Reproduction Disrupted From Conception to Lactation

Mr. Steve Kirsch’s weekly VSRF show on Rumble is a great resource for information and a recap of important news from the week. This week in particular featured a subject that’s managed to leak out into the mainstream, with Dr. Naomi Wolf and Dr. James Thorp as guests. With so much new information being thrown at us on a daily basis, here’s a breakdown of what’s been discovered regarding the Covid vaccine and its effect on different aspects of the reproductive system as it stands today, according to the above-mentioned professionals and others.

The First Pregnancy Study

Mr. Kirsch began the conversation by mentioning that there had been a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine that the CDC relied on to determine the safety of the Covid vaccines during pregnancy. The study, performed by Dr. Tom Shimabukuro, began back in Dec 2020 and ran through Feb 2021.

Though they did not have the data or the time necessary to be able to confirm safety in vaccination, they declared that there was no signal to be found regarding adverse event rates in pregnant women, yet more follow-up was necessary.

Dr. Wolf responded to the mention of this study by saying that every layer that gets uncovered in this mess exposes greater levels of crimes against humanity. What’s unfolding among pregnant women and their babies is the ultimate crime, aimed at humanity itself. As for the study, it was based partly on V-SAFE data, which is a reporting system that was put into place for people who chose to enroll and report on side effects after a Covid vaccine. Dr. Wolf notes numerous factors that manipulated the data into the desired outcome by those who designed the study and the reporting system, thus allowing the CDC to declare the vaccine safe for pregnant women, even today.

  1. V-SAFE is a phone app that relies on self-reporting. A woman who suffers a miscarriage or negative symptoms during pregnancy post-vaccination is expected to self-report on this app.
  2. Most reports came in from people who were somewhat tech-savvy, and many in the medical field. The entire setup of the system automatically excludes a segment of the population that wouldn’t know to report, or how to report.
  3. Even with the low reporting rate, they concluded there was a 12% miscarriage rate, yet did not disclose the breakdown of gestational age.

A Midwestern Doctor did a detailed breakdown of the faults in the V-SAFE data and design.

The Forgotten Side of Medicine
We Now Have Clear Proof the Vaccine is Dangerous and That The CDC Concealed It
Aaron Siri was finally able to force the CDC to relinquish their V-safe data, which showed over 10% of recipients suffered significant adverse reactions to vaccination. This article will explain why that is so important. Introduction One of the major challenges with the COVID-19 vaccination has been that it has been impossible to get any clear safety dat…

Read more

Interestingly, on October 14, 2021, there was a correction added to the NEJM study, in tiny wording, with the smallest hyperlink possible. In that correction, it’s stated that gestational age was not included in the study and that due to the time limits and the nature of the study, “no denominator was available to calculate a risk estimate for spontaneous abortions”.


Declaring the vaccine safe for pregnant women based on the faulty study relied upon by the CDC back in early 2021 was a lie. Continuing to declare the vaccine safe for pregnant women and their babies is still a lie, and it becomes more egregious with each day that passes. Included in the lies is the statement that the mRNA, spike protein, and lipid nanoparticles that make up the shot stay in the arm at the injection site. Dr. Robert Chandler of the DailyClout/Warroom volunteers has discovered evidence in the Pfizer documents that the vaccine ingredients do NOT stay at the injection site, but cross every membrane in the body, and gather in multiple organs with a high concentration in the ovaries. They also cross the placenta which may explain the unusual presentation of damaged placentas in vaccinated women that’s been observed by Dr. James Thorp.

Dr. Robert Chandler of the DailyClout did an extremely thorough breakdown of the Shimabukuro paper which I recommend reading in full to understand the depth of the lies and manipulation. Here are ten important conclusions he came to, with each part fully explained within his report.

