Weekly Health Quiz: Depression, Sunscreen and Showers

1 Which of the following has been shown to protect against heart attack and stroke, even when traditional risk factors for atherosclerosis are present?

  • 3 to 5 eggs per week
  • Probiotic-rich fermented foods

    Metabolites produced by certain gut microbes have been linked to an increased risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke and early death. Among patients with traditional risk factors, having low amounts of these metabolites appear to protect against clot-related events. Learn more.

  • Wheat germ
  • Biodynamic fruit

2 Which of the following is NOT a recommended way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases?

  • Abstinence
  • Condom use
  • Being in a monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner
  • Showering after sex

    Three of the more commonly transmitted diseases have reached record levels in the U.S. Nationwide, there were 1.6 million cases of chlamydia in 2016, 470,000 cases of gonorrhea and 28,000 new cases of syphilis. What’s worse, STD infections are becoming increasingly resistant to the antibiotics used to treat them. Learn more.

3 The sun protection factor (SPF) on sunscreen describes the product’s ability to protect against:

  • UVA rays only
  • UVB rays only

    SPF applies to UVB rays only, not UVA. But buyer beware. Tests show many sunscreens are far less effective than claimed on the label; 24 of the 73 products evaluated offered less than half of the protection promised by their stated SPF. Learn more.

  • Both UVA and UVB rays

4 Which of the following lifestyle factors has been identified as a probable carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)?

  • Shift-work, due to sleep cycle disruption

    The IARC lists shift work as a probable carcinogen, due to its disruptive effects on your circadian rhythm. Lack of sleep is also associated with a wide range of other side effects, ranging from diminished productivity and poor problem-solving skills to increased stress and inflammation. Learn more.

  • Wearing shoes, which prevents free electron uptake from the Earth
  • Unprotected sun exposure
  • Pumping gas, due to exposure to gasoline fumes

5 What form of lifestyle has been shown to improve depression symptoms?

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Strength training

    A meta-analysis of 33 trials involving nearly 2,000 people showed that strength training led to a significant reduction in depressive symptoms. Learn more.

  • Cognitive therapy
  • Cyclical ketosis

6 With the merger of Bayer and Monsanto, how many companies now control the bulk of the global seed and pesticide market?

  • 1
  • 3

    With the recent mergers of Bayer-Monsanto, Dow-DuPont and ChemChina’s acquisition of Syngenta, three megacompanies will now dominate the global seed and pesticide market. Learn more.

  • 6
  • 12

7 Why do natural, whole foods have flavor?

  • Ward off predators
  • Communicate with other plants
  • Signal nutrient content and density

    Flavor is a marker for the nutritional density of the food. Artificial flavor technology has allowed for the radical deterioration of food quality, as you can easily mask the flavor of inferior quality ingredients with chemicals. Learn more.

  • Artifact of reproductive strategy

Cooking Tomatoes Increases Lycopene and Beneficial Bacteria

By Dr. Mercola

It’s gardening season in the U.S. and therefore no surprise tomatoes are beginning to appear in gardens across the land. Given the right conditions, they are easy to grow and highly productive plants. There is nothing quite like eating a ripe, garden-grown tomato right off the vine, and tomatoes are great additions to salads and sandwiches. The health benefits of cooked tomatoes, which are amplified when combined with a healthy fat like olive oil, continue to make news.

This gives me the opportunity to underscore the value of lycopene to your diet. You may already know the lycopene content of tomatoes is increased when you cook them. Now, new research out of Spain indicates cooking tomatoes not only enhances the positive effects lycopene has on your beneficial gut bacteria, but also promotes increased lycopene absorption in your gut. These are just two more reasons to include tomatoes in your diet.

Lycopene: Why Tomatoes Are Such a Beneficial Food

When you reach for a tomato you may be interested to know organic ones are thought to be more nutritious than their conventional counterparts. One study found growing tomatoes according to organic standards produced tomatoes containing 55 percent more vitamin C and 139 percent more total phenolic content than their conventionally grown peers.1

According to The World’s Healthiest Foods,2 tomatoes are an excellent source of lutein, zeaxanthin and vitamin C, which is most concentrated in the jelly-like substance surrounding the seeds. They also contain good amounts of vitamins K and B, as well as copper, manganese and potassium. In addition, tomatoes possess anticancer properties and phytonutrients such as the flavonols kaempferol, quercetin and rutin, in addition to caffeic acid, coumaric acid and ferulic acid.

The benefits of lycopene, the carotenoid antioxidant responsible for the red color of tomatoes and other fruits like watermelon, gets top billing as one of the most important nutrients in tomatoes. Lycopene is well-known as a powerful antioxidant that decreases your risk of cancer and heart disease.3 Lycopene is also notable because:

  • Its antioxidant activity has long been suggested to be more powerful than hundreds of other carotenoids, including beta-carotene
  • A meta-analysis pooling results from more than 116,000 subjects revealed lycopene intake may reduce your stroke risk by nearly 20 percent4
  • Lycopene plays an important role in your bone health5
  • Its also been shown to be helpful in treating lung cancer6 and prostate cancer (more on that below)
  • When consumed daily with olive oil for 10 weeks in the form of tomato paste, it was shown to reduce ultraviolet-induced sunburn by about 40 percent7

Did You Know Cooked Tomatoes Are Better for You Than Raw Ones?

