Mark Grenon Update October 18, 2022

Mark’s Letter


“And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”, John 8:32

“The Proclamation and Declaration of why Man has the God-Given Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”

by Mark Scott Guenon

I am writing this letter to all the people of the United States to remind them of how far we have come since the words, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” were penned by the writer of the Declaration of Independence”. But this message goes even further to include every man, woman and child on the face of this planet God calls “earth”.

Let me start by saying that my three sons and I have been stripped of OUR live(, as we knew it), liberty and the pursuit of happiness for over 800 days and have been kidnapped and held hostage in various jails in two countries. All of this ordered and “paid for” -$ 500,000 just to kidnap my son Joseph and I in Colombia’ South America and another $250,000 to hold us 2 years, by the Department of “Justice”. The DOJ has become nothing more than a private tyrannical for-profit corporation void of Real justice that our Creator demands. Before I get into the documents that our country has in its history to support True justice and eliminate tyranny, please bear with me as I go back to the “beginning”. By the “beginning” I mean the “beginning of man as recorded in the Word of God in the book of Genesis chapter one.

It states as follows, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”, Genesis 1:1.,  After God made the earth, being the Creator of it, He decided to make “man” in His image and created a male and a female, i.e. a man and a woman. And in so doing He gave them “dominion” over all the earth which is His right to do. “And God said, Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So, God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him: male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful and, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” Genesis 1:26-28

God created man and gave him the “power and authority” over it and to subdue it. We all need to remember what God did for us and yes it applies to all of us today. God hasn’t changed His mind, but boy have we come a long way in 6,000 years! God is still the King of His Creation, and His Kingdom will be for eternity. See Revelation 11:15. What happened and what can we do about it? Let me fast forward to God giving man the basic Laws to live by in the Ten Commandments. To condense them all as Jesus did these commandments are reduced to two. “And Jesus answered him, the first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord: and thou shalt love the Lord God with all thy heart, and with all they soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: This is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, thou shall love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.”, Mark 12:29-31

So, God gave us the Commandments about how to treat Him as the Creator and God i.e. only worship and serve Him as He is the True God. Ten how to treat our fellow man, don’t murder, Don’t lie, Don’t steal, Don’t take another man’s wife, Honor your mother and father and treat your neighbours as yourselves! That was it. Pretty simple and basic right? If any of these commandments were violated then two or more witnesses had to be brought before a just judge to determine if the accusers were telling the truth. If they were found to be false then there were several penalties for false claims. Always a man or woman’s body or property had to be harmed or injured to even have a case to bring before the judge. See Deuteronomy 19:15-21. all laws that mattered had to be based on the commandments of God and no man. Governments rose up that defied God’s commandments and worshipped false gods. Even Israel wanted a king which became their demise! In I Samuel 12, the first judge of Israel said, ” Ye said unto me, Nay, but a king shall reign over us: when the Lord your God was your king.”

If you go on and read the rest of I Samuel chapter 12, You will see that the people knew they sinned and did evil by asking for a king but God told them through Samuel that if they would “fear the Lord and serve him in truth and with all your heart”, then he would continue to guide them. But if they turned from Him and “do wickedly, Ye shall be consumed, both ye and your king.” – I Samuel 12 24&25. As we look at the history of Israel in the Old Testament, when they had a king that followed the Lord they prospered and were protected from their enemies. When they had a king that rejected God and His word they were destroyed and conquered by their enemies and finally dispersed around the world and persecuted! There is a saying, ” The only thing that we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history (George Hegel)”. Look at the history of the world and you will see the rise and fall of many empires as examples. It all had to do with obeying or not obeying God’s commandments!  Let us fast forward again and this time to England in the 1500’s. The world had been in the dark ages for 1000 years and the Word of God was not made available to the people and was in Latin only for the Clergy to read. The reason why the world came out of the dark ages was mainly due to two events and two men both having to do with the word of God. A man named Johannes Gutenberg created the printing press in 1450 to mass produce documents instead of handwriting them by scribes. The next man was named William Tyndale who translated the New Testament into English. The first thing printed on the Gutenberg press was the Word of God in German, the Gutenberg Bible. And William Tyndale’s New Testament was being printed on a printing press in England. The world now had the Word of God in English and German and Europe started to prosper. When King James in 1611 authorized the whole Bible to be translated, the greatest missionary effort since the 1st century began and England became a world power, the sun never set on the British Empire! Men and women went to all parts of the world preaching the Good News, the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ! People of the world heard how they could be “made free” and have life abundantly! The sad part was believers in England that didn’t agree with the Church of England were being persecuted. The “Puritans” wanted to purify the Church but weren’t allowed a voice if they decided to leave and seek a place they could start a nation where people could have “religious freedom” for all!