Vaccinated Mother’s Milk

Back in May, the DailyClout broke the news that there was evidence of breastmilk being affected by the Covid vaccine, and yet again, that evidence includes the fact that Pfizer and the FDA knew that this was the case while encouraging vaccines and mandates for pregnant women. (From Pfizer’s post-marketing experience, reissued in April 2022 – page 12/13)

One of the lipids in the Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP) contains polyethylene glycol (PEG) which enters the breastmilk through the bloodstream and lymph nodes. The Pfizer documents include cases in which four women’s breastmilk turned blue-green, and one of their babies had seizures and died after nursing post-vaccination. Polyethylene glycol is toxic and not meant to be ingested in the bodies of anyone, let alone infants.

Confirmation from Israel

Ranit Feinberg corroborated the above findings by studying VAERS reports of injured babies from vaccinated mothers. She found 648 cases, with many of those babies reported as having died within two weeks of the vaccination of their mothers. Some other symptoms found in VAERS reports of babies injured by nursing from vaccinated mothers include:

  • Neurological symptoms
  • Narcoleptic symptoms
  • Febrile syndromes
  • Organ damage
  • Brain damage

They Begrudgingly Admit Harm

While the media and public health agencies completely ignored the findings of the DailyClout team back in May, we’re now in Fall 2022, and while it feels frustratingly slow, the information machine cannot be stopped. Last week, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a report confirming that mRNA is found in breast milk.

This is also the first high-profile report that admits what Pfizer knew back in 2020- that there is biodistribution of the vaccine ingredients throughout the entire body, contrary to what the world was told.

Though they stopped short of recognizing the danger of vaccinating mothers altogether, and simply recommended that women refrain from breastfeeding for two days after vaccination, the high-profile confirmation of DailyClout’s findings is a bombshell that should be making headlines across the nation. Dr. Wolf pointed out that JAMA’s conclusion that breastfeeding moms should wait two days before nursing is dangerous to women and babies since one of the reports of a dead baby in the VAERS database died at fourteen days after the mother’s vaccination.

Rochelle Walensky is Responsible

The Shimbakuru paper that was commissioned by the CDC began in 2020, as the vaccine rollout began, and lasted for 3-4 months. To Dr. Wolf’s knowledge, there has not been any follow-up to that study. That study did not prove that the vaccine was safe for pregnant women, yet Rochelle Walensky signed off on it and sent spokespeople everywhere to promote it, and even mandate it for pregnant women.

Dr. Wolf is currently in the process of suing Twitter for colluding with the CDC via email to deplatform her and turn her life upside down, simply for raising the questions that we now have the answers to.

To conclude the segment, Dr. Wolf explained that the mountain of information we have accessible to us now shows a 360-degree attack on human reproduction. Thanks to the professional work of Amy Kelly and the DailyClout/Warroom team, we now know that the Covid vaccine negatively affects every step of human reproduction from conception through lactation.

Dr. James Thorp

Dr. James Thorp continued the conversation with Mr. Kirsch and stated that he completely supports Dr. Wolf’s reporting, based on his own research and datasets.

Dr. Thorp is an OBGYN, and he’s one of the rare doctors who managed to change his mind and publicly change course about vaccines overall back in 2010 with a focus on pregnant and lactating women, as is his expertise. In fact, he was so concerned about project warp speed and the lack of research that he personally designed a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial that he published on social media in September of 2020 and sent it to Trump, Gates, & Fauci demanding a 10 year blinded trial prior to closing the study. Over the course of the Covid vaccine rollout, Dr. Thorp collected evidence that challenges the safety of the Covid vaccines in pregnant women. When he tried to present his findings to the public health agencies, he encountered a response that he’d never been subjected to in his entire career- threats of license removal. Any respect Dr. Thorp had for doctors, pastors, and community leaders is gone. The Dept of HHS distributed tens of billions of dollars across medical, religious, and social institutions for them to push the shots on their communities. For the first time in history, he was told to stay silent on his findings, or risk his license.

Dr. Thorp said that there are hierarchal layers of cognitive dissonance, which have formed an atmosphere that became riddled with patient betrayal, corruption of healthcare, removal of informed consent, and the destruction of the patient-physician relationship. This has been the largest deception in the history of the world.

