Migrants Pushed Three 16-year-old Germans in Front of Train, 2 Died – Mainstream Media Covered Up the Murders

Three young boys were pushed onto the rails at the Nürnberg S-train station Frankenstadion end of January. Two of them were ran over by the oncoming train and killed.

German mainstream media spoke deceitfully of “Germans”, in order to cloak a migration background. Furthermore drivel about “accident” and “tragedy” was put out there, and the three 16 year old’s “fell” onto the rails.

The Nürnberg News respectfully called the first offender that was arrested a “young man”.

The Süddeutsche newspaper suggested that a fight between the youths had just taken a “tragic end”. Three 16 year olds were “falling” on the rails and were “caught by the train and ran over and killed”.

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Corey Goode FaceBook Update 1-13-19… “Upcoming Events”

This may seem a bit “out of date”, but something felt like posting it now. Part of this is to remind that Corey and team are looking to arrange other events to attend and/or create, since he has been “blacklisted” from some of the “classic” disclosure events (Conscious Life Expo, Contact in the Desert, as I understand it).

He will be at the April 8th – 13th ‘Cosmic Waves’ event here on the Big Island (prior Kp blog post re: that) and at ECETI in July.

“I am also getting lots of questions on whether SBA will present a second Dimensions of Disclosure event this year. We are looking at the logistics now to determine if and when we would be able to host the event.

“We are looking at various other venues both within and without the state of Colorado. I know hundreds of you are interested and we will update everyone in the very near future.

“I will also be releasing an update about a recent meeting I had with the SSP Alliance and will report on some amazing and concerning incidents that have occurred in recent weeks.”


Sphere Being Alliance January 13 at 1:43 AM

Cosmic Waves and Dimensions of Disclosure events: Join us in Hawaii April 8th – 13th for the ‘Cosmic Waves’ event. Speakers will be spending lots of quality time with attendees on boat excursions to swim with wild dolphins. I have attended these events for two years in a row and they are truly magical and unlike any other event, I have attended. I look forward to seeing all of you there!

I am also getting lots of questions on whether SBA will present a second Dimensions of Disclosure event this year. We are looking at the logistics now to determine if and when we would be able to host the event.

We had hoped to use the Sunrise Ranch venue in Loveland, Co again this year but the only date they had open was the 4th of July weekend.

Since this is the same weekend as the ECETI event we declined the venue in order to be respectful to ECETI and not cause direct competition with them.

We are looking at various other venues both within and without the state of Colorado. I know hundreds of you are interested and we will update everyone in the very near future.

In the meantime, please sign up for Cosmic Waves, it is expected to sell out very quickly since it is one of the very few events I was not blacklisted from this year. I look forward to seeing all of our tribe at upcoming events.

I will also be releasing an update about a recent meeting I had with the SSP Alliance and will report on some amazing and concerning incidents that have occurred in recent weeks.

Please keep an eye out for that update in the next few days.

Thank you,
Corey Goode

Cobra – Bubbles of Heaven Update – 6th Feb 2019

The purpose of this update is to provide clarifications of the Bubbles of Heaven article to the surface population.

First, the six phases of a phase transition will be explained in more detail. Each of those phases is a complete stage of a planetary Ascension process and is estimated to last somewhere between a few months to a few years. This is as close as you will ever get to an answer to your question “when will the Event happen?”, on this blog.

The first phase of phase transition is called Interface Evaporation phase. This phase started in 2012 and ended on January 21st, 2019. Interface Evaporation phase means that thermal flux (in our case energy from the Galactic Central Sun) is administered to the interface (in our case the surface of the planet) and creates a convection current above the interface surface (this equals the awakening of the surface population between 2012 and 2019).

The second phase of phase transition is called Bubble Condensation phase. This phase started on January 21st, 2019 and is now ongoing. This phase means that enough thermal flux has been administered to the surface to allow pure phase transition from liquid water (matrix society) into water vapor (galactic society) in some extremely small and isolated areas on the surface. During the Bubble Condensation phase, those Bubbles of Heaven emerge, repattern and reorganize in full accordance to the Ising model:



During this phase, the Bubbles of Heaven get slowly and progressively larger with less entropy, whereas the surrounding matrix society gets progressively more unstable with more entropy.

This is precisely the reason why some people are guided to put less attention to outer daily politicking and more attention to inner spiritual growth:




The third phase of phase transition is called Bubble Elevation phase. This phase sees the thermal flux from the Galactic Central Sun rising exponentially, with more and more Bubbles of Heaven actively forming and matrix society actively collapsing, until the thermal flux peaks at the moment of the Event.

The moment of the Event is the moment of critical thermal flux, the matrix society collapses, the Contact is made, the entropic elements of the old society are swiftly removed, and we enter into the fourth phase.

The fourth phase is called Unstable Film Boiling phase. Bubbles of Heaven have connected on the surface of the planet into a stable network (film) which forms the backbone of the new society, whereas the society itself as a whole is unstable, but processing, integrating and stabilizing. Islands of Light are being fully formed with active Contact.