In the late 1600’s a small group of “Pilgrims” landed at what is known today as Plymouth, Massachusetts. Then soon after, others went to a place called Jamestown also seeking freedom.

Note: I know I have given you a very quick history of how the U.S. was founded but I want to get to the main point of this letter and that is; Why man has the God-given right in the US to” life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” given to us by God, our Creator and how it is being lost today.

It wasn’t easy in those early days for these “pilgrims” and freedom seekers trying to establish a new nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and real justice for all. They fought against the king of England who still wanted control until they “united” enough people to “declare their independence” from this tyrannical king. The early founding fathers wrote up a “Declaration of Independence” and then a constitution whereby the government they were establishing had limitations in their control of the people that were establishing this “land of the free” or this Constitutional Republic. It was written to remind the government to NOT EVER take away any God-given right from a man or woman in this “new land” that was being established to honor God and His word.

The first 80 out of 100 Universities founded in America were Bible Universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton to name a few. It would be a country “for” the people and “of” the people. Not a tyrannical nation with rights only for a few. A Republic is where the “people” elected men and women to make JUST decisions and govern with righteousness amid truth. God truly blessed the US and would continue to bless this new nation if they followed Him and His word.

Well, the enemy of God, Satan wanted this stopped. He started infiltrating the courts and those that controlled the money and industries. King James established the BAR, British Accreditation Registry to control who were attorneys/lawyers in the courts. Control the courts you can control the “laws” of the land. The US Constitution was the “law of the land” and the people were the land.

Note: Did you know in the early days of the US that a Senator or Congressman could not be a lawyer or attorney. Today it seems almost every Senator of Congressman is a lawyer or attorney. Back then also one did not have to be a member of the BAR to defend a man or women. Today it is almost impossible to do that. We are pressured every time we have a hearing to get a lawyer. I asked the judge why can’t I have an assist counsel to help my defense and she said ask your court appointed attorney and I said we don’t have one.

Now there is the American BAR association that has been established and they have an allegiance to it over the Constitution! An Attorney can’t practice law in most courts without being a member. Sounds like a monopoly to me.

Also, the “bankers” set up central banks to control the money and industries in the US. Families such as the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Carnegie, Morgans etc. established the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK which is a privately owned bank of around 9 families. Read the book by G. Edward Griffin, “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. Mr Griffin republished our documentary we did in 2016. here is where it is located: (Search for): Chlorine Dioxide “The universal remedy that drug companies hate”

One of the biggest frauds the US Govt. has done to the people is they devised a way to make the “people” into “persons” by creating individual “trusts” or corporations without the knowledge or “willingly” contracting with the government. What they did was this. When a child is born un the U.S> the mother is told she has to sign the Birth Certificate after the baby is born. Sounds harmless enough, right? Well, it is a very sinister and very evil way to control 300+ million people in America today. They take the signed Birth Certificate with the name in my case Mark Scott Grenon and created a “corporate trust” called MARK SCOTT GRENON in all capital letters. They took my name that my parents called me without their knowledge and mine. They then open an account and deposited funds into that account! These people are evil geniuses. During the lifetime of a “person” which is a corporate entity. They now sell this corporate trust as collateral for their business adventures worldwide. My mother didn’t need to sign the birth certificate because there was already a Certificate of “live birth” indicating my birth with my real name on it- Mark Scott Grenon.

My sons and I are being held and have a case against unlawfully with a case named UNITED STATES OF AMERICA vs. MARK SCOTT GRENON. That is not me! It is a corporate trust they created! And as   the name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation also. It also has a DUNN and Bradstreet number! The FDA is also a for-profit corporation with a CEO, Board members and stock holders. There is much more information that ties all this together, like the CUSIP numbers and the Social Security and IRS.

Let me get back to why my sons and I have the God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We have this right because of the documents that our founding fathers wrote that are being ignored, violated, and misrepresented today but still valid as is the Ten Commandments of our Creator! We just need to fight for them as hard as men and women and not “persons”. Under Common law not corporate law in an “administrative court” with a “judge” that is an employee of the U.S.A. Inc as well as the prosecuting U.S. attorneys. The attorneys “defending” their “clients” are being paid by the same entity and are part of the same fraud! And they are all part of the American BAR association which is part of a FOREIGN GUILD!!