It’s rare I suggest a cooked food is more beneficial for you than consuming it raw. That said, there are a few exceptions to the “raw rule.” For example, it is well-known that lightly cooking vegetables such as asparagus, carrots and spinach increases the bioavailability of certain nutrients.8 Dr. Rui Hai Liu, a professor in the department of food science at Cornell University, who has researched how heat affects food, suggests the cooking of certain vegetables can free up nutrients for easier absorption.

States Liu, “Common wisdom says cooked food has a lower nutritional value compared to fresh produce, but that’s not always true. Many nutrients in fruits and vegetables are bound in the cell walls. Cooking helps release them so they’re more bioavailable and absorbed by the body.”9

A study by Liu, published in 2002 in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry,10 indicated heating tomatoes for 30 minutes at 190.4 degrees F (88 degrees C) — roughly the temperature at which you’d simmer soup on the stove — boosted absorbable lycopene levels by 35 percent.

Despite the fact cooking reduced the vitamin C content of tomatoes, Liu and his team noted a 62 percent increase in the antioxidant levels of cooked tomatoes. As you may know, antioxidants protect your body from cell and tissue damage that results when harmful free radicals are metabolized. About the outcomes, Liu said:11

“This research demonstrates heat processing actually enhanced the nutritional value of tomatoes by increasing the lycopene content … that can be absorbed by the body, as well as the total antioxidant activity. The research dispels the popular notion processed fruits and vegetables have lower nutritional value than fresh produce.”

The Best Food Sources of Lycopene Are Red and Pink Fruits

There is no doubt processed tomatoes are one of the best sources of lycopene. For example, 1 cup of canned, tomato puree (with or without added salt) contains 54,385 micrograms of lycopene.12

According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 80 percent of lycopene consumed by the average American is in the form of packaged tomato products such as ketchup, pizza sauce and tomato juice.13 Because those foods are highly processed and often contain added sugar, you may consider getting some of your lycopene from one or more of the following raw fruit sources:14

Fruit or vegetable Lycopene (micrograms per cup)

Cherry tomatoes (raw)


Grapefruit (pink and red)








As with any fruit, I recommend you eat these lycopene-rich fruits only occasionally. For optimal health, you’ll want to keep your total fructose intake below 25 grams (g) daily, including fructose from whole fruit. If you have diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or insulin resistance you’ll do better by limiting your daily intake of fructose to 15 g until your condition improves.

Increase the Absorption of Lycopene by Combining It With a Healthy Fat

Because lycopene is a fat-soluble nutrient, you can increase its absorption by eating it alongside a food rich in healthy fats. A study published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition15 tested the absorption of lycopene with respect to tomatoes cooked in olive oil, a combination characteristic of the Southern Mediterranean diet.

The study authors noted previous research has proven lycopene absorption is increased with respect to processed tomatoes as compared to fresh tomatoes because “the processing breaks down the tomato cell matrix and makes the lycopene more available.”16

The goal of the current research was to determine the effects of pairing cooked tomatoes with olive oil. The researchers measured plasma lycopene concentrations for healthy participants who ate a low-lycopene diet and again following a five-day dietary intervention during which time the participants ate one meal a day containing 470 grams of tomatoes cooked with or without 25 milliliters of olive oil.

The participants consuming the cooked tomatoes and olive oil showed an 82-percent increase in plasma trans-lycopene and a 40 percent increase in cis-lycopene concentrations. About the results, the study authors said:

“[T]he addition of olive oil to diced tomatoes during cooking greatly increases the absorption of lycopene. The results highlight the importance of … how a food is prepared and consumed in determining the bioavailability of dietary carotenoids such as lycopene.”17

If you are not fond of olive oil, you might consider adding coconut oil or Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil to your homemade tomato sauce. MCT oil, which has no taste or smell, is composed of concentrated medium chain fatty acids derived from coconut oil. Another option is to serve cooked tomatoes or homemade tomato sauce with organic grass fed beef.

Can Tomato Sauce Promote Gut Health by Boosting Your Beneficial Bacteria?

In a study published in the Journal of Functional Foods,18 researchers from Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) in Spain evaluated how gut bacteria interacts with antioxidants in your gut, specifically with respect to cooked tomato sauce. The team chose to use pear tomatoes because they have a particularly high lycopene content and are rich in antioxidants.

Led by professor Ana Belén Heredia from UPV’s department of food technology, the scientists conducted in vitro experiments to see how Lactobacillus reuteri (L. reuteri) would interact with antioxidants derived from tomato sauce and if the cooking process might influence that interaction.19 L. reuteri is one of the main bacterial species known to contribute to your gut health.

Heredia and her team noted a loss of antioxidants with respect to both raw and cooked (fried) tomato sauce as a result of the digestive process. Furthermore, it appeared the presence of L. reuteri prevented some of the antioxidants from being absorbed into the bloodstream. Notably, the group also observed th antioxidants from the tomato sauce — more so with the cooked sauce than its raw equivalent — enhanced the positive effects of L. reuteri.

