TODAY: Episode: USA #110: Constitutional Government & Jural-Society Organizing & Empowerment.

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Episode: USA #110: Constitutional Government & Jural-Society Organizing & Empowerment.





All honorable people are here-by invited to join in
our growing Community of reputable Law & Justice Scholars & Activists

This Conference’s Scheduled Time & Date is: Today, Friday, 01-September-2017.
Time: 7:00-pm Eastern-Time, 4-pm Pacific-Time.

How to participate:
Call in by Dialing: 1-724-444-7444.
Enter Call-ID: 10929#.

Also; from listeners computers, people may listen & type comments in our conferences,
thru the audio-feed & chat-window, which is
web-linked, here:
Click here to join the call or just listen along.
(Optional) Become a TalkShoe member; & get your own customized chat-window ID.
You can also join the call through a Facebook/TalkShoe program.

Many subjects discussed in our recent phone-conferences will be re-visited in this evening’s conference.
  Audio-File Recordings & partial Transcripts of our recent conferences are available through web-links, here:

For end-users, our ConstitutionalGov.US web-page is now back up & running properly.

Our Conference/Forum/Court’s Attendees seem to have developed the “Consensus”, that
our American People Must “Organizeto do Rightous & Lawful Battle against
those Powerful International & Spiritual “Criminals” who routinely, habitually, & secretively Conspire
to commit Acts of Murder & Terrorism against our Common American People.
Any-one; please, “Correct Us” if we might “Error” in Our Collective “Judgement”, on this important issue.

After this Friday‘s conference has gained about a half hour of introductory discussion, we will shift focus to
a special but again brief appearance of a Guest-Speaker, going by the alias of “Ghost“,
& who appeared similarly briefly in our last Friday‘s conference,
& who will be focusing his words on his insights in-to the obscured but powerful movers & shakers
who are responsible for the above-described “Evils” on this earth.
“Ghost” has shared with us what seems to be some very powerful law-technology insights; including documents &
a very insightful & recent audio-recording, as described in the web-page that we have set-up for him, here:

The meat of the above last-linked audio-recording starts after 13-minute mark.
Leading up to & following this Friday‘s presentation by “Ghost”, our nicely maturing “Jural-Society” Community

will again focus our discussions on engineering “Lawful Remedy” for those above-described “Evils“.
The “Rules of the Common-Law” will be focused on here, as originally intended in the Fifth, Sixth, & Seventh Amendments.
Here-under, we will also generally follow “Roberts Rules of Order”; which includes prioritizing “Old Business”.

Here-under; probably the Main Focal-Point of Our Conference/Forum/Court,
is to facilitate the Meaningful Em-Powermentof our Common American People;
& this all by way of Lawfully Organizing each of us as Certified “Qualified-Electors” & Jural-Society Members“;
all of which will further Em-Power us as we there-after Certify the Election of Our Own Executive “Peace Officers”, & “Judicial Officers“;
& there-under to 3: Issue Many “Jury-Trial Verdicts“, recognizable under the “Seventh Amendment”;
& further there-under, to 4: Breathe Life In-to: our County level “Posse-Comitatus“.

Here-under; our Conferences here are Prioritizing the 
Assembling of our own “Common-Law Juries“,
all so-as to Lawfully Adjudicate the Multitude of Complaints of Rampant Injustice in our modern American Nation.
Here-under; we are inviting all honorably concerned others to “Bring their Own Cases” & Complaints before Our Court.

One specific case which we have been focusing seriously on, is that of Samuel Girod; as web-linked here:

Shorty, from Missouri, & Marvin from Indiana, have both been very concerned about Sam’s case;
& this author has composed a very “Rough-Draft Jury-Verdict” in efforts to empower Our Common People’s Court to help Sam;
& that document includes a Habeas-Corpus Judgement & Order for Sam’s Immediate Release;
all of which can be reviewed under the first of the 4 web-links in the last paragraph above.

Our court is publicly inviting other Qualified-Electors to submit similar Complaints of Injustice before Our Court;
& we expect to bring similar lawful adjudicatory process to the following cases:

David Schied’s work in Michigan State & the Federal Courts, here:

Andrew Ouwenga’s work in Michigan, here:

Hartford Van Dyke’s complaints & files describing his “Commercial Liens”, “Community Currency”, & Activism; as shown here:

We will again be asking other Qualified-Electors in attendance on Our Court to verbally authorize us to
add their names to Our Court’s Jury Verdict adjudicating that one”Keith Livingway” is
“Not a Qualified-Elector”,
with-in our American Body-Politic;as generally described in our Case Files & “Jury Verdict”, here:


As with all Jury Verdicts which Our Court produces; people who have agreed to act as “Jurors” should
review these rough-draft versions of Our Court’s Jury Verdicts, to be sure that there are “No Errors” in the words there-in

  Other Qualified-Electors who submit their complaints to our court
will receive similarly detailed attention to the final documents which evidence our lawful adjudication of their cases.

Our Conference/Forum/Court is also actively “Assembling” an American National Community of “Common-Law Judicial Officers“;
each of whom should be willing to Assume the Duties of the approximate;y 200,000 “Vacant Offices”,
which are referenced in the Sixth-Amendment as “Districts“, but which under common-law jurisdiction are refered to as “Precincts”;
& which contain the fully sovereign
“Judicial Power”, as statutorily recognized for “Magistrates”;
but as wielded by more ancient & localized “Common-Law Monarchs”, & this all with modern lawful authority to “Issue Arrest-Warrants”.

Taking paranoia-level “Cautious Baby-Steps” towards these ultimate “Lawful Remedies”,
we expect an enlightening discussion to happen in our conference, on this Friday evening;
& w
e plan on hosting similar weekly conferences, at the same time & place.

  We hope to gain the ability to regularly compose complete Transcripts of our conferences.
The mp3 audio-file recordings of our past conferences are available
by scrolling-down in this conference’s web-linked talkshoe page.

We all do hope that all good others will be able to attend this up-coming conference,
& assist us in insuring that “Lawful Process” is Responsibly & Vigilantly Followed;
in all of these cases which are being brought before Our Court.

Pro-Tem Presiding-Judge: Charles Stewart; on the land, in “Sandy, Oregon”. / 503-676-8048.

Chemical-dosing experiment to force friendship toward migrants: not science fiction

Chemical-dosing experiment to force friendship toward migrants: not science fiction

by Jon Rappoport

August 30, 2017

I really hope you understand this.

It is not a fantasy. It isn’t science fiction. It isn’t satire.

It is Brave New World, but not the Huxley novel. It’s happening now.

It’s a new published study that appears on the website of the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

The title of the study is, “Oxytocin-enforced norm compliance reduces xenophobic outgroup rejection.”

