Is it time for government to regulate internet giants to prevent thought monopolies?

(Natural News) Calls are increasing for Big Social platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter to be regulated like public utilities given their immense influence over what people see, read, hear and ultimately think, as well as how they spend their money. This online dominance has similarly brought forth the related issue of monopolistic control. A monopoly does not constitute…

Female porn star commits suicide after being bullied for refusing to work with gay men who engage in risky anal intercourse

(Natural News) An “adult entertainment” actress from California allegedly killed herself recently after sustaining a barrage of bullying and hate speech from online “social justice warriors” (SJWs) who were outraged over the fact that she had chosen to protect her body from potential disease by not interacting with high-risk homosexual porn stars. “August Ames,” whose…

5 Year Anniversary

Good afternoon to you all! It’s turned chilly in Knoxville, getting down to 27F (-3C) at night. No snow but the rooftops got frosty.

5 years ago today I got an email from an unknown lawyer working quietly to unravel the labyrinth of the banking systems, that started out this wild strange adventure across 3 continents.

It’s been 5 years of intensive learning, growth, startling encounters with human and galactic behaviors, and fantastic true marvels of life and existence.

What have I learned?

1. Be yourself. Not everyone will like you, but don’t take it too personal.

Everyone has their baggage as they clear the 3D garbage from their lives.

Some will see you as not spiritual enough, or even worse a guru.

Some who may seek to harm may later be a great ally. Resist the urge to respond in kind. You may just run into them again.

Be grateful to the ones that come to you privately about their perceptions. Forgive those who’d rather tell everyone but you about you.

Be wary of those that try to tell you who your true friends are. You already know.

Friends are there thick or thin and are still your friends even when not in your presence for extended periods of time.

People get angry or sad, and they may not be fun to be around, but it may be something totally unrelated to you. It could just be the fricking river of energy flowing through them that makes their hair feel on fire… This planet and them are shifting very rapidly. Friends allow. Agendas propagators wedge. In the end all is seen for what it is.

2. See the Original ALL in all. Personalities can clash, and will, nobody has the same perspectives, history, experiences, ways or ways of expressing themselves. Some are orators, some use a pen, some fumble over their tongues but write poetry with their heart. Some express themselves quietly through hugs and touch. None are the same. Love abides and sees you and ALL through always. The All is hugely diverse… but All need love.

3. Loosen your grip on beliefs, and if you can’t quite do that… then look at them as strongly held ideas for which you have not yet found suitable replacements. Be ready to shed them when new ideas, evidence and situations are brought to heart.

Don’t even try to mix old religious frameworks or new age adoration of “higher beings” into what arrives now, it’ll just slow you down. No religion has it right, they were all created as containers of limitation, to restrict consciousness. Nothing wrong with science but it has its own “soft power” peer pressure ways of policing what is accepted thought, that are very similar to religion by appeal to “authorities”.

What was true in science today may not be quite so true tomorrow as all the “constants” of physics shift to facilitate a new existence. Everything begins anew.

4. Trust your heart! Always. Always. Always. Trust your heart when friends abound and when friends wane. Trust your heart when police, judge or family attempt to intimidate and subjugate. Everything is accessible via your heart and you will find more answers there than you ever will in your pineal.

5. Cease using the duality language of light vs dark. It’s all love and awareness and sometimes of awareness not yet delivered or accepted. You have to accept and open the package to see what is inside. You are not the FedEx of awakening. Source does that and it comes in a way tailored perfectly for each being. Allow that others have a different journey and whole different surprise package.

Polarity is a mutually co-arising system and every system of polarity depends on it opposite.

Duality is just a frayed and worn chord of Oneness.

Unity oneness reconciliation is only possible with love.

I love you all! I always will! Forever.


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I can’t let this Deadline go by without telling you.

Who is Paul Stramer
From Paul Stramer

This is just too good not to tell you. 

I need to update everyone that wants to support Anna’s work about what has happened in the last two months.

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That compensation plan (See it here) is a well structured network that has already generated $1000 just on my level, out of which I have already sent $250 to Anna, which is 25%. In the future as this grows big enough to handle all our advertising expenses, I will be sending Anna up to 50% each payday.

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The idea is to give a business opportunity to people who really need it and who think like we do, while spreading Anna’s words around the world in a huge way, and do it by using the most stable form of money in history, precious metals.

In any case, the comments section is turned on at the bottom of this article, and I hope you use it.

This is just an idea that seems to be working. Tell us what you think. Let me try to answer your questions.


Paul Stramer,  webmaster for Anna Von Reitz,  406 889 3183