Dr. Thorp is declaring a complete moratorium on Covid-19 vaccines on any pregnant and breastfeeding women. He’s DEMANDING that vaccines in pregnancies be stopped immediately, and he has the data to back up that demand.

Dr. Thorp along with other doctors, including Dr. Peter McCullough, released a brand new pre-print study on Covid vaccines and their impact on pregnancy outcomes and menstrual function. The study was based on CDC VAERS data, and compared outcomes in pregnant women between the influenza vaccine dating back to 1998, and the Covid vaccine in the last two years. They studied all adverse events related to pregnancy and menstruation and found a definitive significant increase of adverse events from the Covid vaccine compared with the flu vaccine.

Dr. Thorp mentioned a long list of other sources whose data indicates Covid-19 vaccine injury.

Some highlights from the “Discussion” section towards the end of the study include:

  • Adverse event reports for Covid vaccines are in excess of those for the Flu vaccine by more than a factor of two. According to the CDC, a factor of two or greater IS a safety signal that requires further investigation.
  • Other large global vaccine reporting systems that indicate high rates of vaccine injury include:
    • UK Yellow Card System
    • WHO VigiAccess
    • European Economic Area’s EudraVigilance Data
  • Major governments and organizations that have already called for a halt on vaccinating pregnant women include:
    • UK Govt
    • World Council of Health
  • Producers of the Covid vaccine themselves report serious Adverse Events in the first 90 days post-vaccination in pregnant women including:
    • 46% (124/270) of pregnant women experienced adverse events
    • 81% (26/32) experienced miscarriage (This refers to women who got vaccinated in the first trimester)
  • The vaccine contents get biodistributed throughout the body and cross the blood-brain barriers in both the mother and the fetus.
  • In the first 15 months after the vaccine rollout began, 1,366 peer-reviewed reports have been published that document severe adverse events after Covid vaccination.

Male Reproductive Harm

Amy Kelly of the DailyClout has done a deep dive into the Pfizer documents to investigate the effects of the Covid-19 vaccine on the male side of fertility. Unfortunately, there’s more bad news on that front.

Behind the FDA Curtain: War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Reports
Pfizer, FDA, CDC Hid Proven Harms to Male Sperm Quality, Testes Function, from mRNA Vaccine Ingredients
When the COVID-19 vaccine rollout to the public began in late 2020, medical professionals, public health agencies, and government spokespeople all assured the American public that the novel mRNA vaccines did not cause negative systematic effects to human bodies. They promised the public, many of whom were skeptical about the safety of a drug brought to …

Read more

Pfizer’s own protocol demonstrates that they knew that there could be harm to reproduction from the male side, and forbade trial participants from participating in unprotected intercourse for the duration of the trial.

Ms. Kelly appeared on Warroom to explain the findings and she did a great job giving over plenty of information.

Fertility Issues

The conversations above covered a lot of ground in terms of what we know so far regarding Covid-19 vaccines and fertility, and yet it’s still just a drop in the bucket and the beginning of a long process. Here are some other important links to look through that round out the picture and pursue other related threads:

  • Dr. Naomi Wolf’s latest Substack is packed with information that she and her team have gathered so far.

  • Mrs. Brucha Weisberger’s latest Substack discusses reports by Igor Chudov on the damaged lungs of a fetus whose mother had been vaccinated, and the claim by health authorities that MIS-N is caused by Covid as opposed to the vaccine.

  • BBC News reports that Scotland will be launching an investigation into two spikes in newborn baby deaths that have occurred since the vaccine rollout. Newborn baby deaths in Scotland are currently at the highest levels they’ve been at in 10 years.
  • Comedian Jimmy Dore is himself vaccine-injured, and he’s done a good job covering vaccine-related updates. He recently discussed the JAMA article.
  • Dr. Wolf and Amy Kelly held an hour-long discussion going over the information from the DailyClout team.

Where we go from here remains to be seen. What’s certain is that the team of warriors relentlessly discovering and sharing information will not be deterred.