Xenophobia is defined as: “fear or hatred of foreigners, people from different cultures, or strangers.” (

Oxytocin, the chemical used in this study, is described by Medical News Today: “Widely referred to as the love hormone, oxytocin has also been dubbed the hug hormone, cuddle chemical, moral molecule, and the bliss hormone due to its effects on behavior, including its role in love and in female reproductive biological functions in reproduction.”

“Oxytocin is a hormone that is made in the brain, in the hypothalamus. It is transported to, and secreted by, the pituitary gland, which is located at the base of the brain.”

“In chemistry, oxytocin is classed as a nonapeptide (a peptide containing nine amino acids), while its biological classification is as a neuropeptide. It acts both as a hormone and as a brain neurotransmitter.”

The published study details a successful attempt at chemical mind control. The goal is making people more “happy and friendly” about mass migration, by changing their hormonal response toward migrants.

Nothing in the study cites inherent migration problems, such as increased violent crime, back-breaking financial pressure on government budgets, and the eroding of local cultures. It’s all about shifting feeling and reaction toward waves of immigrants.

Here are extensive quotes from the new study:

“Here we report the results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled experiment showing that enhanced activity of the oxytocin system paired with charitable social cues can help counter the effects of xenophobia by fostering altruism toward refugees. These findings suggest that the combination of oxytocin and peer-derived altruistic norms [social cues] reduces outgroup rejection even in the most selfish and xenophobic individuals, and thereby would be expected to increase the ease by which people adapt to rapidly changing social ecosystems [mass immigration].”

“Never before have individuals had to adapt to social environments defined by such magnitudes of ethnic diversity and cultural differentiation. However, neurobiological evidence informing about strategies to reduce xenophobic sentiment and foster altruistic cooperation with outsiders is scarce. In a series of experiments settled in the context of the current refugee crisis, we tested the propensity of 183 Caucasian participants to make donations to people in need, half of whom were refugees (outgroup) and half of whom were natives (ingroup). Participants scoring low on xenophobic attitudes [already accepting toward immigrants] exhibited an altruistic preference for the outgroup, which further increased after nasal delivery of the neuropeptide oxytocin. In contrast, participants with higher levels of xenophobia generally failed to exhibit enhanced altruism toward the outgroup. This tendency was only countered by pairing oxytocin with peer-derived altruistic norms [social cues], resulting in a 74% increase in refugee-directed donations. Collectively, these findings reveal the underlying sociobiological conditions associated with outgroup-directed altruism by showing that charitable social cues co-occurring with enhanced activity of the oxytocin system reduce the effects of xenophobia by facilitating prosocial behavior toward refugees.”

Here is the study’s basic backgrounder: “At this time, we are witnessing one of the largest movements of refugees since the end of World War II (1, 2). Ongoing conflicts, persecution, and poverty in the Middle East and Africa have continued forced displacement of more than 65 million people since 2015 (2). Accommodating the large influx of migrants not only challenges the humanitarian capacities of European countries but also requires their native populations to adjust to rapid growths in ethnic diversity, religious pluralism, and cultural differentiation. However, the impetus to adapt to changing social ecosystems is susceptible to considerable interindividual heterogeneity (3). Resistance to this transition often goes along with xenophobic sentiment (4), and as a consequence, recent elections in Europe have favored populist candidates who have openly expressed xenophobic attitudes toward refugees (5). However, at the same time, volunteer work for migrants in the hosting countries has reached all-time highs and is estimated to exceed 1.6 million hours per month in Germany alone (6). In the face of growing tensions over differences in ethnicity, religion, and culture (3), there is an urgent need for devising strategies for helping foster the social integration of refugees into Caucasian societies.”

The truly disturbing and mind-boggling aspect of this study is: many people would accept it as a reasonable way to “solve” the migrant crisis.

Forget about the actual effects of immigration. They’re irrelevant. Instead, focus on re-shaping people’s minds, through chemical intervention.

The authors of the mind-control study are basically saying, “If you have a problem with mass immigration, the problem has nothing to do with facts. It only has to do with your hormone system. Basically, you have a deficit of oxytocin.”

I have written many articles about the effects of philosophic materialism, including its conclusion that humans are merely biological machines and, therefore, can be manipulated at will by “those in charge.”

“Free will? A delusion. Individual choice? Unacceptable. Humans are inherently programmed in every respect, and badly programmed at that. The central flaws must be fixed. Humans must be reconfigured so they automatically respond to stimuli in new ways. ‘More humane ways’.”

Lost in this study, as well, are the effects of dosing with oxytocin on a person’s overall hormone system. You don’t suddenly ramp up one hormone without changing levels of others—testosterone, for example. But who cares, when the social and political goal must be attained? If men become more passive in the process, why not?

Perhaps that notion will be the formation of the next study. “Let’s cut testosterone and see what happens. How much of it do we need to reduce before men just lie around and play with toys and dolls?”

Interestingly enough, the authors of the study never considered dosing male immigrants of military age with the oxytocin “love hormone.” Heaven forbid. That would be “interfering in their culture.”

That’s called a clue.

power outside the matrix

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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Cosmic Disclosure: Timeline Splits and Diversionary Tactics

David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, and in this episode, we are here with Corey Goode, bringing you some very interesting up-to-the-minute updates.

So without further ado, Corey, welcome to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So let’s talk about this first, because the first subject is one that is on a lot of people’s mind if they’re aware of what’s going on, and that is that there have been a very densely concentrated number of incredibly snide, vicious personal attacks against me, but much more so against you, and even against this network.

I will just say, for the record, that I consider these attacks to be very over-the-top and ludicrous. And I don’t typically respond to this kind of stuff because it’s just so absolutely outrageous.

But what are your thoughts or feelings about what’s going on right now? I mean, it’s obviously made to look like it’s just normal people having typical complaints, but what do you think is going on here?

Corey: Well, I’ve spoken to you; I’ve spoken to other people that have been in this business a long time. No one’s ever seen anything near the magnitude of this type of attack.

1 Corey Goode

And this is exactly what I said was coming at least six months ago, when I was told that anyone associated with the Navy Secret Space Program narrative had to be discredited and destroyed, because they want this Air Force narrative to come out and be disclosed.

David: The thing that surprises me the most about this, Corey, is the feeling of almost total invulnerability that the people perpetrating this appear to have. It’s as if they don’t have the slightest concern about being sued, or committing libel, or slander, or defamation. They just absolutely do not care.

What are your thoughts on that?

Corey: Well, as I stated, this is a part of a major operation. It’s not just a few people that have some issues. These are people that have been activated, and they have to squash or quash anything that gives credence to the Navy program.

They only want the Air Force program to be in the forefront right now, because they plan to disclose it fairly imminently.

David: Would they be attacking you if you were losing?

Corey: Absolutely not. When you put yourself out as a victim, you are then in defense mode. You’re not in attack mode, which is what they’re used to being in – having the upper hand and being on the attack. Right now, they look extremely desperate with the tactics they’re using.