Cooked sauce also had the effect of transforming the lycopene present in the tomato, which helped preserve its integrity through the digestive process, allowing more of this important antioxidant to be absorbed. Noted Heredia, “[W]e found serving meals rich in probiotics with fried tomato sauce boosts its probiotic effect, as well as causing a progressive isomerization of the lycopene of the tomato, from form cis to trans throughout digestion, which positively results in an increased final bioaccessibility of this carotenoid.”20

Cooked Tomatoes Shown to Slow the Growth of Malignant Prostate Cells

Noting that prostate cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer among men worldwide, researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign conducted a meta-analysis of 30 studies related to dietary tomato intake and prostate cancer, which was published in the journal Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Disease.21

After summarizing data from more than 24,000 cases involving upward of 260,000 participants, they concluded “increased tomato consumption is inversely associated with prostate cancer risk.”22 The findings were summarized as follows:23

  • Higher total tomato consumption was associated with a reduced risk of prostate cancer
  • Specifically, tomato foods, cooked tomatoes and tomato sauces were linked to a reduced risk of prostate cancer
  • No associations were found with respect to raw tomatoes

A 2011 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition24 demonstrated lycopene in cooked tomatoes was able to slow the growth of, and even kill, prostate cancer cells in test tube-based experiments. Researchers from the U.K.’s University of Portsmouth tested the effects of lycopene on the mechanism through which cancer cells flourish by disrupting your body’s blood supply. Specifically, they found lycopene prevented cancer cells from attaching to a healthy blood supply.

Mridula Chopra, Ph.D., study author and senior lecturer for the school of pharmacy and biomedical sciences at the University of Portsmouth, said, ”[While] more testing needs to be carried out to confirm our findings, the laboratory evidence we have found is clear. It is possible to intercept the simple mechanism some cancer cells use to grow at concentrations that can be achieved by eating sufficient [amounts of] cooked tomatoes.”25

The research was partially funded by H.J. Heinz, and the food manufacturer requested follow-up research related to previous studies conducted by the same group of scientists. The earlier studies showed a significant increase in lycopene levels in blood and semen samples after subjects ate 14 ounces (400 g) of processed tomatoes for two weeks.26

The current study underscored lycopene for its anti-angiogenic properties, which explains why it has been recognized as an important anticancer compound. Before any firm conclusions can be drawn, however, researchers noted the need to conduct tests involving human participants. Chopra stated:27

“Individuals will vary in how much lycopene their bodies make available to fight cancer cell growth. The ability of lycopene to ‘intercept’ in this way in the body is likely to vary between tomato products — both processing and cooking with fat have previously been shown to make lycopene more effective biologically. The type of tomatoes that offer the most effective lycopene also differs, and more tests need to be done to find the best breed of tomato for this purpose.”

Instances When Tomatoes Do More Harm Than Good

Canned tomatoes: I suggest you avoid canned tomatoes due to the risk of exposure to bisphenol-A (BPA), which is found in the lining of many cans. BPA is a toxic chemical linked to a heightened risk of breast and prostate cancers, diabetes, heart disease, neurological effects, reproductive abnormalities and other serious health problems. BPA leaches into tomatoes due to their high acid content. You can avoid this hazardous chemical by choosing fresh tomatoes over canned varieties or by selecting brands that use glass containers.

Raw tomatoes: As a nightshade plant, tomatoes contain lectins — plant proteins that bind sugar and attach to your cell membranes. Lectins are known to cause weight gain, disrupt your endocrine function, interfere with your gene expression and promote inflammation.

Moreover, lectins can contribute to leaky gut and act as “antinutrients” that wreak havoc on both your gut and whole-body health. One way to make tomatoes and other nightshade foods like peppers and white potatoes more tolerable to your body is to pressure cook them. Dr. Steven Gundry, author of the book “The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in ‘Healthy’ Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain,” is an expert on plant lectins.

The video above provides step-by-step instructions on how you can best limit the lectins in fresh tomatoes, most notably by removing the seeds. As you can see, tomatoes are a healthy food with some important cautions. Even if you tolerate them well, it is best to eat them sparingly. As mentioned, the good news is cooking tomatoes not only will diminish their lectin content, but also will simultaneously increase their lycopene and antioxidant content.

Why Fish Is the Ultimate Superfood

By Dr. Mercola

You’ve heard fish is good for you. Avid fishermen on the thousands of lakes and rivers across the U.S. enjoy catching fish for dinner. In the U.S., folks on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts have found fish to be plentiful, delicious and a good source of protein.

But a new study shows that eating fish is better than first realized: It seems to be a factor that raises the odds of becoming pregnant, not only because couples who included fish on the menu had sex more often, but because they also conceived more quickly compared to people who had something else for dinner instead.

Scientists conducting the study, which was published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism,1 interviewed 501 couples who were actively endeavoring to become parents without involving medical intervention and followed them for a year or until they became pregnant, whichever came first.

Each couple kept a journal to record their health and behavioral habits, including what they ate — particularly their individual fish consumption — and the frequency of sexual intercourse. The study was controlled for things like smoking and alcohol intake, physical activity, the age of each individual, education level and other factors. The New York Times notes:

“They found that men who had two or more four-ounce servings of fish a week had a 47 percent shorter time to pregnancy, and women a 60 percent shorter time, than those who ate one or fewer servings a week.