My Notes- CDC Employees are Drones

Every so often, after a particularly heartbreaking set of reading and writing, I feel the need to demand an explanation. I called the CDC Covid vaccine hotline and spoke to one of their call center employees. She followed the script to a T, although based on the long pauses after my questions, I definitely threw her off a bit. I started by asking what their stance is on Covid vaccines in pregnant women. I let her read off the entire script with the official line of “safe and effective, Covid is dangerous for pregnant women” (oh wait, sorry- she was very careful to say “pregnant people” the entire time), and stayed quiet until the end.

Once she finished, I told her that the Journal of American Medical Association just put out a study proving that the vaccine contents enter the breastmilk, as well as settle in the ovaries. I said that based on what we now know, it’s very concerning to me that the CDC is still recommending the vaccine to pregnant women, especially when other countries are starting to backpedal away from that. I asked her if there has been a follow-up to the study that the CDC originally based its recommendations on.

There was definitely a stunned silence, but eventually, she managed to say that all she can do for me is pass along my official complaint to CDC officials. I accepted her offer and then told her that many people inside big organizations are starting to emerge as whistleblowers. I told her that if she’d like to become a whistleblower, she should please email me.

More stunned silence, then asked if there was anything else she could do, and we ended the call. If we annoy them often enough, maybe we’ll strike gold.

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American Politicians Need to Be Rounded Up


What do you do with people who are out of their minds and dangerous to others? What do you do with a person who would rather you die and does everything they can to ensure you and your family end up in graves? The sane need to be protected from the insane, or are we all so crazy it does not matter if we destroy the world in a nuclear holocaust?

Unfortunately, the American people, and even European peoples, and we might as well include the Chinese people, are sleepwalking through threats that have no equal in history. Most of us are cowards unwilling to say no to monstrous governments that are so ugly they need to be wiped off the planet’s surface. Too bad there is no non-violent way to do that. There are non-violent ways, but that is not on anyone’s radar screens.

People in Russia are chanting “Nuke Washington” in Moscow.

This type of citizen action has never been seen before in history.

Wake up or die! Much worse than the redcoats are coming but go enjoy a coke and a Big Mac. What could stir me out of my peaceful slumber to say such things? Words of Hal Turner who says, “When you and your family get slaughtered by Russian nuclear missiles, you can thank your local member of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate.  They are personally to blame for what is going on, and they are personally responsible for creating this situation with Russia.”

Turner says:

“The American people are not being told by their mass media that things between the US and Russia have spiraled so terribly in the past few months. Russia has warned the United States over and over, and over again, to stop interfering in Ukraine.”

“You know who is doing this to us?  The people TRULY responsible for this . . . are YOUR local members of the US Congress. You know, all those political phonies that glad-hand, back-slap, smile, and lie to your face, when they come home from Washington.  Yea. Them. THEY have voted to approve every cent of money used to forcibly overthrow the Government of Ukraine in 2014.  THEY approved the money to train and equip Ukraine’s army. THEY winked and nodded when Ukraine started attacking Russian-speaking citizens in Luhansk and Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. THEY (and their dementia addled POTUS, flatly refused Russia’s Diplomatic efforts for a Treaty to have iron clad, legally enforceable, security guarantees for Russia, as NATO continued its expansion all around Russia’s borders.  Russia proposed that in December of last year. The US and NATO laughed at it as they threw the proposal in the trash can.”

“Last night, I had a dream. In the dream, I woke up to the banner headline: BIDEN ARRESTED. It was only a dream but was most satisfying, as it made vivid and emphatic what must happen to correct the dreadful tendings of the criminally psychopathic enterprise that our government has become,” writes James Howard Kunstler.

“The gang behind the shabby and absurd pretend-president — a figure as comically macabre as the plastic effigies of the undead who crowd American front yards this time of year — is not content with running the country into a ditch. Lately, these rogues and degenerates are making noises about blowing up the world,” continued Kunstler.

Last week I published an essay on global world leadership, how warped their minds are, and how we cannot place any hope for world peace with them. People in Siri Lanka and Iran are rising to eliminate their governments. But in the rest of the world, it is too quiet. In less than a month, Americans vote, and we will see how many Americans willingly vote for a party of chaos that is so willing to risk a nuclear exchange with Russia.