David: You recently did a joint article with Dr. Michael Salla, and you’ve also made some Facebook posts regarding the idea that there could be some sort of official Nordic disclosure involving, I guess, something having to do with us being introduced to them.

Corey: Yes. And this could be tied to a recent meeting I had with Ka’Aree. I’ve never seen her display anxiety with body language or energy, and I was picking up anxiety.

And she let me know that the Anshar were concerned about the timeline, that things were not going well.

David: Hm.

Corey: And that because of that, not only them, the Anshar, but three other non-human beings along with the Anshar have decided to go against the Muhammad Accords, which is a really big deal.

They’re unable to get all the signatories of the Accords together to ratify it or to end it.

So because things have become so desperate, they are now stating that they’re going to start reaching out to humanity.

And in the beginning, they’re going to start reaching out to humanity en masse through dreams and visions to prep us for face-to-face contact.

And then they’re going to start appearing, very much like they have with me, with individuals and small groups of people but not on a national or world scale to where they’re going to be on television, that kind of a thing.

It’s going to be a slow acclimation process.

David: I want to be clear on this, and I want to get you to put this on the record. What type of person would be chosen for this kind of contact? And what kind of conduct would these beings be expecting from you if you were going to receive this type of contact?

Corey: They’re choosing people that they’ve been in contact with for a long time, usually, and a lot of these people spend a lot of time in a meditative state and are more in the frequency to where they can be communicated with

David: Uh-huh.

Corey: So usually, it’s going to be the more positive people, the quieter people, that have been focusing on their inner journey and have been preparing themselves for contact.

David: So just so that we’re clear, what you’re saying is then that these people would start by having, perhaps, a lot more vivid dreams than they’d been having before?

Corey: Yes, vivid dreams.

David: What might those dreams be like?

Corey: Communication dreams. Beings appearing to them in dreams and preparing them for face-to-face contact.

And when that face-to-face contact does occur, people could very well be receiving passes to ride along on motherships.

David: Okay, there’s a couple more things I really want to get clear about here. It would appear that a more ego-driven spirituality would take something like what you’re describing, and then somebody is going to want to portray themselves as a savior figure for humanity.

Corey: Well, there are going to be those, probably, who do that. But when you’re one person among thousands that this is occurring to, you’re not going to rise to the top to be any type of savior.

And they’re not going to be choosing those types of people anyway that have savior complexes, they’re just not.

David: What do you think will be the conditions in the world, or what have you been told will be the conditions in the world, that we will be seeing concurrently with when the in-person behavior starts to happen?

Corey: Well, a lot of people will be reporting these dreams – contact dreams. That’s going to be the major thing that people notice.

Now, one of these four groups is most likely the Nordic group that I received briefings on for quite a while. Gonzales, Sigmund and Ka’Aree have all spoken about this Nordic group possibly stepping forward.

This Nordic group has been in communication with all the world leaders, religious leaders, for a long time.

Recently, there was a meeting of all the world religious leaders, I believe in June, to where they all basically asked if we can just all get along. Isn’t that right?

David: It was about, “Let’s be friends”, that was the main theme, yeah.

Corey: Right. Be friends.

Well, a lot of information is coming in – a lot of it through the Air Force – that this Nordic group has been working very closely with the Vatican in a way to come out with their existence in a way that’s not going to shock the people.

Now, they fully expect that everyone is going to have a lot of questions, you know, about these non-terrestrials.

And we’re going to find out that they’ve been involved in our past for millennia, that they’ve appeared as angels. They have introduced different belief systems to try to manicure our consciousness, to get us to grow more consciously.

So it is very much expected that when we find out all this information, this group is going to give us, basically, their belief system, their religion.

And it’s going to be based a lot on Oneness and what a lot of people would consider esoteric ideas, but it’s expected that the masses, the massive part of the population, will adopt it very quickly.

David: So let’s just say, Corey, that there’s reason to believe that the Alliance may be very much more a factor in the Vatican now than ever before.

How does that reflect on this alleged disclosure plan you’re talking about?

Corey: Well, the Alliance could be a factor directly or indirectly. Some of the people within the Vatican may see the writing on the wall, and they figure they’ll make a whole lot of internal changes.

Maybe some of them have been fully briefed on this non-terrestrial group that’s going to be introduced, and they want to clean house before that occurs.

So there could be a number of reasons on why the Vatican is behaving the way they are.

But the fact that open discussion . . . And I’ve heard from other people that they’re hearing similar things about the Vatican coming out, announcing a human-looking ET group that is going to introduce a lot of interesting new ideas to humanity.

David: Now when you said before that four groups were planning on breaking the Muhammad Accords, I believe you said the Anshar was one of those groups?

Corey: Correct.

David: So do we know if any of these four groups would be a malevolent group?

Corey: These are positive groups.

David: Oh!

Corey: They have all worked together in this confederation. Four of them have decided to step away from the Muhammad Accords and then start to acclimate people for face-to-face contact.

David: How do you think that affects the overall plans for this partial disclosure that you’ve been sharing with us in the past?

Corey: Well, it affects it pretty heavily because the partial disclosure was going to start off with releasing information about ancient underground structures under the ocean and under the ice in Antarctica.

Then they were going to release the Secret Space Program that the Air Force and DIA control.

David: Uh-huh.

Corey: And at that point, then they would say, “The telemetry from these technologies has found even more under the oceans and under the ice. On that note, we happened to have found some of these structures on Mars,” for example.

So that’s how they plan on stepping things up.

Part of that narrative was going to be that ETs have visited the Earth, but hadn’t been here in thousands of years, except for maybe one or two here and there.

And that narrative will be heavily stepped upon if a Nordic race or human-like race has open contact and begins, at the Vatican, standing next to the Pope, speaking to people.

David: Do you think, or have you been told, that this could happen quite spontaneously with the world just like it is today as we’re taping? Or could it be in an aftermath of some sort of catalytic events?

Corey: There are a lot of events that are expected to occur in tandem with any of these disclosures.

As I was discussing, the military-industrial complex wants to start with ancient civilizations under the ocean and under the ice.

Well, they could drop that at any point.

What they’re going to do is use that as a diversionary tactic if there are any types of tribunals or arrests that start to occur. That’s going to be a major diversionary tactic that they plan on using.

David: I would assume then that these would be very impressive.

Corey: Absolutely.

David: How would you describe something as being more impressive than typical tabloid stories we’ve seen up until now?

Corey: Seeing actual video and actual telemetry instead of speculation. You’ll see . . . Like off the coast of Cuba, you have some sonar of ancient structures, but it was real hush-hush, after that.

David: Yeah.

Corey: These are going to be undeniable reports, and it’s going to be sanctioned reports, that are going to give you all the information that they’ve gained from investigating them.