They are getting PAId by the DOJ!! How is this fair and equitable justice?

O.K. let me tell you my case and why I say we are being unlawfully imprisoned, accused, kidnapped, and held hostage for over 800 days without bail, without a victim, without a speedy and public trial or a Common law 7th Amendment “trial by jury” and a 6th amendment assistance to help my defense! Remember this. I am NOT giving you a quick overview of how this fraud was set up to enslave Americans and take away their God-given rights but my sons and I are living this in Real time as I am writing this from a jail in Texas!! And all of you that are reading this are experiencing it daily in more ways than you know.

So let me back up to the 80’s and give you a little background about me. I was a missionary in Nigeria, West Africa for almost 3 years after being a Pastor in Massachusetts for 6 years. In Africa I was constantly having people come to me that needed simple medial help. So, I had to learn the basics quickly to help as many people as I could. I am commanded to love my neighbor as myself so I was compelled to help them as I would myself or my family. I had two books I brought with me from the U.S. written by medical missionaries. One was called; “Where there is no doctor” and the other was: “Where there is no Dentist”. These books did a great job of teaching and guiding other missionaries in helping people in remote areas with basic medical needs. I learned how to stitch wounds and kill infections as well as dose people with medications safely. Obviously, anything severe we would help people get to missionary or Govt. clinics if we could. I learned a lot in those days, but it was nothing like I was going to learn when I became a missionary to the Dominican Republic and in Haiti in 1993. We built a large compound in the D.R. that could house comfortably 60 people with 6 private rooms as well. We had a few times upwards of 90 people sleeping everywhere! We had many groups come and visit to minister to the local people. Many were medical teams as well as Church and youth groups. Many Doctors, nurses and health care workers gave up vacations to come and help the people. Helping our “neighbors” or fellow man is what the Lord told us to do as well as preach the Word of God. We were involved with medical teams 12-16 weeks out of the year. We would go to many villages and tribal people. The ones we could help locally we did but many needed surgeries so we were involved in the surgeries as translators but I was involved, “hands on” with the doctors in the local hospitals they let us use during surgeries.

My sons learned alot also by interpreting for the doctors. We had so many doctors, nurses and pharmacists leave us medications that we had a pharmacy on the compound! We even had a dental chair where I pulled and cleaned teeth.

By 2005, from working in the hospitals and many infected people, my sons and I contracted MRSA, a flesh- eating bacteria, that spread to all my 8 children! It spreads fast. Like I said I had a pharmacy with the “latest and greatest” drugs but none of them worked on the MRSA. This led me to the internet to research “natural cures’ for MRSA.

One day in my research I came across a book by a man named Jim Humble that was proclaiming that he was curing MRSA in Africa as well as AIDS, Cancers, Diabetes and many other illnesses with something he called MMS or Miracle Mineral Supplement. It was called Chlorine dioxide and was produced by mixing a mineral salt called Sodium Chlorite with an acid such as citric acid. I read his book, bought the products and within 2 weeks my MRSA dried up and never came back. It took another year before my children cured this “flesh eating” bacteria that no pharmaceutical drug has cured.  So, I started using this Miracle mineral solution in all the areas I was helping people in the Dominican Republic and having amazing results! I bought the raw materials and started handing it out to many people for free and teaching them how to use it. I was seeing AIDS, Cancers, MRSA, Diabetes, Gastritis, Elephanitits, Dengue Fever, Chikungunya, infections and even stroke victims being helped amazingly. I wrote Jim Humble in September of 2019 and told him what was happening and within 4 months Jim decided to move to the D.R.! He was now living with us on our Compound.   We set up together an international health ministry we called the “Genesis II Church of Health and Healing” in early 2010. By April of 2010, we had invited people from around the world to our compound in the hills of the D.R. from Jim’s book sales.  Our first G2Church Seminar was attended by 45 people form 20 countries! This was truly amazing! Many people that came had testimonies of healing form many different illnesses. We developed a 110 page workbook with protocols we developed by experience in Africa and in the dominican republica as well as listening to others from emails. You can read more of what we did worldwide in my three books found here: in the bookstore un the titles “Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE By Mark Grenon. I don’t have the direct link because I do not have access to the internet here in jail. You can also watch our documentary we did in 2016 and republished recently by G. Edward Griffin on and search for “Chlorine Dioxide: The universal remedy drug companies hate”