Partners who ate fish also had sexual intercourse, on average, 22 percent more frequently, but the association of eating fish with pregnancy persisted even after controlling for frequency of lovemaking. By 12 months, 92 percent of couples who ate fish twice a week or more were pregnant, compared with 79 percent among those who ate less.”2

Mechanism Not Clear, but There Are Clues

Although lead study author Audrey J. Gaskins, a research associate at Harvard, speculates that seafood might improve semen quality and egg release for ovulation, scientists can’t really say exactly what the mechanism is for the improved pregnancy rates in regard to higher fish consumption.

She notes, however, that if eating fish has anything to do with bringing couples together, it’s more of a behavioral pathway rather than a causal one. A reader commenting on the article suggested that it’s the selenium that may have something to do with the “baby-making merit” of eating seafood, and cited a study published in International Journal of General Medicine, which observes:

“A significant development in the last 10 years in the study of human infertility has been the discovery that oxidative sperm DNA damage has a critical role in the etiology of poor semen quality and male infertility. Selenium (Se) is an essential element for normal testicular development, spermatogenesis, and spermatozoa motility and function.”3

Scientists in this study found that among 690 men suffering from idiopathic asthenoteratospermia (reduced sperm motility), who’d been given a combined supplement of 400 units of vitamin E and 200 ?g of selenium daily for at least 100 days, 52.6 percent of the men (362 of them) had “significantly improved” sperm motility, morphology or both. There were also 75 cases of “spontaneous pregnancy.”

A case-controlled study in the U.K., published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology,4 targeted the selenium status of women with a history of recurrent miscarriage and found evidence that selenium deficiency was also a factor when study participants who couldn’t carry a pregnancy to term were compared to women who’d had little or no trouble becoming parents.

While the researchers found that the “difference was seen in hair samples but not serum samples and therefore may not represent a simple nutritional deficiency,” there was also a “significantly greater proportion of women in the control group who ate cereals, vitamin supplements and liver or kidney.”

That said, it’s interesting to note that, according to Nutrition Data,5 while a 3.5-ounce (100-gram) piece of cooked beef liver contains 57 percent of the daily value or Reference Daily Intake (RDI) of selenium, the same amount of wild-caught Alaskan salmon provides 67 percent of the RDI in selenium.6

The Healthy Aspects of Eating Fish Versus the Toxic Effects of Mercury

Gaskins says he believes women have been “scared off fish” because of the growing threat of mercury poisoning and adds that there’s low-level contamination in commonly eaten seafood such as shrimp and canned tuna. As healthy as it may have been to have fish on the menu at least twice a week 100 years ago, the growing problem of tainted waters has led to fish being contaminated by mercury and other pollutants.

But how does mercury get into the fish in the first place? Primarily, there are mercury “hot spots” where accumulation comes from chlorine production facilities, offshore oil-drilling platforms and coal-burning power plants.7 Scientific American notes that while mercury is a naturally occurring element found in plants, animals and elsewhere throughout the environment, human involvement in industrial endeavors for the last 150 years or so has “ratcheted up” the amount of airborne mercury.

It’s not a negligible amount — it’s substantial. Fish and many types of ocean life ingest the mercury — more specifically, methylmercury cysteine, the type found in seafood — until it finally reaches the humans who eat it. Live Science observes, “Mercury in humans may cause a wide range of conditions including neurological and chromosomal problems and birth defects.”8 Additionally:

“Once in the water, mercury makes its way into the food chain. Inorganic mercury and methylmercury are first consumed by phytoplankton, single-celled algae at the base of most aquatic food chains. Next, the phytoplankton are consumed by small animals such as zooplankton.

The methylmercury is assimilated and retained by the animals, while the inorganic mercury is shed from the animals as waste products … Small fish that eat the zooplankton are exposed to food-borne mercury that is predominantly in the methylated form. These fish are consumed by larger fish, and so on until it gets to humans.”9

An example of how insidious toxic mercury contamination is has to do with larger fish, such as tuna, swordfish, shark, large bluefish and grouper, having exponentially more mercury in them because they eat smaller fish, and the contamination is cumulative.

Mercury: How It Affects Pregnant Women and Developing Fetuses

Monterey Fish10 explains that the above ocean fish should be avoided, and includes King mackerel, barracuda, marlin, conger eel, jacks and Gulf of Mexico tilefish. Similarly, steer clear of certain wild freshwater fish, as well, including whitefish, pickerel, pike, walleye and lake trout due to potential mercury contamination. However, here’s an interesting twist to the narrative.

In some cultures, fish is on the menu far more often than in the U.S., especially Japan, a relatively small nation entirely surrounded by water. In fact, it’s consumed four to five times more there than in the U.S. The people have regularly consumed the largest tunas they could catch for centuries, so it’s very likely they accumulated large amounts of methylmercury, apparently without causing problems. But there’s more:

“A number of studies have found that the essential element selenium, high amounts of which are found in ocean fish, sequesters mercury, thus neutralizing its toxic effects. This may be the reason why studies have never shown an epidemic of child developmental problems in coastal populations whose diets have been comprised in large part of seafood.”11

Further, the omega-3 fatty acids in healthy seafood, namely fresh-caught Alaskan salmon, sardines, mackerel, herring and anchovies, are essential for your overall health. If you do not eat fish for whatever reason, I recommend that you take a quality supplement to supply it.