According to Kunstler, “All of this could have been avoided, of course, if the maniacs of America’s deep state had simply abided by the promise made thirty years ago not to expand NATO. What part of that deal didn’t we understand? Apparently, all of it. On purpose. Because we have acted with conscious and arrogant dishonor.”

What each of us does and does not do matters today more than ever. Because violence begets violence, it really is not an option. However, there are many non-violent actions possible. Passive aggressiveness might be the needed action. Unfortunately, both American parties are violent on the world stage, so the elections do not offer much hope. The chances are rising that the entire east coast of America will be wiped out by super weapons that the Russians possess and are increasingly being egged on to use.

Cancer Course




Special Offer: My 100 lesson course on cancer at eighty percent off the regular price of 500 dollars. So your cost will be only 99 dollars. The course is part of a doctoral program at Da Vinci University and, when taken for credit, costs 1,000 Euros for both parts.



World Careening Toward ‘Dangerous New Normal,’ IMF Chief Warns

Peace and love are what we need but are not going to get unless we find them in our hearts and practice them with our friends and loved ones. It all starts with us and our willingness to do Creative Conflict, which unfortunately is the last thing most of us are interested in because Creative Conflict’s first step is to prove listening, which provides a direct conflict with one’s ego

Please do not underestimate the gravity of the situation. The chance of nuclear conflict has never been higher, so do not be surprised if we wake up tomorrow to witness the first atomic attack since America attacked Japan over 75 years ago. Was it justified back then? Will it be justified now? It depends on who you ask. If you answer yes, it was warranted will the Russians be justified in blowing Kyiv off the map and the eastern seaboard with their submarine-launched torpedo?

A top-of-the-line Russian nuclear-powered submarine has gone missing from its harbor in the Arctic along with its rumored “doomsday weapon,” according to multiple reports. The torpedo weapon can create a “radioactive tsunami.” Russian state media has claimed the device can make a 1,600-ft. wave that smashes into the east coast and irradiates it.

Though Conservatives have some of their own craziness, they are against mutilating the nuclear family via intentionally confusing “gender” configurations, flooding immigrants across borders, and denigrating patriotism as extreme or violent. The modern liberal enemies of humanity have a common thread: the corporate state views national, family, and individual identity as threats.

The people who would nuke the family will nuke the world if they are allowed to continue their madness. They must be stopped, or we will end up with a world with many dead children. We are ending up there anyway, with COVID injections being the newest weapon of mass destruction. And now, the coldest winter in memory is heading our way, and so is a financial and economic collapse. So we need great heart and love to withstand all headed our collective way.

Michael Kane Interviews Randi Weingarten on NYC Teacher Vaccine Mandates

Watch interview here:

Today American Federation of Teachers (AFT) union president Randi Weingarten was interviewed by fired NYC school teacher Michael Kane on CHD TV’s morning broadcast Good Morning CHD. At the Labor Day Parade in NYC on September 10th Kane had confronted Weingarten and asked her questions about educators fired over vaccine mandates. Weingarten did not engage at that time, but agreed to come on Kane’s show to discuss her new position on vaccine mandates for educators

Weingarten is the president of the AFT which represents 1.7 million educators across the country. She was the first labor leader in America to publicly call for forced vaccine mandates for the members who pay her salary. On October 4, Weingarten walked back some of that support in an interview with Michael Kane, the Grassroots Organizer for Children’s Health Defense, and founder of Teachers for Choice. She specifically addressed NYC Mayor Eric Adams.

“What Adams did was unfair. If you’re lifting the vaccine mandates in the private sector you have to treat the public sector employees in a similar way. You can’t treat one set of employees different than another set,” said Weingarten.

When asked if she would support reinstating fired educators with back pay, Weingarten’s response was, “there should be a reconsideration process going forward” but declined to say what demands should be made for those who were impacted. As a national union leader Weingarten did not want to comment on specific local negotiations.  “You can’t say teachers shouldn’t return to their jobs, but Kyrie can,” said Weingarten. Interestingly enough Kane was wearing a sweatshirt from the clothing line of Kyrie Irving during the interview.

