Hate Speech vs. Free Speech: A Critical Analysis by Constitutional Law Expert Sujit Choudhry

(Sujit Choudhry) Since its inception as America’s founding political document, there have been 27 amendments to the United States Constitution. Even the most adept scholars can rarely name and define each one. Many amendments are obscure and deal with legal nuances like changes in representation and how to handle US citizens who come into a foreign title of nobility. While these constitutional adjustments rarely get public attention, the First Amendment continues to spark controversy across a wide swath of the US population. What is free speech? What does the Constitution protect? What is the difference between hate speech and free speech? With the recent attention on the safe space movement on college campuses, it’s increasingly important to understand the legal parameters of the First Amendment.
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New Documents From Wikileaks Expose How The CIA Exploits Wireless Devices

In the latest ongoing WikiLeaks whistleblowing scandal, the website has published documents from the CIA’s CherryBlossom project, exposing agency’s exploitation of Wi-Fi device security vulnerabilities. Released on Thursday, the new batch of CIA classified documents comes from the Vault 7 project.

In a press release, WikiLeaks said: “Today, June 15th 2017, WikiLeaks publishes documents from the CherryBlossom project of the CIA that was developed and implemented with the help of the US nonprofit Stanford Research Institute (SRI International).”

CherryBlossom monitors the Internet activity of, and performs software exploits on, targets of interest. According to the press release:

In particular, CherryBlossom is focused on compromising wireless networking devices, such as wireless routers and access points (APs), to achieve these goals. Such Wi-Fi devices are commonly used as part of the Internet infrastructure in private homes, public spaces (bars, hotels or airports), small and medium sized companies as well as enterprise offices. Therefore these devices are the ideal spot for “Man-In-The-Middle” attacks, as they can easily monitor, control and manipulate the Internet traffic of connected users.

The devices work by compromising the data stream between the user and Internet services. The end result is control and manipulation of  router user traffic.

According to WikiLeaks, CherryBlossom has been infecting Wi-Fi routers of D-Link, Belkin, and Linskys companies for years.

To implant the customized CherryBlossom firmware on a wireless device, no physical access is required, making the operation dangerously stealthy. This is because some devices allow their firmware to be upgraded over a wireless link.

The new firmware on the device can be used to ignite the router into a “FlyTrap,” which can scan for “email addresses, chat usernames, MAC addresses and VoIP numbers” in passing network traffic.

WikiLeaks has been releasing documents of the Vault 7 since March 7, its first full part revealing 8,761 documents. The most recent release prior to CherryBlossom occurred on June 1, and involved the “Pandemic” spyware.

The Mother Of All UFOs? Part-2

(Nick Redfern) Part-1 of this article introduced you to the incredible story of the late J.R. Oliver. He was a man who, in 1949, was involved in a sensational UFO encounter at the height of a U.K. military exercise code-named Operation Bulldog. In a letter sent to UFO researcher Tim Good in 1991 (and which Tim copied to me, and that Oliver’s widow generously let me publish), Oliver revealed that at the height of the operation a definitive UFO was tracked on radar by the staff of multiple military installations in the U.,K. It was a UFO that was estimated to have been flying close to 3,000 miles per hour. With that said, let’s now continue with what else Oliver had to say about the UFO encounter and the UFO itself:
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Soft Disclosure: Our Sun Might Have Been Born With an Evil Twin Called "Nemesis"

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) In the past, so called fringe researchers have suggested that star formation in the universe predominantly results in the formation of binary star systems. For instance the "Dark Star" theory often associated with Zecharia Sitchin's interpretations of the Sumerian tablets. But other fields of study, like Larsonian physics, also suggests that our sun has, or had, a companion star. Some have even suggested that Jupiter was a luminous body in the distant past. Until recently, any discussion about dark stars and binary systems as the norm was met with ridicule and close-mindedness by mainstream scientists. But a recent study conducted by Harm and UC-Berkeley seems to confirm what others have long asserted was the case. Could this be an example of soft disclosure?

– Justin

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High priced anti-viral drugs do NOTHING to prevent hepatitis C, study finds

(Natural News) The word “hepatitis” refers to inflammation of the liver, and can have several causes, including heavy alcohol use, exposure to toxins, or a bacterial or viral infection. There are three different types of viral infections: hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, which are caused by different viruses, and have different methods of…

Microplastic pollution is the REAL threat to our oceans, warn scientists

(Natural News) Marine experts from the California State University recently pointed out that microplastic pollution has steadily become a major threat to the world’s oceans. According to the experts, microplastics are especially problematic as they are more challenging to manage due to their microscopic size. Microplastics, which measure less than five millimeters, are degraded plastic fibers that end…