My best recommendation is krill oil, which is animal based and contains the highly crucial EPA and DHA omega-3s your body needs. EPA and DHA are important for your heart and brain, cellular and mitochondrial function, bone health and mood regulation, as well as for healthy fetal development and pregnancy.

On the other hand, methylmercury poses the greatest threat to the nervous system while unborn babies and newborns are developing — their brains, immune and nervous systems and retinas, in particular. It easily penetrates the placenta, where the mercury concentration in red blood cells may be 30 percent higher than in those of the baby’s mother.

More Caveats Regarding Fish Consumption

A Timeline of U.S. and World Aquaculture12 indicates that the multimillion-dollar fish farming industry began, no doubt, with the very best intentions (like feeding people), but as with arguably every other global enterprise, problems occur (and continue to occur) that are as varied and unpredictable as your average fishing expedition. Some highlights:

  • Carp were farmed in China in rice paddies and freshwater ponds as early as 3500 B.C. Egyptian hieroglyphics show tilapia being rounded up into aquacultures, with Japan joining the ranks in 2000 B.C.
  • The first real fish farming as we know it may date to the 1400s, when Indonesians trapped young milkfish in coastal ponds when the tide was high. True modern-day methods may be traced back to a German farmer who gathered trout eggs, fertilized them, then nurtured the hatched fish to maturity.
  • Then in 1853, a trout farm in Ohio became the first official fish farm in the U.S., as it was the first to artificially fertilize its fish eggs. The concept grew to similar endeavors in New England in the late 1800s to raise lobsters and flounder, and Idaho for trout in 1909.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt even had a farm pond program in which the concept was encouraged and federal subsidies offered for farms willing to build and stock fishponds. Similar operations began in the Caribbean, South America, the Mediterranean, Norway and Scotland by the 1960s and, by 1985, Australia.

No one could have predicted some of the problems: Sea lice caused the collapse of an Irish Sea trout fishery; Alaska banned netpen fish farms, shrimp farms collapsed worldwide due to disease; British Columbia placed a moratorium on new salmon farms to conduct an environmental review; and Canadian researchers procured a patent for transgenic (aka genetically engineered or GE) salmon. And that was just in the 1990s.

Can It Get Worse? The Trouble With Fish Today

Since then, setbacks have varied: Farmed salmon production exceeded the amount of wild-caught salmon in 1999; nearly 3 million Atlantic salmon reportedly escaped from farms in British Columbia, Washington, Maine and Scotland in 2001, the same year infectious salmon anemia forced Maine salmon farmers to slaughter over 1 million fish.

From the traces of illegal antibiotics found in an Asian shrimp farm in 2002 to the gross violations of the Clean Water Act13 in a Maine-based salmon farm in 2003, and certainly the toxicology tests revealing farmed salmon to be one of the most toxic foods in the world — more than five times more toxic than any other food tested14 — clearly the industry as a whole has some ’splaining to do.

The guidelines for clean-eating seafood are the same for everyone as they are outlined for pregnant moms: Fresh-caught Alaskan salmon, sardines, mackerel, herring and anchovies are your best bets in regard to healthiest seafood. Some people might think farmed fish must be the healthiest and most environmentally responsible choice, but in many respects, fish farming, aka aquacultured fisheries, aren’t much different from the land-loving CAFOs — concentrated animal feeding operations.

One of the worst problems is salmon pens placed next to wild salmon runs, which seriously threatens the viability of wild-caught salmon, especially since the farmed variety are often carrying diseases such as infectious salmon anemia virus, and that’s just one of several.

Deemed ‘Toxic,’ but Still Added to Farmed Fish Food

Science reported that a worldwide assessment of the threat to the salmon market as a whole can be answered by the 13 persistent organic pollutants, including PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), known as one of the most toxic and environmentally persistent chemicals ever created.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)15 notes that PCBs (and there are dozens of trade names for them) don’t break down, can remain for long periods cycling between air, water and soil, travel long distances and can be taken up into the bodies of small organisms and fish.

“Studies in humans support evidence for potential carcinogenic and noncarcinogenic effects of PCBs,” it notes, but the list of potential health problems for humans and animals is frankly staggering. Sure, industries are now being regulated to more stringent laws, but once it’s out there, trying to take it back is no longer possible. The EPA site details a list of life-altering and hair-raising consequences PCBs can cause or impact:


Immune system

Reproductive system

Nervous system

Endocrine system

Neurological effects

Keep in mind that PCBs are only one of many pollutants associated with farmed fish. One of the most treacherous is ethoxyquin, a chemical developed by Monsanto in the 1950s as a synthetic tire chemical. Ethoxyquin is found only in farmed salmon — not in wild.

It’s used as a rubber stabilizer, pesticide, preservative and antioxidant all in one, and is a suspected carcinogen that “caused chromosomal aberrations, holes and fractures in chromosomes” of human cells and “was chemically toxic, destroyed chromosomes and DNA,” according to a Norwegian newspaper review.16

Because it prevents fat oxidation, it’s used in some animal feeds,17 including fish food. According to Nutraceutical Business Review, the European Food Safety Authority’s description of the chemical was pretty clear: Ethoxyquin is “considered to be toxic to aquatic organisms based on the acute toxicity data provided for fish, daphnia and algae.”18

Should You Eat Fish?

