Because they say so—

Because they say so—

But why?

Because they can…not because they are lawfully empowered by the people with lawful consent.  These are criminal tactics of systematically applying tyranny to condition the dumb, ignorant and trusting people to obey authority.  Even though they have no lawful authority.


US Govt Raid Small Farmers, Health Stores, Organic Markets
OUT OF CONTROL COPS – Swat Teamed For Unpaid Student Loans
So-called authorities raid organic farm picnic event

Diamond and Silk get the axe: Google, Facebook and YouTube on black censorship RAMPAGE to silence all pro-Trump voices by any means possible

(Natural News) Controversy has erupted across social media after Twitter suspended the account of a user named “Nicole Mincey” who President Trump re-tweeted on August 5, thanking her for tweeting words of adulation about his presidency. Trump supporters claim that the removal of Mincey’s account by Twitter is a blatant act of censorship, which would…

Academics are trying to “normalize” eating insects by baking biscuits out of ground insect powder

(Natural News) A team of researchers at the Abertay University in Dundee, U.K. have created a cookie recipe made of cricket flour in hopes of attaining a more sustainable food source for the the world’s estimated population of nine billion people by 2050. In making the cookies, the research team used house crickets from Thailand that were finely-ground into flour. According…