The Creed of our Church is as following: (It is our mission statement to the world)

Barb put here:

By 2020, my sons and I had personally done 63 seminars in 19 countries with 10’s of thousands of people helped. It is probably 100’s of thousands but I don’t like to exaggerate.  Jim Humble believes it is millions since he started in Africa and published his book. I do believe now since the “pandemic” of 2020-2022. We had “trained” from our seminars and our online course at least one man or woman in over 140 countries worldwide by 2020. I know that there is now over 7,000 doctors using Chlorine Dioxide in over 30 countries to “cure” Covid-19 as well as other illnesses. The country of Bolivia has made it a law to use Chlorine Dioxide to cure Covid-19 and passes it out door to door.  I met some Bolivians while I was in jail in Bogota Colombia that attested to that fact.

Since 2021, a friend of mine named Jeff had put together a wonderful 2 hour documentary about Chlorine Dioxide after watching our documentary, “Quantum Leap”. It is called and in over 15 languages now! Watch it and share it please. He did a great job documenting new and old clinical studies of the effectiveness of Chlorine Dioxide throughout the world and how “safe and effective” it really is! Share with many and love your neighbor as yourself with the information you will derive from this film and study material.

In April of 2020, we received a letter from the FDA at our Church Headquarters in Bradenton, Florida telling us to stop making available our Church Sacramental Products to the people requesting our help to heal them of this Corona Virus that was supposedly sweeping the world. I believe the PCR test was causing the hysteria because it was not any more dangerous than the seasonal flu worldwide evidenced by the fact that only 1-2% of all those that contracted the “virus” died. Most all those that died were the elderly and immune system compromised. There was a 98-99% self-cure rate worldwide for those that had the flu. The order told us to close our Church websites immediately and even our G2Voice two hour broadcast we were doing weekly. We told them that we would NOT stop helping people and publishing and broadcasting the results we were getting weekly from around of the world of people having their “health restored” from using our protocols. At the time of our arrest, we had over 1,000 testimonies I had not read on our podcast. I wrote the FDA a 35 page rebuttal to what their false “accusation”  in  regard to Chlorine Dioxide being “dangerous and non effective” to what we were reporting worldwide. We even gave the products to someone in the Whitehouse with my book and President Trump mentioned it on TV! when he mentioned the word “chlorine” the Fake news press called it a “bleach”. This so-called bleach has been around since 1812 and discovered by Sir Humphrey Davies and has over 30,000 patents worldwide!  which most people refer to is: sodium hypochlorite and it works by chlorination. Chlorine Dioxide works by oxidation and so does your body. Case in point: when we breath we are literally oxidizing our blood. Chlorine Dioxide is used all over the world in purifying water and, we are told to drink the water. It is used in food processing and not needed to be washed off because it is NOT toxic. It is used in medical facilities, in Cleaning industrially also. even bleaching fabric but at high concentrations. It is only “toxic” when the dosing is very high which we have never done. Even water is toxic when taken too much at once. Water has a Lethal dose or LD-50 which is 6-7 liters at once. Watch the documentaries I mentioned and read my books to learn so much more about this amazing as Jim Humble named it “miracle” mineral and you will be amazed. In my first book Volume one there is a chapter where we did 50+ 2-hour videos covering individual illnesses with testimonies of people cured and then what protocols to do. Also, there is a chapter with over 60 cancer testimonies form around the world. These people wrote us voluntarily excited about their success stories and wanted the  world to know! These are Real people NOT laboratory rats!

Before the FDA and the DOJ viciously attacked us, YouTube eliminated our channels with over 2 million views, Amazon took my books off their sites worldwide. Facebook eliminated our channels as well as Twitter and Yahoo. we have had our Church bank account cancelled at wells Fargo with just a call to the Corporate office. The Local manager where we had our account called in to see why and they wouldn’t tell her! You see the “powers” that be don’t want this information in the hands of the people to open their eyes to the fraud that is happening in our country as well as the world! Since our arrest in July and August of 2020 the awareness of Chlorine Dioxide worldwide has grown exponentially! That is a blessing to us.