People have been eating fish since the dawn of man. It’s been a staple for humankind in every area where fish can swim and has without a doubt been one of the foods that has kept humans alive, but in many more ways than offering mere sustenance. It’s a lean protein, with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and numerous compounds that can stave off high blood pressure, macular degeneration, depression, osteoporosis and diabetes.

Another new study in the journal Circulation reveals that people who eat two or more servings of oily fish per week had a “significantly lower risk of heart attack and stroke,” even in individuals who don’t make “eating healthy” a priority. The study authors wrote:

“We conclude that one to two seafood meals per week be included to reduce the risk of congestive heart failure, coronary heart disease, ischemic stroke, and sudden cardiac death, especially when seafood replaces the intake of less healthy foods.”19

One of the most glowing reviews of fish as a healthy food was in light, again, of the high levels of omega-3s, with a notation that they’re one reason the Mediterranean diet has been all the rage over recent years. Omega-3s enter your cell membranes, which is important for cell signaling and essential for an optimally functioning heart. Forbes noted a number of other perks:

“Research has focused largely on the anti-inflammatory influence of omega-3s, which counters the hardening and narrowing of arteries that characterizes heart disease. Diets higher in omega-3s are also linked to lower triglyceride levels and fewer fatty deposits that clog arteries …

But don’t think a Friday night plate of fried catfish and slaw will fill the need. Eating fried seafood doesn’t provide the same benefits, and likely contributes to the very problem eating non-fried fish helps improve. The results of one study suggested that people who ate fried fish at least once a week were nearly 50 percent more likely to develop heart failure than those who rarely ate fried seafood.”20

So should you eat fish? Again, pregnant moms and young children — and really, everyone — should steer clear of high-mercury seafood, but if you choose the healthiest options, the benefits are worth the risk for most people.

As a general rule, your best choices are small, cold-water, fatty fish, which are an ideal source of omega-3s with a low risk of contamination. The healthiest fish I suggest you consider eating more often include anchovies, sardines, mackerel, herring and wild-caught Alaskan salmon — step away from farmed varieties, both for your health and for the environment.

Deutsche Bank CoCo Bonds Plunge, Shares Hit Record Low, after US Entity Makes FDIC’s ‘Problem Bank List’

The old question: When will she buckle?

By Wolf Richter | 31 May 2018

WOLF STREET — Shares of Deutsche Bank fell 7.2% today in Frankfurt to €9.16, the lowest since they started trading on the Xetra exchange in 1992. They’re now lower than they’d been during its last crisis in 2016. And they’re down 71% from April 2015.

This came after leaked double-whammy revelations the morning: One reported by the Financial Times, that the FDIC had put Deutsche Bank’s US operations on its infamous “Problem Bank List”; and the other one, reported by the Wall Street Journal, that the Fed, as main bank regulator, had walloped the bank last year with a “troubled condition” designation, one of the lowest rankings on its five-level scoring system.

The FDIC keeps its “Problem Bank List” secret. It only discloses the number of banks on it and the amount of combined assets of these banks. A week ago, the FDIC reported that in Q1, combined assets on the “Problem Bank List” jumped by $42.5 billion to $56.4 billion (red bars, right scale), the first such surge since 2008, as I mused…  Oops, It’s Starting, Says This Chart from the FDIC:

That increase in assets of $42.5 billion on the “Problem Bank List” nearly matches the assets of Deutsche Bank’s principle subsidiary in the US, Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas (DBTCA) of $42.1 billion as of March 31. And this has now been confirmed by the sources: it was DBTCA that ended up on the “Problem Bank List.” […]

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Situation Report June 3, 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

A French banking cartel, BNP Paribas, sought to rule the world.  This was primarily engineered by George Herbert Walker Bush.  The instrumentality to secure a world-wide lock-down on all commercial transactions was “Homeland Security” under the watchful eye of Dick Cheney.  Just as it says in the Bible, nobody was allowed to buy or sell apart from the Mark of the Beast. [This all concerned banking at the wholesale level, so most people remained blissfully unaware.]

And then, the rest of the world rebelled and formed an answering system — the Asian International Investment Bank and BRICS and CHIPS.
So now, in answer to worldwide dissatisfaction with having their commerce controlled and eaves-dropped upon, the same basic perpetrators— claiming now to be “White Hats” and inheritors of the “Homeland Security” functions, make the following demands: 

1. We, the States and the People, have to leave the jurisdiction of International Trade and “voluntarily” (have we heard that word before?) enter the realm of international commerce; 

2. We have to do this by establishing a commercial Transnational Corporation in “the UK” — Britain, again, always, Britain at the bottom of every dog pile —- and by so doing, subject ourselves to THEM, allow them to dictate what we can or cannot do, and have their snoops up our butts in all respects forevermore. We also have to deposit $30 million in fiat credit to pay for their “services” –when they are already in our employment; 

3. We are being coerced to do this in order to receive back the control of and access to vast actual, factual gold, silver, platinum and other assets which belong to us fair and square and which are on “Special Deposit” at their banks and which are in fact underwriting their “central bank system”; 

4. They have grossly over-stepped any merely presumed office related to securing these assets for us. They have in fact pretended to be our “guardians” while functioning as our employees; 