And this is going to include some of the underwater sites and under ice sites.

David: Have they war gamed what they think people’s reactions will be to this?

Corey: Yes.

David: What are they expecting will happen?

Corey: Well, they’re expecting it to be a good diversionary tactic, but they also had originally planned to release this information, and eventually release the information that the beings that created the civilization under the ice were not human. And that these elites are part of the bloodline of these beings, therefore, they are special. That was one of the narratives that was going to be pushed.

They were going to push their religion, basically, on the rest of the world using these finds to back up the religion.

David: Well, you remember, Corey, that right before you and I started talking, I got this “authorized disclosure” from the United States government from one of my insiders that was the whole cosmic history of the Mars and Tiamat, or Maldek, civilization 500,000 years ago – blowing themselves up, going to the Moon, eventually crash landing here on Earth and becoming these Pre-Adamites.

Corey: Correct.

David: So do you think that that Pre-Adamite storyline is part of this idea of the elite being gods that they wanted to portray?

Corey: Yes.

David: How would that work?

Corey: Well, they are able to trace their bloodline back to this non-human group, the Pre-Adamites. So, therefore, it’s like the “divine right of kings”. They’re going to say, “Look at this vast civilization, what they were able to do. Why not give us control? We’re the same bloodline. We have all of their information. We can implement something like they had that’s technically advanced and a society where everyone can live together.”

David: What do you think is the goal of the Nordic group that’s doing this? What would be their ultimate objective for throwing off this partial disclosure timeline? What do they want from this?

Corey: They want to prevent a timeline that they have seen to where there is open negative rule – open rule by negative ETs.

They have seen timelines to where there is open rule by Reptilian-type ETs. They’re seeing different divergences in the timeline and how things are going.

So they’ve gotten to a point to where they have decided that they have to have all hands on deck and begin to have a hands-on approach instead of more of a remote approach, like they have been doing.

David: So you’re saying there is a possibility that these benevolent ETs see that even where we are right now, with as much awakening as we’ve had, that we could actually have a Reptilian-dominated planet?

Corey: That is one of the concerns, yes.

David: So what could we do to prevent that timeline from taking place? And what haven’t we done? Why would they see that it would even exist?

Corey: Well, I believe that they’re seeing now that there is so much interference from the negative groups. There are these cosmic laws to where you can’t directly interact with a developing society. You have to do it more in the background with puppeteers, secret societies, that kind of thing.

David: That’s both positive and negative sides, right?

Corey: Right. Well, the positive side finds ways to skirt these cosmic laws. The negative side will skirt the laws very well, but they’ll also outright break those laws.

David: But in both cases, we could say that each side has to contact people who are willing to follow their agenda, . . .

Corey: Right.

David: . . . whether it’s a benevolent agenda or an evil agenda, . . .

Corey: Right.

David: . . . and then work by proxy through those people instead of appearing directly.

Corey: Yes. But the negative groups have had more of a hands-on approach for a long time, and it’s caused a lopsided battle. So a lot of these positive forces that stick very closely to these cosmic laws are starting to get more hands-on.

David: Okay, so then people who are watching this show would ask, if the benevolents are so worried about this, then why don’t they just show up right now? Why are they so worried about coming forward and breaking their treaties and all this kind of stuff? What’s all the fear about?

Corey: Well, they still have to do things in the proper way. They can’t just appear in the skies. They have to go through a process like I discussed, where they’re going to start acclimating people through their dreams, appearing to them one-on-one.

That is the proper way to introduce themselves instead of just appearing in the skies.

David: Corey, apparently, Ka’Aree and some of the other Anshar have told you that the stakes for them are very, very high in this battle about whether we get this negative timeline or not.

So could you explain why the stakes are so high for them?

Corey: Well, as I’ve stated, the Anshar disclosed that their lineage is actually from our future. It’s kind of a hard thing to . . . It kind of twists your noodle a little bit.

They had something in their present, which is our future, that was similar to the Mandela Effect, which made them start looking back through time.

They located the cause. So they sent a group back, a small group, to maintain the timeline. And they sent them back about 17 million years.

So they’ve been here that entire time and have developed out independently. And it went from a small group to a pretty good-sized civilization that lives below the Earth.

Now, if they are not successful in maintaining their timeline, they could blink out of existence.

David: So they would not have existed before nor exist in the future?

Corey: They would not exist in the future, therefore, they would not exist in the past because they would not have had an opportunity to travel to the past to try to maintain the timeline.

David: Very bizarre.

Corey: Very bizarre.

David: Tell us what has happened, any updates you can share with us regarding the disappearance of Sigmund, since he was a major figure in some of our recent updates.

Corey: Yeah, I believe it was in April that he disappeared. And strangely enough, around that time period, a few other Air Force-type connections disappeared for other researchers. It was very bizarre.

Now since then, I’ve had a few meetings with the airmen that I call Tweedledee and Tweedledum, that . . . Some of them were kind of contentious.

In the beginning, they were very interested in knowing if I had heard from Sigmund, if I knew anything about Sigmund. And something felt a little off. I didn’t know what was going on.

Then most recently, in a meeting, these airmen hand me this report that they say was penned by Sigmund.

And in the report, it kind of contradicts a lot of the conversations I had with Sigmund. It says that they did not find any signs of a Navy Secret Space Program, even though he had interrogated some of these people himself.

So that, right away, got my attention.

And then the report started going down the line, stating that there are no giant spheres that came into our solar system, that all of this is a Nordic deception, basically, is what they were trying to tell me.

David: What about the Blue Avians?

Corey: The Blue Avians, they believe, is a creation of the Nordics. They believe the Nordics also created The Law of One. That was all in the report.

David: Interesting.

Corey: So they’re giving me this report, and I’m looking at it, and my spidey senses are going like crazy. You know, something’s just not right. And they’re observing me very closely.

Furthermore, the last time I had seen them, they started, I guess, pooh-poohing a lot of the intel I’d been given by Sigmund on Antarctica, on certain dates when things happened in the cosmos.

It was as if they were trying to disinfo me real quickly. And I felt a lot of deception coming from them. They were watching me, studying me, seeing how I would take in the information.

In the same conversation, when they were talking, I was picking up that Sigmund really wasn’t missing. I was getting the feeling that he was actually trying to infiltrate the SSP Alliance.

David: The Navy one.

Corey: The Navy. And I just stopped and went, “Oh!” I said, “Sigmund is trying to infiltrate the Alliance!”

And they lost their composure at that point. And they said if I stated that publicly, that my family would be harmed. And the last . . .

David: You got a threat from them?

Corey: Yep!

David: Really?

Corey: And that was before my last trip here to Gaia to do a report, and I left that out of the report.

David: So define “lost their composure.” They literally started yelling?

Corey: Yes.

David: And angry, violent faces?