The FDA, CDC and Big Pharma are being exposed as criminals selling toxic drugs that are killing many and the Lord will be exposing more soon. If any “good” thing has come out of the so-called worldwide health emergency it has been people are seeing the criminals for who they are and it is all about money! No corporate entity that is just a “lapdog” of the pharmaceutical industries and bankers of the world are going to take away our God-given rights to help “our neighbors” as the Lord instructed us to do. Our founding fathers wrote the 1st Amendment for a reason to stop government from taking away the rights that God has given to every man and woman of this planet and that is each one of us have the right to worship and serve the Creator as we so desire and cannot be hindered by any “law”. In fact, we are told to NOT obey any law that is against God’s law period.  We have God’s law that supersedes any earthly laws of man. The US Congress where laws are made in the US cannot make a law that is “repugnant” to the Constitution which is based on natural law of God. My sons and I know we have been targeted and believe that God did this because of our faith is in Him and we want the world to see HIM deliver us so He gets all the glory and not us. The FDA is trying to use some cosmetic code that does not apply to us to try to stop us from serving God by helping man. I told them we would not obey them and we would obey God. They went immediately to the DOJ and, a US Attorney was assigned to our case. remember there was no one man or woman harmed in anyway and they have not a verifiable claim in the court from anyone. Yet, the judges that have been involved in the civil case against us and our Church as well as those involved in the criminal case are upholding whatever motion the prosecuting attorneys filed and denying ours!

We want to have a public and speedy trial by jury as the 6th and 7th amendment says is our right. We also have the right to assistance of counsel that we choose and not them. They are not allowing us to do it so far.

The Real reason why we are being silenced is at the onset of the “pandemic” we were proving that Chlorine dioxide is a more effective remedy for the Corona virus and that info would have stopped the Pandemic in its tracks! It only costs pennies and that would have been devastating for the Pharmaceuticals and the a “approving agency” the FDA. Billions if not trillions would have been lost to them especially if you add in all the illnesses, we are having great success worldwide and also eliminating 90% of the drugs they sell. We would have rendered the vaccines useless as they really are as many are seeing for themselves. Also, we knew and mentioned on our G2Voice Broadcast and now have confirmed that Chlorine Dioxide eliminates many of the ingredients in the vaccines from the body. It denatures the graphene oxide, Doesn’t allow the spike proteins to attach to certain receptors in the body and breakdown Glyphosate in the body, the principle ingredient in “Roundup” that is causing so much harm worldwide. This has been confirmed by the MIT scientist Stephanie Seneff in her research. We are also being attacked because of the Real testimonies coming in worldwide of 95% of illnesses known to man be successfully treated with Chlorine Dioxide. The FDA and the MSM, Fake news, said that we were “taking advantage” of a worldwide crisis to make money. Well, my friends we have been doing this for over 13 years prior to the ‘Pandemic”. The products that we were providing for people, that requested them, we only recommend a donation of $25.00 and it lasts months. If a man or woman couldn’t afford it, we sent it free to them and paid the shipping. This is a ministry to us not a business. We have the truth in the history of what we had been doing worldwide to prove that what we are saying is true.

We refused their summons to court and will continue to resist this attack and will expose their evil intent to stop us at a public trial one day for all the world to see. How could we or can we stop when God told us to help others? What has happened to us is a crime against mankind as a whole and our case needs to have a great outcry for each one of you if this evil is to be exposed. Those involved have to give an account to the people of the world they are harming but not letting people practice “Selfcare”. They also will give an account to the Judge of All one day for sure.

Many have died because of this attempt to stop us from helping men and women.  They will cry out one day at the judgment that God will hold in the future. Even those harmed by the toxic vaccines and boosters will one day see that their suffering was needless. It only was allowed for others to make $$$$. The CDC and the FDA make the pharmaceuticals rich. In fact, many of the former directors and top officials of the CDC and FDA go on to work for Big Pharma.  Many medical reviewers go to work for the drug companies that they oversaw while working for the government. It is a blatant conflict of interest that has been going on all the time for years!

They have accused us of without a shred of evidence yet, we have so much evidence to show a jury of what they have done to all mankind! The Federal prosecutors will be held accountable for their part in this fraud. They do not have first-hand knowledge of anyone harmed and the Scriptures tell us that they are false accusers and have made false claims. The whole “grand Jury” indictment they made against us is all based on “hearsay and falsehoods which will be proven soon. You ever notice that when the government does a grand jury, they never let the one’s being accused to defend themselves in front of their accusers? We are told by God that our accusers have to face us. Where are they?