5.  This sets up a scenario similar to the children’s fable of “The Spider and the Fly”—- they invite us in and offer hospitality in hopes of having a dinner for themselves, but as I informed the vermin this morning, those are our assets, not theirs, and if they wish to appear to be thieves and criminals subject to international arrest and prosecution, all they have to do is continue their bad behavior; 

6. We are acting in our proper jurisdiction and if we enter any commercial jurisdiction at all, it will be as clearly identified American Vessels owed all protections and guarantees of the original equity agreement between our government and the British government—- not as specious transnational corporations subject to regulation and seizure; 

7.  As it stands, the British Government has acted in Gross Breach of Trust and deserves no further credibility in any of the claims that it has made or is making against the American Government, the American States, and the American People—or “for” us, either;  

8.  As it stands, the Municipal Authorities have abdicated their responsibility and thereby promoted this situation in which banks have been allowed to seize upon private assets and retain control of those assets in contravention of both public and private law long after the owners have been properly identified and have asked for an accounting of the assets; 

9. If this situation is not rectified immediately, it will be cause for all parties concerned to “go public” and expose exactly how these banks have stolen from their depositors and used various means of deception and false claims to excuse their self-interested and criminal actions.  

There won’t be a bank left standing in the western world once people understand exactly how these false governments and the banks have acted as parasites and sought to strangle and control and deprive us all.  

And that denouement will not be long in coming worldwide if access to our actual assets and credit owed is not made available tout de suite, together with an end to all claims of debt and bankruptcy connected to these venal and insupportable claims. 

I am a member of the generation that remember The Who — and the lyrics of a certain song: “Meet the new boss…. same as the old boss….. pray we don’t get fooled again…..”  

This is precisely what the French and British governments are colluding to do — fool us and the rest of the world into thinking something has changed, when it has not.  A new computer system has been authorized to carry out the same old rot. 

 It changes nothing that needs to be changed. 

We are not commercial entities.  We have no cause to enter the realm of commerce, especially in view of Britain’s failure to protect American shipping and its long-established practice of preying upon American shipping in Gross Breach of Trust and commercial agreement.   

No, we are the actual owners and beneficiaries and trustees of the assets which these commercial entities owe us, free and clear and upon demand. 

It would be a terrible mistake for anyone to form any sort of British Corporation or Transnational Corporation under British auspices, as the British Government is a criminal entity which must inevitably be brought either to repentance or justice. Naturally, those doing business under corporations they charter will be subject to the same penalties and losses as the parent organization. 

Equally, it would be a mistake to incorporate under French auspices, for the same reasons. BNP Paribas is as guilty as the Bank of England ever was. 

We, the American States and People, are owed vast amounts of money and credit, both.  We also represent a coalition of eighteen Historic Trusts that have been stolen and commandeered by these white collar criminals with the approval and participation of the “governmental services corporations”.  Together, we represent a vast portion of the world’s wealth and the world’s gold, silver, and platinum reserves.  

Possession by pirates does not change ownership.  And promises must be kept. 

When the assets were deposited as Special Deposits (that is, Holy Deposits), they were deposited in trust and safe-keeping with the understanding that we, the living people, would have control and access to our assets at all times.  Nothing has changed that would validate any restriction or change to our original agreements concerning these assets. Our assets are ours and so is any credit owed to us by the banks for their use of our assets to underwrite their client base transactions. 

It has never been our desire nor our intention to use our assets for any destructive aim, nor has it been our desire to destabilize any economy or bank, but we wish it to be known and accepted that our assets are ours and that we have every right to control our own assets without any obligation to function in commerce and without any specious claim that we are or ever were bankrupt, and without any further claim by our employees that they have any duty or right to sit in judgement of our use of our own assets or any business requiring us to form a British Transnational Corporation to receive (1) an accounting of our assets on deposit and (2) to the nominal extent we may require, return of our capital investments and Special Deposits left in safekeeping with any bank in the Central Banking system. 

Let this be sufficient Notice and Decree.  We wish our assets to be audited and control of our assets to be returned to us free and clear of debt or encumbrance; the cost of the audit, not to exceed the common costs and parameters of audits generally, may be deducted from the asset base.  

We wish it to be known and accepted that we are not wards of any state, not bankrupts, not paupers acquiescing to any commonwealth estate, not voluntarily yielding any Powers of Attorney and not allowing any Powers of Appointment— we are in full life and standing with respect to all our assets in all realms and jurisdictions.  

We also wish it to be known and accepted that The United States of America [Unincorporated] is still in existence and operation and has been in such continuous operation and existence since September 9, 1776, and it is owed all of its assets in international jurisdiction returned without debt or encumbrance of any kind— which includes the assets and the interest and dividends and annuities owed to our States and People and the return of all copyrights, titles, patents, insurances, and other intellectual property established under our (much abused) delegated powers. 

We wish it to be known and accepted that such duty and return is due now and there is no excuse nor provision for any excuse otherwise.

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Bob Hurt Pretends, But…. Read On, Campers!

By Anna Von Reitz

Bob Hurt pretends that there is something insufficient or “not proper” about me and my material. 

But a closer examination shows that Bob is suffering from delusional dysfunction. 

What I am telling him — and what the public records are telling him — doesn’t jive with what he has been taught and what he assumes to be true, so he is in what we popularly call “denial”.   He doesn’t know why he doesn’t believe me.  He can’t tell you what is wrong about my reference material or my approach — which is to let you read it all for yourself.   He just doesn’t believe me. 

