Was Hurricane Irma Steered by Maser Satellites in Weather War Against USA?

(Dr. Michael SallaInto the early morning hours of September 11, Hurricane Irma lashed the Tampa Bay region of Florida for nearly four hours with its destructive force. Not only has Irma caused millions of civilians to flee Southern Florida, but has also led to the mandatory evacuation of military personnel from Tampa’s MacDill Air Force Base, home of US Special Operations Command.
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CME’s & Strengthening the Geomagnetic Field w/ Our Pineal Gland

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Could balancing our internal energies affect the earth? Science suggests that, through the principle of sympathetic resonance or entrainment, the earth's field influences our own, and in turn, our individual fields influence Gaia. While mainstream science has yet to acknowledge informational transference and resulting energy state changes, the ancients described this principle in the axiom: As Above So Below, As Below So Above. To be sure, the earth has a much greater impact on us than we do on her, but our influence is nonetheless real. And there's a wealth of science to confirm the theory that we are indeed receiving and transmitting information telepathically with our earth-mother. 

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America’s Meat Free, Organic Fast Food Restaurant Plans To Expand Across The Country

A lot of people seem to think that vegans have difficulty eating out, but as someone who’s been eating plant-based for years, I can’t really agree with this statement anymore! Years ago it may have been rare to find vegan options on menus, but they seem to be popping up everywhere now as consumer demand increases.

Although I prefer to prepare my own food, there’s typically a lot of vegan options at restaurants; however, that doesn’t mean they’re healthy. There’s a common misconception that everything that’s labeled as vegan is healthy, which isn’t the case.

Although plant-based diets are proven to be healthier for most people, that doesn’t mean that all vegan food is healthy (after all, Oreos are vegan). Nevertheless, sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself with some decadent vegan food, though there’s still not a lot of mainstream options that are vegan, organic, convenient, and fast.

Can you imagine if there were an all-organic, meat-free fast food chain all over the United States? That would be a game changer! If you didn’t have time to prepare a meal and were in a rush, or you really felt like eating a healthier treat that wasn’t, per se, McDonald’s, an organic drive-thru option would be incredible.

Well, that could be a reality for many Americans in the near future! Amy’s Drive Thru is America’s first vegetarian, organic, gluten-free-optional fast-food restaurant, and it’s based in Rohnert Park, California. But this small restaurant has big dreams: Amy’s is about to expand all throughout California, and hopes to eventually open up drive-thrus all over the United States.

What Is Amy’s Drive Thru?

So, what would going to an organic, meat-free fast food restaurant look like? I can completely understand how this could be difficult to imagine for many people, because this type of fast food certainly challenges the stereotypical McDonald’s meals.

Yes, it’s still a treat; they still offer fried foods and dairy-free milkshakes, neither of which are particularly healthy, but they’re certainly better than what you’d find in a conventional fast food restaurant. Everything is organic, meaning you’re not consuming any pesticides, pharmaceuticals, or genetically modified foods, and is catered toward the vegetarian and more health conscious markets.

Amy’s also challenges the entire business model of regular fast food chains. Fast food was invented to be efficient and low cost, typically only serving Americanized foods. Amy’s would have higher costs given the fact that they source their foods organically and even locally whenever possible, and their meals are often inspired by their employees’ family recipes, challenging the traditional “cheeseburger with fries and ketchup” American fast food meals and giving representation to the diversity that is the American population.

Plus, they employ a lot more people than the average fast food restaurant. A standard fast food chain has an average of 15 employees working at any given location, whereas Amy’s employs 90 people at their restaurant. Their employees are treated pretty well, for that matter, as they’re paid more than minimum wage and receive benefits.

For those of you who get worried about cross-contamination (like myself), not to worry! Amy’s prepares everything that’s vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free completely separately from one another so there’s no risk.

So, if their costs are higher, does that mean they’re charging more for the meals? Surprisingly, the burgers at Amy’s are priced as low as $3.69 and they charge $4.99 for their burritos, making their prices comparable to those you’d find at a regular fast food restaurant — which isn’t the case in many vegan and vegetarian restaurants, whose prices are typically offered at a premium.

Amy’s burger cost between $3.69 and $5.49:

Here’s a picture of an Amy’s organic, meat-free burrito:

You can read Amy’s entire menu here!

You may be asking yourself, how does this company even make money? If their costs are high and their prices are low, how can they possibly stay afloat? Well, their original goal was only to break even; they didn’t expect this fast food restaurant to necessarily earn big bucks. But, to their surprise, they’ve been extremely successful.

Amy’s food researcher Fred Scarpulla Jr. attributes the company’s success to the increase in demand for plant-based foods as well as the heightened awareness surrounding the dangers of consuming meat.

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Final Thoughts 

Not only did seeing these photos and reading the story about Amy’s fast food restaurant make my mouth salivate, but it’s also extremely inspiring to see the fast food scene change. Fast food has been plaguing North America for decades, not only because the food is clearly terrible for our health, but because it also does an inarguable disservice to the environment and animals.

Sure, fries will never necessarily be super healthy for our bodies, but organic, GMO-free fries are certainly better than the type of fries you’d find at Burger King. Opening up fast food restaurants like Amy’s is an incredible step in the right direction, and acts as proof that more people are starting to care about their health, the environment, and animal wellbeing!

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The Top 8 Regrets of the Successful

We all strive to be successful in this world. Whether it be in business, our personal life, or some other capacity, we would all love to be the best that we can be.

Even if you aren’t personally seeking the “American Dream,” we undoubtedly live in a world obsessed with attaining it.

But what happens when we do attain success? Does everything in our life suddenly fall together perfectly, leaving us no longer susceptible to challenge or hardship?