Do you see why we were arrested and being held hostage now? Open your eyes. We have not been allowed bond because the Prosecutors told the judge that we were a “danger to society” and “a flight risk”. Well, the facts are that my sons were always at home when they delivered every summons and didn’t run.  We were on the internet every week doing our broadcasts.

When my sons were arrested 1 month before Joseph and I were arrested in Colombia, I immediately called the sheriff in Manatee County and then the US Embassy in Bogota and gave them my address and phone number! The news, fake news, broadcasted that my son Joseph and I fled to Colombia. WE HAD BEEN THERE FOR 9 YEARS! They constantly lie. The idea that we are a danger to society is another lie without a shred of evidence yet the judges involved back the government. Does that sound like they are complicit? None of my sons or I have a criminal record. We are missionaries and preaching the gospel when we found Chlorine Dioxide and the Lord led us to help “our neighbors’. i.e., MANKIND, we had no intent of hurting anyone and no one was harmed. They were only helped.  We have all the studies.   NASA called chlorine Dioxide ” A universal antidote”.

In late august of this year, the Judge made an order to have all of us “mentally evaluated”, why? Then Joseph and I were sent to Fort Worth Texas to do the evaluation while my other sons, Jonathan and Jordan did theirs at Miami which was where we all were. Were we separated for a reason? Is the judge trying to stall our “speedy trail? Can’t you see what they are doing? They have all the power to abuse and deprive men and women of God-given rights while we have no power to defend ourselves.

Was the reason to have us to this evaluation because we are defending ourselves?  We told them we were ready to go to trial at the beginning of August and the judge said we were competent and other judges and magistrates said the same.  Then everything changed? Are they afraid of what we will expose? Defending ourselves is a fundamental right of all men. See Deut. 19:15-21. We have people assisting us in our defense and it is now being stopped. These people have the power of attorney to send in our motions that we are making. Now they are saying our motions are voided because we didn’t send them in from jail.  Well, we don’t have to send them from jail. It is our right to have them sent from wherever we want but they are again stopping us anyway they can because they are being exposed! The DOJ is not allowing us to prepare our case with our evidence, facts or, witnesses. How can we do that from jail? Why don’t we have at least house arrest to prepare our case? They don’t want a to jury to hear what we are going to show them.  The Prosecutor was ordered by the court to give us ALL the exculpatory evidence that backs us with evidence and he has withheld it. Folks, they are silencing us! This is happening right now! If they get away with this blatant abuse with our case then it will be easier for them to silence others in the future. we have been sent by God to make a stand for those that will come behind us and be persecuted by this corrupt DOJ and we know it. Please pray that the Lord exposes this to the world. We are being treated “guilty” until proven innocent when we should be innocent until proven guilty right?  Well, it isn’t happening. Is this what our founding fathers were protecting the future generation from? Is this why they left a tyrannical nation run by a king that abused people’s rights? Is it happening again? Is this not treason that is happening to us in its highest form?

Title 18, Section 242 in the US criminal Code talks about what is happening. It is called “Depravation of rights under color of law”. That is when an official and it mentions, judges, sheriffs, Wardens etc. use their power of office to take away a man or woman’s God-given rights. It states that if a man or woman is derived of his or her rights by someone using their official position and physical harm comes to the one deprived then the penalty can be as severe as death. IT IS A TREASONOUS ACT!

My sons and I have been harmed physically and mentally by stress, our physical mental health, high blood pressure, psychological impact of ourselves and families as well as financial pressures by this unlawful imprisonment for over 800 days! The Bible agrees with this also. In Deuteronomy 19:15-21, says that if an accuser is found to be making false claims and it is proven then what the accuser wanted to happen to the man or woman, they accused falsely will happen to them! The judge and Prosecutor want us to receive two life sentences run consecutively! Is that what they deserve? Section 241 of Title 18 talks about ” Conspiracy against Rights”. It mentions even being kidnapped! There are sever penalties if there is a conspiracy proven against us also. These people believe they are above the law and can do whatever they want.  Well, God says just the opposite.  We can prove a worldwide conspiracy and have the evidence. we are basically “political prisoners” being held by the DOJ which has falsely and unjustly accused us. we believe that all of this happened to stop us from helping others during one of the most horrible times in the history of modern-day frauds on mankind. They have silenced us at a time when we could have made a great difference in many lives. God is watching and God will defend us as we seek His will for us. We have the God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness granted by our Creator!

Mark S. Grenon

Proverbs 3:5&6

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