Corey: Visibly angry.

David: Really?

Corey: They also told me that under no circumstances should I discuss the R&D facilities in Antarctica.

I’ve received a briefing on those, further briefing. They are EXTENSIVE! It is huge.

And also, the spaceport down there, they do not want us discussing.

They want us to go full bore and discuss the ancient civilization stuff, because that goes along with their narrative.

It’s very problematic, the information about what is going on down in Antarctica with these various contracting firms.

Anything that’s illegal to do or immoral, they’re doing it down there in those facilities.

David: Why do you think they care so much about what you would say or what I would say if most of the people in the world don’t believe any of this anyway?

Corey: Well, they do not want ANYTHING circulating about the R&D bases down there because it’s against a 1959 treaty. There could be a lot of negative ramifications, even though I hear other signatories of that treaty are doing similar things down there.

So this is a major black operation area, Antarctica is.

David: Hm-mm. What do you think is the end game for these two airmen in threatening you that way? Obviously, you’re not listening to them because you’re putting it here on public record.

Why would they threaten you so strongly? What are they worried about? What’s their vulnerability?

Corey: They want to steer me into reporting only the Air Force narrative, and everything they’re doing is trying to guide me in that direction.

If I cannot be guided into that direction, then the next stage has to occur to where they completely discredit me or anyone else reporting the Navy narrative.

David: I’m kind of going to fish here, but I think it’s a valuable fishing expedition. Is there a relationship between this Reptilian-controlled planet timeline and the partial disclosure timeline?

If they’re trying to steer us towards a partial disclosure timeline, is that the gateway drug for this negative take over of Earth somehow?

Corey: When the timelines split, there has to be a point from where they split. And depending on if it’s the negative timeline, positive timeline, or anything in between, it’s going to bifurcate at a different point.

So they’re going to try to control when that bifurcation occurs by controlling our mass consciousness. Our co-creative mass consciousness has a huge effect on these timelines.

So that’s one of the main reasons why we’ve been so mind-controlled.

David: Have you had any further interaction with Gonzales since we last put up dates out here, and if so, what has happened?

Corey: I meet with Gonzales every one to two weeks. He’s been helping manage the temporal dementia-type issues that are bleeding through, and also the two other 20-and-back bleed-throughs that are occurring.

Ever since he started treating me with that Magic 8 Ball thing, I started having dreams and flashbacks from the other 20-and-backs.

And most recently, I had a situation to where all of a sudden, I felt a little sweaty and nauseated, and was feeling outside of my body.

And then the next thing I know, I’m in some sort of a like an NBC-type suit or some sort of a protective suit. And we’re walking through this area that looks almost like a cave, but it looks like an ancient facility in this cave.

And we’re walking through. I can hear water dripping. And all of a sudden . . . It was just moments. And all of a sudden, I start leaning against the wall, and I’m feeling all dizzy.

And one of the women that was there grabbed my helmet and is looking at me and trying to communicate with me and looks over to someone else and starts saying, “It’s happening again! It’s happening again!”

And then I’m back, myself, current timeline, trying to make sense of what had just happened.

David: Hm! So you believe that that experience that you just recounted was from one of your 20-and-backs?

Corey: Yes.

David: And this would imply that some sort of degradation of your health or mental condition was taking place as a result of what they were putting you through?

Corey: Yes, but also the last 20-and-back was reported to be around the 1997 time frame.

David: Oh!

Corey: And we’re, what, 20 years out from that?

David: Right.

Corey: So like I’ve stated, a lot of the 20-and-back people start realizing that they were in 20-and-backs, or suspecting it, usually around the 20-year period after they’ve been released.

David: Is that where these bifurcated timelines start to knit back together?

Corey: After that 20-year timeline is when a lot of people start having memory recall, for some reason, of their service.

David: Interesting. Can you speak in a more knowledgeable fashion about the rough categorization of your three 20-and-backs now? Do you have an ability to say, “Okay, in this one, I actually worked Solar Warden. In this one, I did intercept and interrogate. Has it gotten that specific yet?

Corey: No, no. I was just having flashbacks of moments. And, apparently, the last two 20-and-backs were . . . I was involved with some pretty dark activities. So . . .

David: Okay. This is like galactic slave trade-type of stuff?

Corey: I’m sure it probably does.

David: Would you just say, on a general level, that the space program is designed on purpose to put people into what we would call evil or unethical situations so that no whistleblower could ever come forward?

Corey: Well, that’s one of the main reasons I’ve seen so many other whistleblowers walk right up to the line and not cross it. They do not want to self-incriminate. These are a lot of dark things that occurred, and there are a lot of people that could come forward and give a lot of information, but they’re afraid of incriminating themselves.

David: Could you be at all specific about the nature of how you would meet Gonzales? Is it similar to a construct like with Ka’Aree? Does it involve the Mayan breakaway type of method?

Corey: Yes, the Mayan breakaway. They basically teleport or transport me up to a vessel that they have in orbit.

David: Hm. So the way in which you’re seeing Gonzales in these meetings is in a Mayan vessel.

2 Mayan Stone Vessel

Corey: Yes.

David: Are you interacting with anyone else when you’re there besides him?

Corey: No, just him. The Mayans will look at me and smile real warmly, but I have, still, to this point, never had an interface with one of them.

David: Do these meetings typically happen in the same room or the same location?

Corey: Yes, the same room that I’ve described before with the floating stone panel, flashing Mayan-type symbols.

3 Console And Door Into Next Room

4 Console Flashing Glyphs

David: So was there anything further that you had from Gonzales that you feel is of importance to share with us right now?

Corey: Yes, actually. Quietly in the background, he has been in contract with elements of the Secret Space Program Alliance. They’ve been keeping their heads down big time after Sigmund’s group appeared.

Now, he’s been starting to give me briefings again, that are briefings that the SSP Alliance has asked him to give to me.

Now, this has included information about current events going on on the Earth.

On “Cosmic Disclosure” not too long ago, I had described how different military cells had been spread out throughout the United States before the elections to monitor some of these Deep State-type organizations and assets.

David: Hm.

Corey: Now, I found out more recently that these are Special Forces cells – I can’t say which branch – that these people, these soldiers, are the ones that had been sent to Kosovo, and places like that, to gather evidence against crimes against humanity.

David: Hm.

Corey: It’s not really legal for them to be doing domestic investigations, but they are. And they have identified all of the negative groups. They’ve been looking into the corruption. They’ve been looking into ties to very dark secret societies and activities tied to those, which we won’t go into details on. And they’ve identified all of these people.

And this military faction is waiting for a go-ahead to arrest these people. And they don’t’ expect it will be unless there is a military coup, because from the information I’ve received, the Deep State is in a place right now where they’re about to pull a few operations to remove some of the leadership that the Alliance has seeded into the United States.