Chances are that you, like me, are not “successful” by societal standards, yet you know the answer to the previous question. There are countless examples of individuals who have attained all of the luxuries, wealth, and attention that one could hope for, yet still find themselves fundamentally unhappy.

With this being the case, I was happy to come across the work of Dr. Gerald D. Bell through the book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potentialwritten by John C. Maxwell. Within the book, John references a particular study conducted by Dr. Bell in which he asked 4,000 now-retired successful executives: If you could live your life over again, what would you do differently?

His findings uncovered eight top regrets that John shared in his book, and that I would like to share with you now alongside my takeaway from each of them. Here are the eight top regrets of the successful, in both video and written form:

1. I Would Have Taken Charge of My Life and Set my Goals Earlier

I’ve stated this in several previous articles and am going to state it once again, since it is certainly worth noting: In this life you are never going to be younger than you are right now. So if not now, when?

Far too many of us are habitual procrastinators, rarely seizing the never-ending opportunity that is this moment to take control of our lives and begin working toward our goals. Don’t let another minute pass you by. Lay out your goals and establish concrete action steps that you can put into practice today!

Struggle with goal setting? My favourite book for helping with this is Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!

2. I Would Have Taken Better Care of My Health 

In my opinion, one of the saddest things about the way so many of us approach healthcare is that we are reactive rather than proactive. We wait for symptoms and diagnoses before we make smarter choices and take good care of ourselves.

Choose to be proactive with your dietary choices and exercise habits to minimize your chances of ever receiving that unwanted diagnosis.

Unsure of what works best for your body? Check out this video I put together on the best free dietitian we all have access to.

3. I Would Have Managed My Money Better

Effective money management isn’t that complicated, yet many of us completely neglect it as if it were. We live paycheque to paycheque with little to no consideration for long-term goals and we put ourselves in debt with no concrete plan in place to get ourselves out of it in a reasonable amount of time. 

Whether your financial resources are abundant or bare, we could all benefit from understanding how to best work with the money we earn to maximize its positive impact on us now and in the future.

Unsure of where to start when it comes to money management? One of my favourite books on this topic is MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom.

4. I Would Have Spent More Time With My Family

There are few things more nourishing to the soul than quality time spent with loved friends and family members. Schedule regular time spent with them into your calendar just as you would a mandatory task handed down to you from your boss.

Even if it puts you behind on some other important tasks, remind yourself that this kind of self care will positively impact how you approach those tasks afterwards.

5. I Would Have Spent More Time on Personal Development 

The fact that you are reading this article is a pretty good indicator that you recognize the importance of personal development. But let this point remind you to make sure that doing things like this is not just a blip in your radar and is instead a regular part of your life.

Whether it be my work, or the work of one of the other incredibly talented individuals out there committed to the field, make self-help content part of your daily regimen.

Do you find personal development boring? My goal through my website is to make personal development more interesting for both of us!

6. I Would Have Had More Fun

There are undoubtedly several aspects of and experiences within life that need to be taken seriously, but life as a whole is not as serious as so many of us make it out to be. Stop seeking out and living in unnecessary drama and instead choose to dedicate more time to the things that make you smile and laugh.

I’m not suggesting we all quit our day jobs in pursuit of joy, but rather, that we incorporate the things that we love and are passionate about into our weekly planners.

7. I Would Have Planned My Career Better

Is there a bigger picture to what you are currently doing for work? Is your current job a stepping stone to a dream project or occupation? Or is it something that you have been and will continue to be complacent within because of the security it provides?

Whether or not you are truly content in your current position, we could all benefit from knowing the bigger picture of our careers. Even if the end result is you feeling even more grateful to be exactly where you are, having a plan is more than worth the effort.

8. I Would Have Given More Back

There are few things more rewarding, for everyone involved, than helping those in need. Whether it be through formal volunteering or simply lending a hand to a family or community member that you know could use your help, there are plenty of ways for us to give back.

Make a point of giving back in any way that you can, knowing that it can have an even bigger impact than you will directly get to see.

Which of these regrets has inspired you the most? To see a new video and article like this weekly, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and to like me on Facebook to be a part of my mission to make personal development more interesting for both of us.

Hurricane Meditation Report

As you probably know, we were very successful in dissipating hurricane Irma, especially in the last phase of its journey through Florida:
It was expected that Irma will directly hit Tampa as a powerful category 3 or 4 hurricane with 130 mph winds:
Instead, weather station in Tampa recorded 19 mph winds at the moment of the closest approach of the storm:
Our success was easier because of high concentration of Lightworkers in Florida, two Tachyon chambers in Miami area and strong cintamani grids in Florida Keys, Miami and Tampa:
The Light forces were guiding the storm so that it created as little damage as possible, slaloming as far away as possible from Miami and Tampa with their strong cintamani grids:

There is now a new storm approaching Taiwan, Japan and China:

The Light forces have asked if someone could open a blog that would organize meditations to dissipate this storm and all future strong weather events.
Strong weather events are not planetary in scope but are localized to a certain part of the planetary surface and thus critical mass of meditators to dissolve them is usually between 5000 to 10,000 people, which should not be too difficult to reach.
With Hurricane Meditation we have shown that strong weather events can be dissipated with the use of our free will and unified action and with our meditation we have shown a model how it could be done.
Victory of the Light!

Chemical industry lies exposed by their own internal documents

(Natural News) The publication of over 200,000 long-hidden documents is now blowing the lid off the corrupt and longstanding (criminal) relationship between regulatory federal agencies and chemical companies. Known as the “Poison Papers Project,” the collection and publication of the documents was initiated this year by Independent Science News and the Center for Media and…