HONEY: Is this ancient medicinal food the key to fighting deadly drug-resistant infections?

(Natural News) Exotic honey can be used as a powerful alternative when treating one of the deadliest infections in the U.S. today. A report published in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents confirms that exotic honey can battle antibiotic-resistant infections, like Clostridium difficile. Interestingly, C.difficile is caused by an overdose of antibiotics. Two researchers from Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital’s Department…

Israeli women found to be wildly deficient in iodine, the trace nutrient that protects against radiation damage

(Natural News) Israel’s very first national iodine survey revealed alarming low levels of iodine among children and pregnant women. Iodine is an essential mineral that promotes healthy pregnancy and metabolism. The mineral is also important is preventing a wide array of adverse health conditions such as goiter, skin disease, fibrocystic breast disease and cancer. Iodine was also…

How to grow pesticide-free organic celery

(Natural News) Not many people know that today’s commercially produced celery is laden with chemicals, with some samples carrying residues of more than 60 pesticides. This is worrisome, considering that data from the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center showed that U.S. consumers had a mean annual consumption of six pounds of fresh celery per person in…

Okay, here we go… Three (3) Videos with potentially Hot and Breaking Intel (and which I personally I cannot absolutely validate…)

…but they feel rather “right on”, so here they are. Two with Kent Dunn and one from William Mount. I’m putting these out there because I “got the inner message” to do so. Yes, some of these may seem a bit “out there”, but I urge each to see if it resonates within for you! (and please view these in a “free from any fear” energy space).

The last one somewhat goes along with this recent Ben Fulford.

https://youtu.be/5q-2IRr48fU (3-30-17)

https://youtu.be/fhOTlIprBwQ (3-30-17)

https://youtu.be/oITR0fkAoOM (3-17-17)

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North Korea could kill 90% of all Americans by dropping EMP nukes from orbiting satellites

(Natural News) North Korea’s Kim Jong-un could easily wipe out 90 percent of the American population, two U.S. intelligence experts warned. In a joint article, former CIA director Robert James Woolsey Jr and US Congressional EMP Task Force director Dr. Peter Vincent Pry refuted the mainstream media’s allegations that North Korea may not be able deliver on its repeated threats to launch…

Fish oil found to significantly improve children’s ability to read… shows power of nutrition to boost brain performance

(Natural News) Fish oil supplementation may improve reading and comprehension performance in children, according to a recent Swedish study. To assess this, researchers at the University of Gothenberg examined 154 children who were either given the omega-3 fatty acid supplement Equazen or a placebo pill. Children in the Equazen group showed a 64 percent improvement in…

Shocking letter from dead EPA scientist reveals 14 biochemical mechanisms by which glyphosate (Roundup) causes cancer … All were suppressed by the EPA

(Natural News) In March 2015, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) announced its findings that glyphosate, the primary ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, is “probably carcinogenic” – in other words, likely to cause cancer in humans. Then, in late April 2016, an 87-page report by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Cancer Assessment…

Kp Message 3-30-17… “Energy Movements… Multi-Dimensional Intersecting Swells”

Today there seemed to be a concomitant “multi-layer” swells thing going on… at least that’s what I saw. Like we, as multi-dimensional BEings, were experiencing (riding) swells, but on each dimensional level. Each D-level was “swelling”, and sometimes the swells poked up into the higher layer, and poked down into the lower. What a ride!

I’m not sure if any of this will “make sense” to anyone out there, but all I can say is, that is what I “saw” (perceived).

Maybe it’s like that multi-layer chess type game I recall seeing on one of the Star Trek episodes. But it’s more than that. The levels themselves are undulating (swelling) and interpenetrating. And I sensed that many of us were learning how to ride each of these inter-layer swells.

So now that is out there, I am quite sure that some can relate to it. And some do understand it. Personally, I sense that, as far as being a part of the 3D level, it is most helpful to ride the swells and BE “in the moment”… aka, “outside of time”… and not intellect-planning where to go next.

Going with the “Multi-D Wave(s)” flow.

Nothing to it!!

Aloha, Kp

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