When this occurs, if this occurs, I was told that the military groups that have been planning a coup will enact a coup, and that these Special Forces soldiers are gathering information for tribunals after something like a coup occurs.

David: Well, given the fact that these plans have been on the table for a long time, why do you think it’s taken us so long to actually have this happen?

Corey: Well, as I stated before, the Cabal groups were using this probable future technology that are AI algorithms that detect probable futures. This is how they’ve been able to stay out of the path of any type of arrests.

Now, a lot of the arrests that have been hyped up in the past have been just type, because strategically, there was not a situation to where the arrests could ever . . . The arrests could not occur because the Department of Justice was so controlled by the Cabal, as is the Congress.

The whole government is basically controlled. So there was never an opportunity to where anyone would be able to order arrests. It just wouldn’t happen. They could order arrests, but no one would carry them out.

David: Right. How do you feel it’s changed now?

Corey: Well, it’s changed now because the Alliance has stepped up their operations in the last few years, especially. And all the signs point to the Deep State, or Cabal, being now in a defensive position instead of an offensive position.

So a lot of the Alliance groups that are loosely knit are seeing this sign of weakness, and it’s emboldening them to apply more pressure to try to bring down the Cabal.

David: So if there were to be some sort of massive joint maneuver, how do you think we would encounter that as people who are just citizens?

Corey: Well, there would be a media blackout at first, until the hostilities had ceased. And then the military would take over the airwaves and give a full explanation of what had occurred. That’s what I’m told.

David: And you feel that this would be a benevolent thing?

Corey: I think that the Alliance feels it would be a benevolent thing. The people that are in control right now are the personification of evil – the things that they do.

David: Right.

Corey: I don’t even have to leave it up to people’s imaginations. It’s all over the Internet.

David: Have you had any further interactions with Blue Avians, and if so, what has been the content of that?

Corey: Yes. About five weeks ago, I finally had an encounter with Tier-Eir. I was picked up from my living room by a Blue Sphere, brought to another giant Blue Sphere, as I have had in the past, and I conversed with Tier-Eir.

And he showed me the solar system, and all of these spheres were pulsating and almost completely transparent.

5 Earth And Blue Spheres

And he told me that soon they will fade, and the full brunt of these energies will hit humanity.

When that begins to occur, do not be afraid when we begin to see large clusters of earthquakes, volcanoes going off, storms becoming even more energetic and dangerous – that these things were going to be a part of it when we get the full impact of these energies.

David: Is that the solar flash? Or is this just an energetic change that’s preceding . . .

Corey: It’s the energetic change.

David: Okay.

Corey: And I was told also that the End-Time Madness-type stuff we’re seeing, where negative people are becoming very negative, positive people are becoming more blissed out, and we’re seeing the mentally ill people just lose it – a lot of mentally ill people just lose it – that that is going to occur exponentially, and it’s going to become a lot worse.

David: Hm.

Corey: So because of this End-Time Madness, we can expect to see more rattling of sabers and talk of war, and that kind of thing, which can be very fearful.

But what Tier-Eir was trying to communicate to me is that we should not be afraid because we will feed that beast, that we should be hopeful because these are signs that the great changes are about to occur that are going to give us this consciousness renaissance.

David: If in Law of One terms, if we take The Law of One as being real and that these beings are all represented in it, we would have the Blue Avians being two dimensional levels more advanced than the Anshar.

Do they have the same degree of concern about our future that the Anshar do, or are they more dispassionate?

Corey: They’re dispassionate, right.

David: Okay.

Corey: Yeah, I’m not sensing any type of . . . You don’t sense any type of ego at all. They’re more like a social memory complex that one of them is representing at the time.

It’s not the ego of one being that identifies herself as that name. It’s a different type of communication with them as opposed to the Anshar.

David: Did they give you any warning about a possible negative timeline for Earth?

Corey: Yes.

David: They did?

Corey: Yep. Yeah, they did state that we need to work harder, doing mass meditations and doing everything we can to try to co-create this positive timeline. That the way our consciousness is being manipulated now, that we’re headed, not necessarily to the bottom of the scale, negativity-wise, but somewhere in the middle.

David: Hm.

Corey: And if we get stuck somewhere in the middle, this next cycle is going to occur. You know, who knows what that’s going to mean for humanity.

David: Do you have any further information to share with us on these large motherships that we’ve talked about in the past that have been found in Antarctica and have been excavated over the course of many years?

Corey: Yes, actually. I received, basically, a fairly decent briefing on the R&D facilities there that they really don’t want me to talk about, as well as more information about, especially, the three original craft that were discovered on ground level beneath the ice.

There were three oval craft, one very large, two smaller. They’re the ones that they jokingly call the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

They arrived at the same time and positioned themselves in a triangulated position on the surface.

And then the beings that were in the craft then began to cannibalize the craft to create a city between them.

David: And this was, I believe you said, around the time of 500,000 years ago – the original one?

Corey: No, this occurred around 60,000 years ago . . .

David: Oh! Okay, that’s the more recent one.

Corey: . . . when they came here and crash landed here.

David: Okay.

Corey: But they already had an enclave down here since before Tiamat and all of that in that area.

David: Right. But when you say “ground level”, do you mean . . .

Corey: Under the ice.

David: So it was on ice?

Corey: No, it was on the dirt, . . .

David: Okay.

Corey: . . . and there were trees, plants. They landed amongst all of that.

David: Okay.

Corey: They created a society, a civilization that rose pretty high. And one of the things I discussed is that they were really big into genetic engineering. They would mix their genetics with the humans’ genetics and the different animal genetics.

One of the things that I mentioned when we first talked about this was that in one of the genetic labs, they found a very strange Reptilian being that was in different stages of development. They were small and larger.

David: Hm.

6 Corey And David

Corey: And what I’m wondering is if the recent discovery of the three-fingered mummy from Nazca, if it could be one of these Pre-Adamite experiments.

7 3 Fingered Mummy1

8 3 Fingered Mummy2

I’m also wondering if . . . We’ve heard the Draco complain about . . . there were three lost Reptilian races from the Earth that humanity had destroyed a lot because we were told to by human-like ETs.

9 3 Fingered Small Mummies

And so they blame these human-type ETs and humans for removing their genetic experiments from the Earth.

David: Hm.

Corey: And I’m wondering if possibly that these two different types of beings that have been reported by Gaia are two of the three lost races.

So I have an inquiry out on that, and I’m waiting to hear back.

David: For the record, what is your personal feeling about the mummies that have been shown on “Unearthing Nazca”?

Corey: It’s mind-blowing! I think a lot of people had a knee-jerk reaction or it threatened their belief system so much that they just had to say, “It’s a hoax! It’s a hoax!”

But when you look at the X-rays, you can see that that’s anatomy.

10 Nazca Mummy X Ray

11 Nazca Mummy Sitting

Those bones grew together.