He isn’t alone.  

He is also a member of the law enforcement community, which adds an extra layer of misconception.  The roots of that misunderstanding have been carefully bred by the Masters who use the police and military as both fodder and guard dogs. 

Bob also seems to assume that I am the only one bringing forward this information— and that isn’t so, either.  Not by a long shot. 

For insight into the role of the Rothschild Empire and the overall history from the seventeenth century forward read: The Ruling Elite by Deanna Spingola.  This is a reasonable, scholarly work of history. 

In it you will learn that the Rothschilds got their real start working for Landgrave Wilhelm of Hesse-Kassel, son of Frederick II, the nice man who sold the King of England 30,000 Hessian mercenaries to fight the Colonists.  You will learn that the House of Rothschild brokered that deal and has profited from war ever since. 

You will learn that “Wilhelm conscripted his male citizens and trained them as soldiers. Then he sold or rented them for “peacekeeping” services to Europe’s royal families.” (page 13, Trafford Publishing paperback edition)  — just like FDR conscripted, trained, and profited from our boys in World War II.  Just like the vermin have done ever since.  And just like the UN is doing now.  Just like what China proposes to do with its idle “million man” army.  All in the name of “peacekeeping” —- just like always. 

Wake up, America!  Wake up, Bob!  Smell the coffee?  Hear the birds sing?  

You will also learn that Rothschild fingerprints are all over BNP Paribas– a conglomerate which dominates the Paris Stock Exchange and the largest global banking group on the planet—but here is the kicker: “they own Reuters, the Associated Press, Havas, Wolff, and have controlling interests in NBC, CBS and ABC.  They are still gold agents for Britain and control the London Bullion Market Association (restructured since the publication of the book in 2011)…..”  and that’s just page 31-32 of one book.

Solves the entire mystery of why “our” Mainstream Media is so incredibly useless and monotonous and dishonest, doesn’t it?  

Time for everyone to realize that it truly isn’t “our” media— its their media, and they are deliberately dumbing us down and force feeding us 24/7 on whatever mentally deficient garbage they wish us to consume. 

Here is another wonderful— even necessary — reading choice for my friends and followers:  Emergence from Illusion, a Memoir of Ricardo Johansson.  

This is one of those small, seminal gems that anyone can read in a day or two. It very clearly and concisely and informally treats all the same issues that I address, simply from a more European historical and philosophical perspective. 

It takes in the broad view of the circumstance including the money issues at a glance and offers the author’s solutions, which are just as straight-forward.  

Talk about a breath of fresh air in a very musty room!  Ahhhhh!   Thank you, Ricardo Johansson! — another voice lifted and heard!    

Please note the subtitle of this book: “Nation building should begin at home.” 

And so it does and should and is taking place at this moment.  It is in a change of mind, a resolve and expansion of knowledge taking place in each one of us, the end of pathetic silent obedience to tyranny and false guardianship and an end to casting off our own responsibilities. 

Here is a quote to whet your whistle [Bob]: 

“In all actuality, mankind’s need for independence from tyrannical corporate terror and oppression by a few is no different today than at any time in the past. The only real difference from today and the past is our super technology that serves to make corporate tyranny potentially more dangerous on a world-wide basis.  As a side-note, I thought you might find it as interesting as I did that the present Corporation of Government operative in America is now training its inter-corporate police forces to believe that the American Founding Fathers, were, in fact, terrorists.  (Search YouTube for “FEMA calls founding fathers terrorists”).  I would assume that the police officers would extrapolate that to mean that anyone who currently considers the actions of the Founding Fathers to be valiant, and who celebrates the 4th of July, would be a terrorist sympathizer at the very least. The humor here is, of course, that the European Royal Monarchy and its corporate culture-control Agents would naturally consider anyone opposed to their style of corporate government to be a “terrorist”. 

What Bob and his cohorts in the police and military are being trained to believe is actually more subtle and sophisticated than just the “terrorist”  or “paper terrorist” meme we hear coming from the mouths of young Shipping Clerks (Bar Attorneys).  

What they are in fact being taught is that all of us patriots and nationalists all over the world are ignorant clod-hoppers, perhaps well-intended, and perhaps not, similar to dumb beasts and cattle out in the feed lot.  Of course, this idea that we are uneducated and ignorant makes the police and military feel that they are superior to us, because they have been taught that we are uneducated and ignorant and that our opinions and ideas are to be discounted. 

We couldn’t possibly know better than they do, because, after all, they have been educated (by the Masters)  and we haven’t.  

The plain fact of the matter— that all the secrets are crimes and the excuses for it are all horse hooey — is thus veiled behind a wall of egotism and self-righteousness of the “my government, right or wrong” kind, that is fed from an endless well of ignorance on the part of the police and military.  

People have asked me— why do you bother with Bob Hurt?  Because, in his own way, Bob Hurt is everyman in our government, another old Flatfoot, a man who isn’t bad or good by his own devices, but simply misinformed and left in a welter of denial and confusion—despite the fact that his own experience must have left him with abundant proof that what I and all the other critics are saying is in fact true. 

Imagine being that conflicted?  Imagine spending your life in “law enforcement” only to learn that you were enforcing the wrong kind of law?  

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