Weingarten made clear that she may support a vaccine mandate for educators once again in the future if the public health officials deemed it to be necessary. She fully defended the vaccine mandate implementation in August of 2021 for educators and said she would “do it again” if it had to be done all over again. Kane pushed back on her support for forced mandates by stating doctors such as Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford, and Dr. Martin Kuldorff of Harvard were against medical mandates.

Michael Kane was a New York City special education teacher for over 14 years who was fired only for declining the covid vaccination Weingarten supported. Kane has been suing NYC ever since in the case Kane v. de Blasio which is headed to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals on October 11, at the Thurgood Marshall Federal Courthouse in Manhattan. The case has been consolidated with two other cases, Keil v. NYC and New Yorkers for Religious Liberty (NYFRL) v. NYC. All of these cases charge that the city of New York violated the constitution by arbitrarily denying thousands of religious exemptions to vaccination for both public and private employees.

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California legislators are on a mission to de-license ALL doctors in the state who challenge covid dogma

Image: California legislators are on a mission to de-license ALL doctors in the state who challenge covid dogma

(Natural News) We have received word that California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed into law Assembly Bill 2098, which aims to remove the medical licenses of all doctors throughout the state who question or in any way defy official government edicts and claims about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Newsom had until September 30 to sign the bill, which many expected he did. And now begins the aggressive work of the Golden State legislature who are dead-set in ridding the state of all physicians who oppose face masks and express skepticism about Fauci Flu shot “vaccines.”

“Assembly Bill 2098 [empowers] the Medical Board of California to go after the licenses of physicians who disseminate ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation’ regarding Covid-19,” reports civil rights attorney Laura Powell, writing for Great Game India.

“The bill in its latest iteration defines misinformation as ‘false information that is contradicted by contemporary scientific consensus contrary to the standard of care.’ The inscrutability of this definition lies at the core of the bill’s opponents’ concerns.”

Authored by Assemblymember Evan Low, AB 2098 is the worst thing that could have happened for medical freedom in California, which is fast becoming the nation’s most medically oppressive state. (Related: Some California doctors tried but failed to push back against AB 2098.)

Time to SUE California over AB 2098’s unconstitutional provisions

It is important to note that AB 2098 only had one hearing, which took place on June 26. Lasting just over an hour, that hearing revealed that nobody seems to know exactly how the bill will be enforced, or even what its various terminology means in practical terms.


Some argued that only “bad doctors” would be targeted (whatever that means), while others warned that presumably any doctor who fails to repeat and dispense verbatim all approved guidelines for covid will now be on the chopping block.

“No clear scientific consensus exists with respect to this novel virus, and even if it did, it may be proven incorrect later,” Powell notes. “Without clear guidance regarding what would constitute ‘misinformation,’ physicians can only guess if they risk losing their licenses for expressing their good-faith disagreements with positions of public health officials.”

“Even if in practice, the Medical Board only applied the law to speech that the First Amendment does not protect, the law’s vagueness would render it unconstitutional, because it would tend to cause doctors to censor themselves.”

It is precisely the aforementioned free speech violations that need to be the subject of lawsuits against AB 2098. Time is of the essence to deconstruct this abominable monstrosity, which is certain to be used as a weapon against practitioners who refuse to promote the status quo.

The California Medical Association is behind AB 2098, as is the taxpayer-funded lobbying group County Health Executives Association of California.

Numerous members of the Medical Board of California (MBC) are confused about how AB 2098 will be applied in real life. MBC President Kristina Lawson, an attorney who aggressively pushed for the bill’s passage, says she knows the answers but is refusing to share them except in private.

“Assembly Bill 2098 was not the brainchild of Assembly member Low or any other California lawmakers,” warns Powell. “It’s part of an effort to enact similar policies around the country, sparked in large part by a declaration from the Federation of State Medical Boards in July 2021.”