12 Nazca Mummy X Ray2

So I can’t see how it could be a hoax myself. I mean, if it is, why would someone go through all of the trouble to create a hoax like that? It would take so much time and money. What would their goal be?

So I can’t wait to get back the genetic report to take a look at that, to see if there’s reptilian, human and unknown DNA in it. Or if it’s reptilian, even maybe some avian DNA.

David: Have you ever seen, in your own travels, any three-fingered extraterrestrial-type beings?

13 Golden Triangle Head

Corey: Well, yes, the Golden Triangle-Headed beings are three-fingered. And there are also other . . . It’s kind of rare. Three-fingered beings are not common – three fingers that are just very easy to move around, and that they’re able to bend around in all kinds of weird ways.

But most of the beings that have been reported have either three fingers and a thumb claw, five fingers, or six fingers.

And our planet produces a certain harmonic field. And that field interacts with DNA, and it creates a template. And one of the templates of our planet is that most beings have five fingers.

David: So do you think that there would be energetic modifications to an extraterrestrial’s DNA if it lived here long enough, based on those native vibrations from the planet Earth?

Corey: Yes, yes. Some people call this Schumann Resonance, or whatever, but the frequency that the Earth puts out is going to have an effect on any being’s DNA that is here long enough. It’s going to begin to change the DNA.

David: How do you think that the Solar Flash events affect DNA as compared to the sort of ground state that we’re in in between them?

Corey: Well, it’s definitely got a . . . Just exposure to the Sun alone has an affect that changes your DNA. So that type of an energetic explosion from the Sun is going to have a very huge impact on our DNA.

Like I said, it depends on what you think the Solar Flash is. A lot of people think that we’re going to be hit with all these particles, and we’re all going to get cancer, or we’re going to die very quickly from exposure to these different radiations.

And some people think that there’s going to be some sort of spontaneous Ascension.

I think the truth is really somewhere in between there. From what I’ve been told by Tier-Eir, what’s going to occur is going to be more of a change on a consciousness level that’s going to send us into a consciousness renaissance, like Mika’s people went on.

And in that consciousness renaissance, we begin to understand how to manipulate time and space.

David: Very good. All right. Well, that’s all the time we have for in this episode of “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. We’re here with Corey Goode. And I want to thank you for watching.


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This Psychiatrist’s Take On Alcohol May Make You Never Want To Drink Again

There is so much to say about this widely used and accepted (and often encouraged) drug. I mean, the simple fact that it is indeed a drug is worth talking about. Few people consider alcohol a drug, and I can’t help but wonder why. Is it because it is legal in our society?

Perhaps it is because it is advertised everywhere we turn and glamorized so heavily in the media. But are we aware of just how damaging this drug can be? Not just for those who suffer from alcoholism, but for anyone consuming more than an occasional drink at a time?

Alcohol Is More Harmful Than You May Realize 

Many people simply do not understand how and to what extent alcohol affects our physical and emotional well-being; this is aside from its already addictive and damaging attributes. It’s a known carcinogen, decreases B12 and vitamin D production, blocks calcium absorption, is a depressant, can cause liver damage and memory loss. (Read more.)

We learn about the dangers of alcoholism and substance abuse in school, but our education about it pretty much stops there. We don’t really learn about the toxicity of alcohol and how even moderate use can harm our bodies — yes, even moderate consumption of alcohol can cause lasting damage. Many people feel pressured to drink, even when they don’t want to, in order to avoid being a ‘wet blanket,’ or ‘lame,’ or ‘not fun.’

Some of My Personal Experience With Alcohol 

Since I stopped drinking over a year ago, I’ve been met with shock and disbelief on many occasions, and I’ve even had a few people cancel dates after finding out I don’t drink. I understand that alcohol can ease social situations, as it definitely helps to ‘loosen you up,’ especially when meeting new people, and I worried at the beginning of my sobriety that it would be hard to fit in. I noticed in no time at all, however, that being sober forced me to step out of my shell more, and to actually look at my insecurities, whereas alcohol just acted like a mask, and made me become a skewed version of myself — often, in my case, an unrecognizable version of myself.

For a long time I justified my alcohol use by saying, “I’m just having fun,” or “I’m young, and it’s expected to party a lot when you’re young,” etc. But I found that more often than not, the next morning I would be completely sick and disoriented, with no recollection of actually having had fun. For me, it was really just an escape, and during my near 10-year struggle with alcohol addiction, I found every which way I could to justify it — and the interesting thing is that many of my peers would even justify it for me, encouraging it despite the fact that I clearly had some issues.

In writing about this subject in the past, I’ve realized it is a touchy one. Don’t get me wrong, some people can absolutely handle alcohol and use it wisely, but the reality is that the majority of people cannot. While not everyone has a “problem” with alcohol, many unknowingly drink more at a time and more frequently than their bodies can handle.

Psychiatrist’s Perspective on Alcohol Consumption

Below is a psychologist’s take on alcohol consumption. His perspective might just make you reconsider your relationship with this substance.

Alcohol can trap you in a vicious cycle. You feel down when you aren’t drinking, so you drink again to feel that rush of dopamine that you’ve been missing, and then it wears away, leaving you feeling even worse than you did before you chose to drink. It seems as though the only way to get back up again is to drink again, and thus the cycle continues. I’m sure that some of you who are reading can relate to this feeling.

I believe that the more we wake up to our own divinity, and build up our self-love and sense of worth, the less we feel the need for things like alcohol to make us feel good. For me, all it ever did was make me feel worse, and although I attributed much of my depression to other factors in my life, it wasn’t until I stopped drinking that I realized how much of it was just a byproduct of alcohol consumption.

I can say, wholeheartedly, and with so much peace, that my life has completely transformed since giving up this drug last October. The decision to quit drinking was something I quite honestly never thought would be possible for myself, as I couldn’t imagine myself actually having fun and meeting new people completely sober. But, let me tell you, it absolutely is possible!

If this information resonates with you even a little bit, then maybe you might consider cutting out alcohol for one month to see how you feel. It’s always good to take a step back and see how these things are actually affecting us. Many of us go to great lengths to take care of ourselves — mind, body, and spirit — but often we make exceptions for a poison that comes in the form of alcohol. Maybe it’s time we took a step back and looked at that and asked ourselves why?

This goes for any substance at all really. If we ever feel we need something to escape, or even just to get us through a social situation, then indeed we should be looking at that, asking ourselves why, and observing our actions and what it feels like to take that thing away.

Sometimes we forget what we are capable of, sometimes we let our past define our present, and sometimes we let outside factors take over, but it’s time to remember just how important you are and just how much you are capable of. Sometimes we forget, but that’s okay, because eventually we remember, and when we do, we are full of experience and understanding, and in this way can become the highest versions of ourselves — a version of ourselves that we had been preparing for all along. You have the power to create anything you want, remember?

