice Roberts grants temporary pause on takedown
– Once ended, 14,000 illegals PER DAY will flood into the USA
– El Paso declares emergency, Denver and NYC panic over expected invasion
– Americans being displaced at homeless shelters by illegals
– Americans being evicted from apartments, replaced by illegals packed in
– Facebook censorship ops run by CIA, FBI, NSA and DHS
– Ron Paul calls to abolish the FBI
– #FDA confirms “signal” of cardiovascular clots caused by covid #vaccines
– Vaxxed people keep dropping dead in India
– Vaxxed football players are suffering injuries at a shocking pace
– NY Times publishes giant swastika to confirm Nazis are still in charge
– Operation Paperclip and the Fourth Reich run US institutions
– New Zealand orders family members, neighbors and friends to TURN IN dissenters
– Anyone who disagrees with the government is labeled a terrorist
– WHO claims anti-vaxxers are mass murderers
– Bloomberg headline calls for domestic terrorism in the name of eco-activism
– Features professor calling for activists to blow up pipelines and burn all cars, trucks and trains
– Corporate media goes all-in with eco-fascist terrorism and property destruction





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Television Presenter Mark Steyn Suffers Two Heart Attacks and Narrowly Survives 

A friend to the vaccine-injured, and champion of British citizens who often feel voiceless, the intrepid Mark Steyn, of the Mark Steyn Show on Great Britain News Channel, and has suffered two heart attacks. Thankfully he survived both, but the danger was grave.

Mark Steyn has been an important voice throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. He has relentlessly supported the devastated families of those who died from the experimental mRNA injection program.

Steyn has stood courageously against smears, libel, and a barrage of character aspersions.

We send heartfelt prayers for Mark Steyn’s complete recovery and ask our community to join as well in sending him our best wishes and prayers for his speedy recovery.

If you have not watched Mr. Steyn yet, then I encourage you to do so. 

Great Britain News Channel reported:

Mark Steyn speaks out on suffering two heart attacks as GB News host reveals he was 15 minutes from death. GB News’ Mark Steyn has spoken out on his recovery from Two heart attacks. The GB News host suffered the first one “without recognizing” the symptoms, before hosting his show on The Peoples Channel Speaking on his current absence from GB News, Steyn said: “I’m too medicated to manage artful evasions. “I had two heart attacks. Because I didn’t recognize the first one, as such, the second one was rather more severe.”

Speaking on SteynOnline, he said: “The good news is that the first one occurred when I was in London… By not recognizing it as a heart attack, I deftly avoided being one of those stories we feature on the show every couple of nights about people in the UK calling emergency and being left in the street for 15 hours before an ambulance shows up. I had a second heart attack in France. With Audrey helping me in the ambulance, she told me I was 15 minutes from death.”

The presenter also revealed he would remain in France over Christmas and New Year as he is unable to leave medical care.

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