“California is often described as a bellwether: ‘As California goes, so goes the nation.’ That saying rings especially true with respect to Assembly Bill 2098, given that this is a test case for a national movement and that Governor Gavin Newsom has obvious presidential aspirations.”

The latest news about the growing trend of medical tyranny can be found at

Sources for this article include:

Biden attempts to make voters forget about his inflation, high gas prices, chaotic border with promise to pardon federal pot convicts

Image: Biden attempts to make voters forget about his inflation, high gas prices, chaotic border with promise to pardon federal pot convicts

(Natural News) As more political observers predict a massive red wave during next month’s midterm elections after nearly two years of pathetic Democratic rule, Joe Biden’s handlers proved how desperate they are to cling to power.

On Thursday, Biden contributed to the perception among a growing majority of Americans that his Democratic Party doesn’t care one whit about the rule of law when he announced he would be pardoning thousands of people convicted on federal marijuana charges, as ABC News reports:

The executive action will benefit 6,500 people with federal convictions from 1992 to 2021 and thousands of others charged under the District of Columbia’s criminal code, according to senior administration officials. Elaborating on the number of people affected, officials said “there are no individuals currently in federal prison solely for simple possession of marijuana.”

“As I said when I ran for president, no one should be in jail just for using or possessing marijuana,” Biden said in a tweet containing a video statement. “It’s legal in many states, and criminal records for marijuana possession have led to needless barriers to employment, housing, and educational opportunities. And that’s before you address the racial disparities around who suffers the consequences. While white and Black and brown people use marijuana at similar rates, Black and brown people are arrested, prosecuted, and convicted at disproportionate rates.”

Too many lives have been upended because of our failed approach to marijuana. Hear from @POTUS on the three steps he is taking to right these wrongs.

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) October 6, 2022

Biden has also instructed Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and Attorney General Merrick Garland to quickly review how marijuana’s scheduling under federal law. Currently it is listed as a Schedule I drug the same as herion and ecstacy, which Biden says “makes no sense,” though it did to him the 45-odd years he was a U.S. senator.

“Too many lives have been upended because of our failed approach to marijuana. It’s time that we right these wrongs,” Biden added.

ABC News opined that Biden’s actions ‘could be’ construed as entirely political in nature — a way to energize younger voters to show up to the polls and vote for his destructive party. And of course, that’s what this is all about.

It may be ‘legal’ in states but it’s still against federal statutes. But thanks for adding to the perception among more Americans that Democrats don’t give a shit about the rule of law.

— Dr. Jonny Republic If You Can Keep It ?? (@JonDougherty10) October 7, 2022

“I think this is part of the electric car, student loan, marijuana strategy all timed for the election. Don’t think it overcomes particularly the growing issue of crime and drug related crime in the country,” said Fox News contributor Mark Penn, a former advisor to President Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s 2016 campaign manager and top political strategist, agreed that the pot pardon is a diversion from the regime’s many failures and problems, including massive inflation, an out-of-control southwestern border, and a major recession.

“Whether it is student loan forgiveness or pardoning marijuana possession convictions, a bereft Biden tries hard to change the subject and get people who dislike him to dislike him a little bit less,” Conway, also a Fox News contributor, told the network.


“This is less likely to motivate voters than it is to embarrass Vice President Kamala Harris. As San Francisco’s top prosecutor between 2004 and 2010, her office handled more than 1,900 marijuana convictions. Even if this makes sense legally or practically to Biden, he runs the risk as being seen again as ignoring the broader and deeper concerns surrounding violent crime surges and an inescapably devastating economic picture,” she added.

Sources include:

Marvel & Disney Partner With Pfizer To Mix Vaccines & Masks With Superheroes


Take a breath. Release the tension in your body. Place attention on your physical heart. Breathe slowly into the area for 60 seconds, focusing on feeling a sense of ease. Click here to learn why we suggest this.

Pfizer has sponsored a new comic, “Everyday Heroes,” to urge people to get their autumn Covid boosters. The plot of the new comic centres around a grandfather waiting for his jab at a clinic that comes under attack by the Avengers villain, Ultron.