Much Love

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8 Relationship Red Flags We Need to Stop Overlooking

Relationships are an integral part of life.

Whether they be of the romantic variety or not, they enrich our lives with experiences, lessons, emotions, and so much more that we could never have had on our own. Of course, relationships can also cause a lot of heartbreak and hardship in life, but that doesn’t seem to stop us from regularly engaging in them — and for good reason.

In hopes of helping you to better navigate through the relationship landscape of your life, I’ve put together a list of eight relationship red flags that we need to stop overlooking.

For the record, I’m not suggesting that if your current relationship features any of these warnings that the optimal response is for you to jump ship. What I am saying is that if these factors are present, they need to be addressed, and (in many cases) this can be done through an honest conversation with the other person.

See, in both video and written form, how many of these you’re currently experiencing.

1. You’re Not Yourself

We are all unique, and if you are not able to fully express everything that makes you who you are with the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with, that’s quite the red flag. It’s not that your partner needs to fully appreciate every aspect of you, but they do have to support your choosing to be yourself, flaws and all.

The last thing you want is a life where you are consistently wearing masks to appease those who surround you, all the while suppressing the things you once expressed freely. If this describes your current situation and you’re afraid to suddenly start being a more accurate version of yourself, I’d suggest starting with the more subtle things and eventually having a conversation with your partner where you share some of the things you’d like to start incorporating in your life again.

2. You Keep Losing Time to Do What You Love

When you enter into a new relationship, you are naturally tasked with reallocating your time and schedule to make regular space for your new partner. As the relationship progresses, the time demands may become more substantial, but the allocation tends to become easier since much of what you previously did on your own, you now do as a collective unit.

But a red flag to keep an eye out for is if your partner is consistently sucking away time that you previously spent doing things that you are passionate about or were important to you. This may not even be something they are consciously doing, and in most cases, some simple observation and a conversation will do the trick, but if it’s consistently their way or the highway, then look out!

3. You Compare Rather Than Celebrate

We all have a competitive bone in our body, with some having substantially larger ones than others. But no matter the size of your “inner warrior,” one person you should not be in competition with is your life partner.

I’m not saying that you cannot and should not challenge each other healthily, but rather, that you should be supportive rather than jealous of each other’s accomplishments. If your partner regularly lets their ego inflate at the sight of your success, something needs to change. 

4. You Feel Relief When Apart

I’d like to start this one by clarifying that I am not suggesting that the loss of our independence is a key to a healthy relationship. I’m instead referring to the initial feeling you experience when you have time apart from your significant other.

If you regularly find yourself relieved to finally be on your own, that’s a clear sign that you struggle with number one on this list. We all need our alone time, and should make time for it openly with our partner, but we should also be happy to share our time with them, too.

5. You Keep Bringing Up the Past

Whether it was hardship you experienced with a previous partner, or a tough time you went through with your current one, a major red flag is if either one of you regularly find yourself bringing up the past.

Our past has undoubtedly played an integral role in making us who we are today, but that doesn’t mean we should allow it to pollute the present moment. If you can’t seem to let the past go, things are only going to become increasingly more difficult in the relationship, since there are bound to be other challenges coming your way.

If you and your partner struggle with this, consider having an open conversation about the past experiences that keep coming up, focusing in particular on what you’ve learned from them rather than how they hurt you.

6. You Play Mind Games

During the initial stages of dating, mind games can be an ‘effective’ way to get to know one another. But if you find yourself still testing your partner six months, one year, five years, or even ten years into a relationship, that’s quite the red flag of distrust.

If you have a concern, voice it rather than secretly trying to draw the truth of out them. If you feel that’s the only way you’ll get the truth, you’ve got a decision to make.

7. You Don’t Turn to Each Other for Help

We all have those particular friends and family members that we turn to for advice and council, but if your partner is someone that you completely avoid when the going gets tough, that’s another red flag.

If you truly intend on spending the rest of your life with this person, do you not want to be able to turn to them for support? Even if they don’t offer the same quality of advice on certain matters that others do, you still want to avoid a situation where you hide the harder things in life from the person you proclaim to love.

8. It’s Primarily Physical

Of course we all love the physical aspect of romantic relationships. But even if you and your partner’s sex life is out of this world, it should not be the only, or even the strongest, part of your connection. 

If you find yourself constantly arguing or irritated, only to be rebalanced by make-up sex, your relationship is a ticking time bomb. Do what you need to do to make sure that the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and other levels of connection are getting the attention they need and deserve.

An interesting read when it comes to relationships is The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

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Exclusive: mind-boggling FDA confession about the smallpox vaccine

Exclusive: FDA confession about smallpox vaccine

by Jon Rappoport

August 30, 2017

The FDA has just released a statement (8/28) about its crackdown on a California company pushing an unapproved treatment for cancer patients: stem cells mixed with a smallpox vaccine.

But that’s not the big story. The big story is buried in the FDA press release. Here is the Agency’s statement:

“Serious health problems, including those that are life-threatening, can also occur in…people who…have problems with their heart or immune system if they become infected with the [smallpox] vaccine virus, either by being vaccinated or by being in close contact with a person who was vaccinated.”

The FDA states that those with certain prior health conditions who pick up the smallpox virus, as a result of vaccination, are at exceptionally high risk. AMONG THOSE PRIOR HEALTH CONDITIONS IS: “IMMUNE SYSTEM PROBLEMS.”

That simply means weak and compromised immune systems.

And yet…during the years 1966-1980, a massive smallpox eradication campaign was carried out in Africa, under the auspices of the World Health Organization. Roughly 100 million doses of the smallpox vaccine were given to Africans, MANY OF WHOM ALREADY HAD COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEMS.

How much devastation was wrought by this vaccination campaign?

The World Health Organization, in 1980, celebrated the eradication of smallpox on the African continent—but was that what really happened?

Or was it this? The visible signs of smallpox receded, but people with already-compromised immune systems began dying in large numbers.

The FDA has just unwittingly implied what researchers have known for decades; the so-called smallpox eradication campaign in Africa was one of the most dangerous medical interventions in history.

In the late 1980s, a respected biologist with close knowledge of the Africa eradication campaign, told me, off the record, that after the World Health Organization celebrated their “victory,” they held a very secret meeting in Geneva.

At this meeting, it was decided that the smallpox vaccine they deployed in Africa would never be used again.

I asked him why.

Because it caused cases of smallpox, he said.

So the African eradication campaign had a double effect. In some people, the vaccine caused smallpox, which it was supposed to prevent. In others, who already had very weak immune systems, it wrought extreme devastation and death without giving the appearance of smallpox.

More lies, more widespread destruction from the vaccine establishment.

(For more on this topic, see Enormous basic lies about vaccination…)

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