The fifth phase is called Stable Film Boiling phase. Islands of Light on the surface of the planet become active conversion/inversion zones through which individual and group Ascension process is taking place. First Ascension wave with thousands of people ascending takes place. Some of them return to the surface as Ascended beings and prepare the second Ascension wave with hundreds of thousands of people ascending. Some of those return to the surface and prepare the surface population for the third wave.

During the fifth phase, the surface population fully integrates new advanced technologies and is healed enough to accept the Light as a whole.

The sixth phase is called the Final Flash phase. Phase transition is complete. The Galactic Central Sun triggers the Solar event and the planetary polar shift. Millions of people ascend in the Third wave and the rest of humanity is evacuated from the surface of the planet into the Galactic Fleet which transports them to a suitable planet in the Pleiades star cluster which will become the new home for humanity.

At that moment, the surface of the planet is hit by a tsunami which washes the planet clean. The only areas unaffected are Islands of Light, which are populated by advanced star beings, many of them being YOU. Then, the New Atlantis is being built on the New Earth.

Now that you have more understanding of the overall plan, it can safely be released that the Light Forces have completed the construction of an underground base below northern Taiwan, which can accept 3 billion people. A similar, but smaller base is being built in a certain location in Central Europe, and another one at a certain location in South America, with another one planned for Africa. These bases may be used as evacuation options.

You need to understand that what we have achieved on January 21st is huge. Bubbles of Heaven are the first signs of a totally new reality which belongs to the new cosmic cycle:

Whenever you align with the Light, your life will be easier and easier. Whenever you focus on the old world falling apart, things get worse again.

Time now does not favor intel junkies. It favors people who take their life in their own hands. Whatever your life situation now is, you can turn it into something much better in a few years or less, if you really dedicatedly work on it, regardless of the timing of the Event.

Kindergarten reactions and comments to some aspects of my previous article were predicted, expected and deflected. The mission continues.

Also, some people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about when they rant about the Resistance Movement coded messages, distributing nonsense over the internet in obscure youtube videos. It is so beyond their level of understanding as quantum mechanics is above the level of understanding of an average Rhesus monkey.

The Pleiadians are actively monitoring, evaluating and encouraging the progress of awakening of the most aware part of the surface population, and sending detached but loving energy to everyone else.

Just 30 minutes before our mass meditation, Semjase has arranged a “meteor flash” on the Moon. The astronomer detecting the flash “had a feeling that this will be the time” and prepared the telescopes in advance:




This was a certain signal from Semjase, meaning of which can not yet be revealed to the surface population.

Let me just say that a few days later, GSSAP, the Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program, has been forced to rearrange the orbits of its surveillance satellites as a response to the activity of the Pleiadian fleet.

The Resistance has communicated that all intel about toplet bombs is now deep black. The only thing that can be said is the toplet bombs are not removed yet, but are losing power gradually.

The Resistance has also said that most people who volunteered for Entry Protocols are far from being ready, and certain “social dynamics” articles and workshops will be released to the surface population to increase preparedness.

These will also be released to prepare people to create and expand Bubbles of Heaven and Islands of Light.

The first one will be Soul Families workshop which will be taking place in Budapest, Hungary on March 16th and 17th. You are more than welcome to join us:


Hungary is one of the most important Goddess Vortexes on the planet, since the creation of Lengyel and Tisza neolithic Goddess cultures:


During the preparation for the workshop, these pillars of Light have appeared in Hungary:

Goddess Unity is coming:

Victory of the Light!

Be sure to buy biodegradable sunscreen to protect coral reefs

(Natural News) The sun is out and you’re raring to wear that pair of shades that has been languishing in your cabinet drawer for months. It’s also about time to resurrect that pair of slippers, your swim gear, picnic mat, barbecue grill, and other summer must-haves. Of course, sunscreen is part of these summer staples….

Swiss Computer Model: "The One Bank" Superentity Controls 40% of the Global Economy — And the Rothschilds Control It

A few years ago, readers were introduced to a paradigm of crime, corruption, and control which they now know as “the One Bank”. First they were presented with a definition and description of this crime syndicate.

That definition came via a massive computer model constructed by a trio of Swiss academics, and cited with favor by Forbes magazine. The computer model was based upon data involving more than 10 million “economic actors”, both individuals and corporations, and the conclusions which that model produced were nothing less than shocking.

The One Bank is “a super-entity” comprised of 147 corporate fronts, with approximately ¾ of these corporate fronts being financial intermediaries (i.e. “banks”).

According to the Swiss computer model, via these 147 corporate tentacles, the One Bank controls approximately 40% of the global economy. The only thing more appalling than the massive size of this crime syndicate is its massive illegality.

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Cobalt, the forgotten mineral, found to offer anti-inflammatory and antioxidant health benefits

(Natural News) A study conducted by two American doctors showed that cobalt, a mineral that’s a crucial component of the batteries that power smartphones, doesn’t get credit for having two of the most important attributes that contribute to overall health: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. “The human health-supporting properties of dietary cobalt are underappreciated,” said the paper’s authors, Dr….