“We can fight back against even tough, ever-evolving enemies,” the masked up grandfather assures the people in the waiting room, “if you’re willing to adapt, fight back and take steps to help protect yourself. It’s also important for entire communities to come together and help fight the threat.” Not all heroes wear capes, you know.

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This is brave of Marvel and Disney. Mixing face masks and vaccines with superheroes is either very confident, or very profitable. Dress it up how you want, but Band-Aids on old men’s arms aren’t exactly superhero-ish. It’s a long way from muscular Thor and his hammer. And every adverse vaccine event stands to puncture the allure of the superhero like a needle through a cape.

We know from documents obtained by freedom of information requests by Judicial Watch Inc, that the US government planned to partner with Hollywood guilds to “work vaccination messaging into scripted and reality TV shows,” Disneyland Parks, major sports leagues, social media platforms, Catholic newspapers and newsletters, TV morning and daytime talk shows, Hispanic entertainment networks… the list goes on. This new comic is part of a vast plethora of communications to shift uptake.

“Entertainment is sugar-coating for mind pills,” Edward Hunter said sagely in his book Brainwashing: The Story of Men Who Defied It. Hunter interviewed Korean War veterans who survived POW camps and civilians who were in China about their experiences of brainwashing and how they survived. The “mind pills” relate to the saturation treatment in society, whereby people simply could not escape from communist propaganda, including in entertainment.

Generally we connect television propaganda with authoritarian and communist countries. However, using television for social engineering is not the sole preserve of those regimes. It is increasingly obvious that even in democratic countries there can be an unofficial relationship between government and entertainment media. You might think that the ends justify the means especially in the case of a pandemic, or any public health messaging. But the distinction between public health goals and political goals is not so clear.

Covert propaganda does edge its way into movies and television, as the Marvel collaboration shows. Here in the UK, the Behavioural Insights Team has helpfully published revealing reports. Colloquially known as the Nudge Unit – after a form of behavioural science called ‘nudge’ – it was once part of the UK government, although it is now independent. While still one third owned by the UK government it published a report entitled ‘The Power of TV: Nudging Viewers to Decarbonise their Lifestyles’. This collaboration with the broadcaster Sky made some startling admissions:

‘Behaviour change via broadcasting and traditional media has historically been aimed at improving public health, boosting gender equality, and reducing violence. Imagine the potential for emissions reductions if the same methods were used to encourage sustainable behaviours!’

The media has long been used to effect behaviour change. The report details a multitude of ways that TV can be used to nudge us to Net Zero behaviour, including children’s programming, news segments and even product placement.

There is little argument with the excellent intentions of some government-backed health campaigns. The intersection of anti-smoking messaging with the Superman franchise resulted in Nick O’Teen, a baddie who tried to recruit children to his army of smokers. The rationale was to target children who were thought to be easily led to unhealthy choices, but also that the children as ‘agents’ would persuade parents not to smoke. But, crucially, the good intentions were transparently contained within advertisements. This is a world apart from news and editorial being covertly influenced, outside of the transparent framework of advertising, which is subject to regulation.

Children’s TV show “Lazy Town” partnered with Change4Life, a UK government initiative to encourage better health and tackle obesity. Most recently Russell T Davies, has said that Doctor Who will be exploring topics like climate change. During COP26, all the major UK soap operas had converging climate themed storylines.

Propagandists are increasingly emboldened to be public about their efforts. It is shameless because they do not see the shame. We are living through a plot twist in the development of propaganda.

In George Orwell’s 1984, the Telescreen was an obligatory screen in every home, used to broadcast propaganda but also keeping the inhabitants under surveillance. The telescreen “could be dimmed, but there was no way of shutting it off completely”. Fortunately for us, we can shut off our telescreens if we want to. Falling viewing figures suggest people are doing just that. Maybe they don’t like being preached to.

This new partnership between Marvel and Pfizer is Super Lame. It might have been Super Profitable for Marvel, but I suspect it’s going to be Super Damaging to the brand.

Republished for the author’s Substack.